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    The Shopping Trends We’ll Carry With Us Into 2022

    Competitive price, maximum convenience, and quick delivery are fuelling online shopping’s explosive expansion. Many well-known firms have suffered the price for this. However, all indications are that this new breed of firms is only getting started. As a result, it is important to understand where these buying habits are headed and how the COVID-19 epidemic has influenced them.

    COVID-19 has spawned several strange consumer trends over the last year and a half, from the first toilet paper mania to the never-ending lounge-wear hauls. As we reach the end of 2021, we are all too familiar with the epidemic and its drama. We can be confident that the world will not run out of toilet paper, and we no longer need 7 pairs of matching, fluffy sets in our closets (one for each day of the week.) However, there are a few purchasing trends that have shown to be very enticing to #2021Customers and appear to be sticking around into the new year.

    Outdoor Pursuits

    It’s no surprise that, after a lengthy run of lockdowns, we’ve opted to take matters into our own hands when it comes to entertainment. Money that was formerly spent on espresso martinis is now being utilized to purchase dry-robes, boats, jet ski docks, and bicycles. Call it to trust concerns, but when the bars were little more than a distant memory, outdoor activities bloomed and have continued to grow ever since. Although the bars have reopened, the great-outdoors trend does not appear to be abating. Morning swims are deeply entrenched in the wake-up routines of those fortunate enough to live near water. This means that we should expect to see money spent on athletic clothing and gear for the foreseeable future.

    Online Purchasing

    With COVID-19 forcing people all across the world to stay at home, internet purchasing will hasten the current eCommerce age. What was once considered a reluctance to trade online is progressively becoming the norm, and this applies to a wide range of consumer items. Statistics on internet buying indicate a sea of change that is exciting for online businesses.

    Online shopping has been on the increase for a few years now, and it appears to be the way forward since COVID. According to CallCare 247 study, 61.28 per cent of #2021Customers intend to purchase online rather than in-store for all items including 20 mm mink lashes in bulk. There’s something about this shopping trend that has guaranteed its place post-COVID, whether it’s the lack of lineups, the lack of effort, or simply the lack of people.

    The End of Impulsive Purchases

    The decline of in-person purchasing has also resulted in a decrease in spontaneous shopping. With no lineups to wait in, it’s difficult to pick up a few non-essentials to keep those restless hands occupied. Furthermore, when it comes to purchasing from home, the buyer has time and Google at his or her disposal. This means that many individuals are conducting extensive research before filling their shopping carts. Online periodicals and reviews are more valuable than ever for undecided individuals.

    Going Green Is Critical

    Approximately half of the Millennial parents say they prefer to buy items that promote environmental concerns.

    Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that the resources we have at our disposal are finite, and that each day we ignore this issue, we get closer to the full depletion of our natural ecosystem. With this comes the knowledge that our purchase choices may have a significant impact on the sustainability of our environment.

    Many e-commerce enterprises are incorporating sustainability and eco-friendly practices into their company operations in some form. Whether it’s supporting a charity, donating profits to a good cause, or employing sustainable raw materials, or using flexible packaging for your products.

    Product Customization Will Continue To Be Important.

    Many E-commerce companies provide things that may be personalized by the individual as well as for the individual. Online retailers are using interactive material to obtain a better understanding of their customers’ demands. These businesses provide items that cater to various client categories by using quizzes, surveys, online engagement sessions, and so on.

    Many large corporations allow clients to make adjustments online. The customized items are subsequently sent to the customer’s address. For example, Nike’s Lunarglide shoe edition lets buyers make their designs and select their colors.

    The Value of Excellent Customer Service

    Finally, customer service has always been a significant component in consumer selections, but according to CallCare’s study, the retail industry’s quality of customer service was “consistently evaluated as one of the best by the majority of our 800 respondents, ending just behind healthcare.” Many firms have focused on updating and upgrading their customer service in response to the epidemic. As a result, customer service demands have risen. Service with a grin will soon become a common component of the customer’s purchasing experience.


    That brings us to the conclusion of the purchasing trends that #2021Customers will bring with them into 2022. Although toilet-paper stacking and fluffy sets are no longer available, we are pleased to announce that healthful hobbies, queue-free shopping, thoughtful spending, and enjoyable experiences are here to stay!

    18 Tips For Creating Great Marketing Videos

    In recent years, videos have made strides into digital marketing, serving as a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to sell their products interactively and effectively. However, when it comes to video marketing, there are certain very clear ‘rules’ that firms should follow to get their films properly. If done improperly, marketing films may be more detrimental to the company than beneficial.

    We’ve been hearing a lot of statistics like these from marketers: Every day, 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube, social videos create 1200 per cent more shares than text and pictures combined, videos on landing pages enhance conversions by 80%, and 80% of viewers recall a video ad they saw online in the previous month.

    If that’s the case, you’ll want to acquaint yourself with the guiding principles for ensuring that your video marketing campaigns achieve their goals and propel your social media forward. 

    In this blog, we curated some of our favourite strategies for creating captivating, motivating, and actionable internet videos.

    Tell stories

    An effective video communicates a narrative rather than being blatantly sales. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, businesses should use video’s emotive power to appeal to their customers’ wants and aspirations.

    Write an enticing title

    Your video’s title should be engaging and eye-catching to capture a viewer’s attention. Furthermore, the video will be found more easily by including important keywords in the title.

    Create appealing introduction 

    Akin to how we are unlikely to open an email if the subject line does not pique our attention, one-fifth of viewers abandon a video within 10 seconds if they are uninterested in what they see. With this in mind, the video’s start is critical, and it should be motivating, engaging, and instructive to grab the audience and inspire them to watch the entire film.

    Make it responsive to mobile devices

    Business videos must be mobile-friendly, with more people accessing the internet via mobile devices. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption increases by 100% per year! As a result, marketing videos must be available to download and view on mobile devices.

    top view of laptop, paper signs and paper stickers with business plan on yellow surface

    Consider SEO

    Simply put, Google likes video content, and a good video marketing plan should include SEO factors. To get the most SEO value out of your videos, include a well-written description tagged with relevant keywords.

    Include a link to your website in the video

    In a marketing video, showing your website URL is an excellent approach for businesses to gain visibility and drive visitors to their website.

    Educate your audience 

    According to the Digital Marketing Institute, one of the most successful methods to implement effective video marketing is to educate viewers. Videos that include guidance, information, tips, and other educational content are often more effective than promotional videos.

    Use music to add ambiance to the video

    Music is a great instrument for evoking various emotions in video content. Don’t be scared to include music in your video that matches the message’s vibe and makes the film more interesting and expressive.

    Utilize customer-generated video content

    Getting your users in front of the lens to talk about what they’ve used and gained from your product may be an effective method to engage viewers and attract new consumers.

    Include a call to action in your video 

    A marketing video should have a call to action at the end, similar to how all blog posts and content should have one, inviting the reader to take additional action, such as signing up for a newsletter or visiting a website. Consider what you want viewers to do once they’ve viewed the movie and then gently persuade them to do so without being pushy.

    Behind the scene of stock photography at home. Child learning taking photograph to improve skill.

    Take the audience on a behind-the-scenes tour

    Customers enjoy getting up and personal with brands, and video marketing gives an ideal chance to take them behind the scenes and into your company’s “natural settings.”

    Include video tutorials

    Offering tutorials related to your niche is an excellent approach to interact with consumers and engage them. Tutorials should not divulge all of your business secrets but should provide enough values and develop to interest viewers and leave them wanting more.

    Keep them concise

    Online users seldom have any time to waste before going to another site or watching a new video. In this respect, shorter marketing videos are more likely to succeed than longer ones. 

    Adopt a professional tone of voice

    In a business presentation, words uttered clearly and professionally will always outperform those given by an amateur speaker, whose lack of expertise speaking in front of the camera is evident. With this in mind, having an employee who is comfortable speaking in front of the camera record the video, or perhaps hiring a professional, would be a smart option.

    Make use of video apps

    Along with all of the discussion about keeping videos short for the viewer, it’s also true that most social networks prefer shorter content. According to Forbes, short, concise content wins out over lengthy types of video content, especially on social media sites. Try using an online video editor to shorten films to less than 10 seconds and share them on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

    Ask a question

    By asking users questions, you may increase engagement and conversation with your video. Request that viewers respond to the questions in the comments area below the video.

    Don’t neglect production quality

    However, a business video must be properly created. It could be a good idea to get the help of a professional video production company for everything from camera work to lighting, editing, and voiceovers to guarantee the video is of high quality.

    Take inspiration from other videos online 

    Look to sites like YouTube to learn how companies are already producing videos that have gone viral. Learn from the likes of Coca-Cola, and you get to know how they go viral with videos.

    Video marketing is the new game-changer in business. Hope the above tips help you create your own, or you can hire anyone expert at video making. 

    Beginner Introduction to CBD Based Dog Treats

    Dogs are, according to many, mankind’s best friend, and there are many reasons for that: They are affectionate, trusting, loyal, protective, and of course, lots of fun! However, every dog owner out there can tell you that there are many responsibilities you have to deal with when it comes to owning a dog.

    As a dog owner, you are pretty much responsible for providing a healthy, comfortable life to your companion. From the place it sleeps, the baths it will need, to the food it eats, it is up to us to ensure that our dog is leading a fulfilling life. This also involves taking care of its health, but things can be a little difficult to manage at times, especially when the dog reaches a certain age.

    There are even some problems related to the mind that can cause them a lot of distress, such as separation anxiety, a very common affliction in adopted dogs, and dogs that require considerable amounts of socialization and attention.

    Some of the Challenges of Being a Pet Owner

    Veterinaries! We all know that they can be rather expensive at times, and that is why a lot of pet owners always recommend having an emergency fund to handle such scenarios. Baths, grooming, exercising, and medication are also part of the whole deal.

    But when a dog reaches senior age, as shown over here, they become a lot more prompt of suffering from specific physical conditions that can not only cause them a lot of pain but also, greatly affect their physical capabilities, making it necessary for us to take certain precautions.

    Some of the afflictions they can suffer, include inflammatory diseases such as cancer, problems related to their kidneys, and complications linked to their joints and limbs. Depression and anxiety are common results caused by the pain and the way it affects their mobility.

    Back in the day, it was very common to rely on traditional forms of medication such as anti-inflammatories and pain killers, but they are infamous for causing long-term side effects. However, there’s a new alternative method of treatment that has been gaining popularity over the years, and this form of treatment is known as CBD.

    But What is CBD?

    CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a compound that can be found in the cannabis plant, yet, contrary to the plant itself, this specific compound is known for being non-psychotropic, meaning that it won’t get you high no matter what.

    When it comes to humans, we can handle getting high fairly well. However, animals are unable to handle the compound that gets people high: THC, causing them medium-term side effects and intoxication. CBD medication is favoured for containing only around 0.3% of THC, thus, all CBD-Based products are pretty much harmless, and far more reliable than your regular medicinal cannabis.

    Right now, you can find a wide range of presentations, being CBD oil the most common one. However, if you are a dog owner, you can easily find dog treats online that are far more enticing for your pet, making them easier for you to use.

    But before we jump into how to use CBD as an alternative method of treatment, let’s discuss the reasons why you should consider using it in the first place.

    A Great Medication for Pain and Inflammation

    The reason why a lot of people use cannabidiol medication is that it is capable of greatly reducing inflammation and alleviating pain, to the point of being used by hospitals to help their patients handle the pain caused by some physical conditions and treatments.

    Since senior dogs can suffer from similar pain-inducing conditions, they can greatly benefit from CBD. Not only that, they might recover some of their mobility in the process, making life a lot more enjoyable for them!

    Good Choice to Fight Anxiety

    Believe it or not, dogs, just like humans, are capable of suffering from stress and anxiety. Adopted dogs, for example, are very likely to suffer from separation anxiety, which causes them a lot of distress when they are left alone, making them engage in destructive behaviour and act erratic.

    Although there are many ways to handle this specific affliction, cannabidiol-based treats are great choices to calm them down and help them get used to the idea of being left alone. All thanks to its relaxing capabilities!

    Other uses include reducing anxiety levels during trips, moves, and when meeting a new pet you recently adopted.

    How to Use Cannabidiol-Based Dog Treats

    A great advantage of CBD-based medication and products is that they, contrary to more traditional forms of treatments such as pain killers and anti-inflammatories is that they don’t cause harmful side effects, especially in the long-term run.

    However, CBD is still capable of causing side effects, such as vomiting, diarrhoea, and excessive drowsiness. That being said, these side effects can be easily managed by lowering the dosage.

    That is why dog treats are such great choices for beginners. They are easy to handle and manage and controlling the dosage for your dog is a lot easier to do. It is always recommended to start with small dosages, however, and go up until you find the desired results.

    That is why providers often gift charts that contain information you should consider when providing a dosage to your dog, so you avoid side effects in the process. During the first days of trying it out, try to pay attention to your dog and see how it reacts, then act accordingly based on the results!

    How CBD Helps Improve Health and Wellness

    Cannabidiol has gained popularity over recent years. This powerful product has numerous health benefits not only on the human body but in animals too. Research has proven that CBD can be used in treating several defections. CBD products can be used in pain alleviation, reduce acne defections, decrease levels of anxiety or depression, treat cancer, and be used in the treatment of heart matters.

    With the numerous advantages of CBD products, they are sold in various stores. An excellent reason for choosing cannabidiol over natural marijuana is that it is relatively affordable. For maximum benefits, you have to settle on high-quality CBD goods. Let us discuss how this valuable good can polish your health.

    It Relieves Pain.

    If you are experiencing pain in your back or joints, CBD products can be the ideal remedy for your situation. Researchers have proven that from ancient times, marijuana was utilized in relieving patients in agony. Most medical facilities incorporate cannabidiol in their treatment when dealing with casualties suffering from disorders entailing torment.

    Many investigations prove that cannabidiol, related to THC when given to patients with Sclerosis and Arthritis, is exceptionally powerful in lessening torment irritation and sciatic nerve ache.

    An outstanding benefit of using this product is that you can use it at home. It is not rocket science to consume hemp at home. When you are in agony at home, you can smoke CBD and feel relieved within minutes. This is economical as it saves your time. You won’t have to drive miles away to see a doctor when you are in pain.

    It Reduces Acne-Related Problems.

    Acne is a skin-related condition that has affected over 9% of the world’s population. With the trends in today’s world, having clear skin is something to be proud of. Models can utilize this product in their skincare. CBD helps in reducing acne on the human skin. You do not have to go for expensive products to maintain your skin from acne because CBD can help you immensely.

    Many youngsters, particularly young ladies, have been looking all over for a skin medication to cause them to seem faultless. Skin breakout is credited to different elements, including; hereditary qualities, hidden reasons for irritation, and the overproduction of sebum.

    Whenever CBD oil is applied to the human skin, it can lessen skin break out since it keeps the skin tissues from overproducing sebum and diminishes any instances of irritation. Cheefbotanicals offers a wide range of organic and natural CBD products.

    It Reduces Cases of Anxiety and Depression.

    People can fake happiness, but you cannot depression. We have witnessed a sizeable number of people losing their lives to this nightmare, depression. If you are undergoing depression, taking hemp can help you immensely. When depressed people take marijuana, they feel relaxed, which is an ideal way to fight depression.

    Everyone feels anxious times. It might be you will perform in a concert or make a public speech at a big gathering. Before you complete the task, it is customary to be anxious. Consuming CBD products can help you feel relaxed and boost your confidence.

    It is the ideal remedy for anxiety and depression as it does have side effects like pharmaceutical drugs. CBD oil can act on the brain’s receptors for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates an individual’s moods.

    It Alleviates Cancer-Related Symptoms.

    Cancer treatment is ascribed to unfavourable after-effects that may deter numerous patients from proceeding with their chemotherapy.

    Incidental effects like outrageous queasiness, unnecessary retching, and torment are continually burdening malignant growth patients. A section of cancer patients may not get any alleviation from their aggravation by the aggravation medications.

    CBD oil controlled through an oral shower has been found to altogether lessen the instances of spewing and queasiness in these malignant growth patients. Click here to read more about the benefits and side effects of CBD oil.


    If you have been having second thoughts on using CBD products or not at this juncture, you might have your answer. If it’s a yes for you, you have to look for a high-quality product for excellent results. Make sure you are buying from a trusted dealer who has vast experience in dealing with cannabidiol products. A recommendation from a family member, friend, or workmate on where to obtain the best hemp in town can be helpful.

    Reading App Development: Tips and Tricks to Consider

    No matter how successful a business is, it will inevitably hit a point when it’s time to find new sales channels. This is true for a small startup showing its product to the world, a huge publisher thinking about going online, and an offline bookseller looking for a new way for customers to interact with their business. Book publishers and booksellers often consider creating an e-reading app. In this post, we reveal how to make a reading app and boost your online sales.

    Keep in mind that the success of a reading app is not only about the number of online books sold. The results of reading app development can offer you a whole set of benefits:

    Why your book business needs a reading app

    At the same time, building a reading app is no different from any other complex software development endeavour. A number of processes and features to engineering require a holistic approach, including involving a reliable tech team and ensuring end-to-end product management to deliver desired results. In this article, we’ll focus on features most consumers expect to have in a reading app, strategies to monetize your product, and ways to engage your users and bring them really pleasant reading experiences.

    What book retailers have already created their own apps?

    In 2004, Barnes & Noble was looking for new sales channels to get more bookworms as customers. That’s when they launched a website, stepping into the online game.

    The next step was developing the Nook e-reader device and a Nook ebook reader app to compete with big players such as Amazon and Kobo. In just a year, Barnes & Noble got an additional $277 million from Nook-related sales and successfully obtained around 27% of the US ebook market.

    But now that we all own smartphones, be it iPhones or Android phones, and iPads and Android tablets with good screens to read on, demand for e-readers is decreasing dramatically. However, a handy app to buy and read ebooks is always welcomed by users.

    If you’re thinking that it’s pretty scary to jump onto the train with a big market player and you don’t have a plan, cheer up! We’ll tell you what basic and killer features to include in your app, how to get authors from the fiction and education industry and publishers to provide diverse content and the best ways to monetize your reading app. But first things first: let’s start with the basic functionality.

    What are the essential features of any modern reading app?

    Any mobile app today should have a user-friendly UI and UX. But you don’t really need to reinvent the wheel. Check out the features that all popular e-reader apps have:

    • An in-app ebook store along with a user library management system
    • Support for the most popular digital formats (EPUB, PDF, TXT, LIT, AZW, ODF, MOBI).
    • The ability to adjust text formatting (font and size) to make reading more convenient on any screen and to meet users’ needs
    • Color themes and backgrounds for app customization
    • Cloud storage for books with the ability to download them on-demand to save storage space
    • The ability to search for text, books, and categories so users can find everything they need
    • Bookmarks, text highlighting, and notes so users can mark parts they find exciting or remember where they’ve stopped reading
    • A help center to make sure users can get through any issues
    • Social network integration for easy registration and for sharing notes or quotes from ebooks — or even for sharing ebook files

    What extra features can you add?

    Now that you know the basic features to start with, you’re probably thinking about how to get into the market with such big players as Google Books, Kindle, and Moon+ Reader. Don’t worry. There’s still room for one more! You can try adding killer features to catch attention and make your users loyal. Check out our suggestions on how to create a truly remarkable app below.  

    Personalized content

    Let users choose the genres and topics they like by going through a set of welcome screens. Another idea is to suggest reading plans so users have something to achieve and can track their progress.

    Reading statistics

    Help readers stay motivated and track their progress with detailed reading reports and graphs. MyBook, one of the top reading apps in the Eastern European market, tells users how much time they’ve spent reading, what books they’re currently reading, how many books and pages they’ve already covered, and so on.

    Reading statistics in the MyBook app

    Night mode

    Give users’ eyes a break from strong light by changing the UI to darker colors with night mode. Try out the Wattpad app for an example of this feature.  

    Offline mode

    Implement offline mode so users don’t need an internet connection to read. FBReader is just one of the many e-reader apps that have an offline mode.

    Automated sorting

    Help users organize their offline content for quick search and access. Your app can automatically find and sort downloaded content by series, genre, author, and format. Comicat, an Android app for reading comic books, is a great example of how you can do that.

    Web version

    A web version of your app (like Kindle Cloud Reader) will let your users read not only on a mobile device but on any device with an internet browser. The cherry on top is that you’ll be able to scale your business further if you create a web version, which means more customers in the future.

    On-demand translations

    Give your users access to literature in different languages by providing on-demand translation (that is especially important if you provide any digital learning content). For instance, you might let users tap on a word they don’t know and see a translation by Google Translate or Amazon Translate. You can check out KyBook Reader to see how to create this feature for your app’s user-friendly interface.

    Push notifications

    Push notifications will keep your users from missing new ebooks, discounts, special offers, and recommendations. The Amazon Kindle app uses push notifications effectively. Bookbot, a virtual progress tracker, is integrated with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, to track reading progress and remind users of new reading challenges and daily reading tasks.


    Offer audiobooks in your app so users can walk or run while enjoying a book. If you’re looking to check out an app that successfully provides online and offline audiobooks, try LibriVox.

    LibriVox Audio Books
    LibriVox Audio Books
    Developer: BookDesign
    Price: Free+

    Syncing across devices

    Amazon offers its Whispersync tech to let all audiobook lovers switch between devices on web and mobile platforms without losing their listening and reading progress. Have a look at the Audible app to see how this feature works.


    You can provide text-to-speech as an alternative to audiobooks. Some apps, like Cool Reader, offer this feature out of the box. Others, like FBReader, let users download a plugin for a text-to-speech feature. Moreover, you can add a couple of voices to make listening more comfortable.

    Social sharing

    Get users to interact with each other in your reading program. Build a rating system with comments and likes so users can learn more about digital books and choose ones they’ll truly enjoy. Goodreads is an example of a network where users can easily add reviews, suggest books to read, and track each other’s progress.

    How to get more readers and make reading more immersive

    With the functionality above, you might think you’ve got everything wrapped up and that users will be waiting to download your software as soon as your mobile reading app development is complete. But the truth is that you still have to invest massively into making reading a real attraction for users. The reason for that? Statistics!

    According to Pew Research Center, 23 percent of American adults say they haven’t read a book in whole in the past year, whether in print, electronic or audio form. People increasingly prefer videos and movies to books. Social media is another factor affecting the reading habits of people around the world. We’ll share a couple of ways to spice things up and complete your recipe for the perfect reading app.

    Short episodes

    When you read a post on Facebook or Twitter, you read a sawed-off story. Why not use the same idea in a reading app? In fact, there’s already a company that does that: Inkitt. It offers bite-sized content that has plenty of positive reviews from other readers. With Inkitt, users don’t have to spend hours and days to finish a book, as they can read small chunks in minutes!

    Inkitt’s small episodes

    Sound effects

    If reading a short fiction text doesn’t look that attractive, you could bring in some special effects. As an example, let’s consider Inkitt’s partner Galatea. The Galatea mobile app for book readers also offers short fiction texts, only they’re accompanied by music, voices, and various sound effects tied to specific parts of the text. Readers have to tap the screen to move to the next set of text and sound effects. So the longer they read, the more they get immersed into the atmosphere and the setting of the work.

    A text in the Galatea app

    Audiobook alternatives

    We’ve already mentioned that audiobooks are popular. People normally have to choose whether to read or listen to a book. But what if a reading lover only wants to listen to a part of the book and then wants to get back to the text? Text-to-speech technology sounds like an option in this case, but the quality of the narration you’ll get is far from that of actual audiobooks. But there’s a way to fix that.

    MyBook lets users switch from e-books to audiobooks without losing their reading progress. How is that possible? Well, the MyBook app has a database of text and audio versions for the same books and features a well-thought-out UX to let users easily switch between text and audio.

    MyBook: books and audiobooks
    MyBook: books and audiobooks
    Developer: MyBook
    Price: Free+
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot
    • MyBook: books and audiobooks Screenshot

    How to get more authors for your book reading business

    At this point, you have everything covered for readers. Now how can you ensure you have enough content for your app? And how much does it cost to make authors join your e-reading platform? According to copyright laws, you can’t just post anything you wish in your digital library. You’ll need numerous content channels, partnership agreements, and permission from authors to offer books to your customers. Moreover, you’ll need to pay royalties to publishers and authors for books sold. But you probably already knew that. You need something more than the content you already have, don’t you?

    Self-publishers at Barnes & Noble

    Let’s have a look at Barnes & Noble as a good example of how to get content from multiple channels. Aside from working with publishing partners, famous authors, and huge affiliates like CJ, Barnes & Noble created their own publishing project, started collaborating with college textbook authors, created a reading device along with a reading app and, finally, provided good opportunities for self-published authors.

    Yep, self-publishing is a real thing, and in 2020, self-published books made up 30–34 percent of e-book sales in the UK market. These authors are the gold mine for anyone looking to create a reading app.

    Inkitt Writing app

    Inkitt understood that attracting self-published authors was an important way to get more users — and their money. That’s why the company developed an app that allows writers to upload their own texts, split them into chapters, and add a cover and a description.

    Inkitt Writing app

    Texts uploaded in Inkitt become available to a wide audience of Inkitt readers who can review and comment on them. Thanks to this functionality, the most liked authors get promoted and can eventually offer paid content to readers.

    Attracting self-publishers will not only bring you a wide selection of content but will also allow you to get extra revenue by selling different types of e-books. But there are more ways to attract money to your book business.

    How to monetize a reading app

    Most reading apps today use the freemium model, providing the app for free and allowing users to purchase books from a built-in store. Moreover, to promote their books, these apps often use newsletters and ads. However, ads seem to annoy users a bit (or more than a bit). So what are some other more effective ways to make money from a reading app?


    Instead of selling separate books to users, let them read as much as they want by purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription. You can create different types of subscriptions, providing extra features like access to special book editions, journals, and audio content with premium plans. This is exactly what Kindle and Scribd provide.

    Partners and sponsors

    Another way to monetize your app is to get partners with a similar customer base. You can add partner ads to your app and ask your partners to place your ads in their apps. The next step would be creating an integrated experience, bringing some features of a third-party app into your own. none of the reading businesses have adopted this model yet. But this is exactly what Localytics and Optimizely did, teaming up to provide mobile analytics services.

    Extra services for authors

    You could also help authors improve their books by providing editing, cover design, and marketing services. This will also allow you to guarantee top-quality content, as you’ll be in control of the quality of ebooks. BookBaby provides the services mentioned above.

    As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider during custom eBook reading app development as a new sales channel and a new product to drive more revenue. Even though there are so many reading apps already in the app stores, unique features can still attract users and drive lots of revenue.

    Are LSI Keywords Important for SEO in 2022


    To understand the latest search engine ranking guidelines, you’ll likely hear a lot about something called LSI Keywords. This stands for Latest Semantic Indexing, and many people make the case that this is a key part of search engine rankings right now. Particularly for Google, many people believe the search engine values these highly. Is this accurate? The truth might be complicated.

    LSI keywords are words that Google believes are semantically related to a larger topic. These are synonyms, broader and more specific related words, and topics of general interest.

    For instance, LSI keywords might include hamburgers, french fries, soda, and other related topics if someone searches for fast food. Some people make the case that these help search engines understand the content better and result in higher rankings. But how effective is using these words for your website?

    Do LSI Keywords Matter?

    People who swear by LSI keywords make the case that search engine algorithms are likely to pick up similar word patterns and group sites together based on them. If people search for a keyword and commonly add in more specific ones, it stands to reason that those who search for the main keyword might also be interested in the specific ones.

    This is why many people who worry that a core keyword might have too much competition try to focus on a more specific but related one. It’s easier to dominate a small slice of the search engine metric than to try to carve out a space in a massive area.

    LSI Keywords - Do keywords matter

    The problem with this strategy is that it’s hard to know if you’re actually finding that share of the market or if your site is only being seen by those who search for a more specific keyword. LSI keywords aren’t a clear sign, and there are many explanations for why someone might benefit from proximity to a popular keyword even without using it.

    While this system is popular among people trying to establish themselves in a crowded online marketplace, there is little evidence that Google uses it, the current king of the search engine world.

    In fact, Google’s people in charge have specifically said they don’t use it and give reasons for why it’s not their favoured technology. For one thing, this is an older search engine technology, one that was created in the 1980s and designed for smaller digital indexes.


    Improving Search Algorithms

    Today, the internet is sprawling, and to try to use this system would confuse the algorithm. Not every synonym or related keyword is actually relevant to the search, either.

    For instance, someone who wanted to search about slip-and-fall injuries and insurance claims might start getting links about another sort of fall – autumn – if the algorithm automatically searched for synonyms. It was designed to work as an index for documents, not a massive internet of websites, and the technology is patented.

    But just because it’s not being used by Google now doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant for the future. An update to the technology could create a new filter that would make it easier to narrow down search results.

    LSI For Effective Online Marketing

    While it might not be desired on Google’s primary search metric because it could result in too-broad results, there’s another area where it could be very useful — advertising. Websites are getting more effective at identifying people’s interests from their search history and targeting ads.

    LSI Keywords - Online Marketing
    Online statistics

    Using LSI keywords could help to broaden that net and potentially get people interested in things they haven’t searched for yet. Search engines may also want to help people narrow down their searches by presenting more specific subcategories within their search range.

    LSI keywords might be an old technology, but as the internet gets bigger and broader, they just may be ready to make a comeback.

    Using LSI Keywords Properly

    If you’re looking to use LSI keywords properly, one of the most important things to remember is to use common sense. You want to look for anything your readers might be interested in but not cast too wide a net.

    Looking at Google’s suggestions in the search engine bar can help give you an idea, but not all of these will be accurate. Related search filters can also help you identify topics that you might want to include.

    While the odds are Google is not using LSI keywords as a direct metric for search rankings, you can boost your ranking using this strategy. Checking target keywords in Site Explorer or other tools from Ahrefs can help you identify where your content can benefit from this strategy.

    Is LSI the Future?

    Old technologies sometimes make a comeback when the time is right. While LSI was designed for an earlier time, more and more sites are experimenting with it. If you think your site could benefit, the tools are there to help you get started.

    What You Can Do if Your Clients Can’t or Won’t Pay You

    Any small business that utilizes an invoicing system is bound to experience payment issues with clients. It happens often, especially now with COVID-19, that customers can’t or don’t pay invoices on time or at all. Sometimes bills are lost or additional expenses accrue that customers can’t afford. No matter the situation, failing to receive payments from clients hurts your small business. The good news is that there are steps you can take to collect outstanding balances and keep your business cash flow healthy

    Set Payment Terms and Conditions

    The best way for a small business to handle working with potential customers is to lay out all of the payment expectations and terms from the get-go. Making sure that potential customers are clear about the upfront fees and the payment terms is the best way to ensure they can afford the work. You should always have potential customers sign a contract if they choose to work with you. Thoroughly detail the project information, payment method, payment due date, and potential late fees. Having a contract in place gives you the ability to take legal action should the client fail to uphold their end of the deal.

    What You Can Do if Your Clients Can’t Pay You - Establish a Payment Plan

    Be Persistent

    It’s important to be persistent but not aggressive when tracking down customers for late payments. Unanswered emails should be met with daily phone calls until the payment is made. Always emphasize that you want to resolve outstanding balances and resolve the customer’s account so you can move forward with other business processes. Customers will eventually answer repeat phone calls rather than continue ignoring you.

    Whether your small business offers technical support or customer service, it’s a good idea to utilize call center software that takes your level of service to the next level. An inbound contact center typically receives inbound calls from customers, whereas an outbound contact center makes outbound calls to customers. No matter what type of call center you have, leveraging the right call center software is key to improving agent performance and the customer experience.

    Bright Pattern’s contact centre software allows live agents to communicate with customers through an omnichannel approach on digital channels. Service teams can interact with customers via live chat, phone calls, email, SMS, and social media messaging. An omnichannel approach tracks all customer information from the first interaction, which reduces customer wait time and improves customer satisfaction. Key functions like interactive voice response (IVR), CRM integration, and intelligent call routing improve agent productivity and help keep high call volumes manageable.

    What You Can Do if Your Clients Can’t or Won’t Pay You - Be Persistent

    Establish a Payment Plan

    COVID-19 has put a dent in a lot of customer and small business cash flows. When customers struggle to afford to make their payments, it’s a good idea to establish a payment plan to help ease the burden and provide resources for debt relief. This requires an open dialogue to negotiate an amount that the customer can afford to pay, as well as details about the repayment terms and timeline.

    Dealing with a difficult financial situation is difficult, stressful, and embarrassing. No matter what type of debt you have, whether it’s credit cards, medical bills, or personal loans, the best solution is to seek the expertise of a debt settlement company. Citizens Debt Relief helps debtors get in control of their finances by finding the best debt settlement program for their financial situation.

    The debt relief company works with debtors to alleviate debt and provide insight for better personal finance management techniques. During a free consultation, a debt negotiator will review your financial situation and debt settlement program eligibility. They offer a range of debt relief solutions, including credit counselling, debt consolidation, debt resolution, bankruptcy, and home equity refinance.

    It’s also a smart business practice to charge delinquent customers late fees in a payment plan. You should include a late fees structure in your contract so that clients are fully aware of the consequences of late payments. Be sure to track all late fees and make sure they are paid in full per the agreement.

    With these tips, you can find ways to reach your customers and get the payment you are owed.

    5 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies You Need to Use

    5 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies All Businesses Must Use

    From the number of lucrative opportunities that digital marketing presents, not all of them might be useful to you or important enough in comparison to the others. 

    What’s important is that you make use of at least the base digital marketing elements which are applicable to all kinds of businesses and shouldn’t be missed out on. They’re the core of digital marketing & are necessary as we move towards a digital future. 

    In this blog, we’re going to list out those 5 essential digital marketing strategies that you must start using. You can either pass this information to your marketing team or learn this yourself via digital marketing courses

    Let’s get started. 

    SEO Tactics

    SEO is one of the most important digital marketing strategies and is something that many companies make the mistake of missing out on. SEO has the power to bring you crazy relevant traffic and visibility on search engines organically. It is helpful in the long-term so just because it doesn’t give you quick results, do not think of not leveraging it. 

    Optimise your website and all the web pages within search engines. People use search engines to find/buy everything and hence, your main goal is to attract organic intent-driven traffic with the help of SEO. This doesn’t mean you don’t run Ads. Know more in the next point. 

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    Search Engine Ads

    Search engine marketing as a strategy is aimed at achieving faster results by targeting highly-intent driven users. Imagine someone looking for something you sell but your website is hidden somewhere on the 2nd or 3rd page which makes you non-existent. 

    Instead, you should run ads on search engines like Google. Target keywords and search terms closely related to you because now you’re going to invest in people who are already interested which means your money is well spent. Search engine ads are one of the best ways to push users deeper into the funnel and a must-use digital marketing strategy. 

    Learn Google Ads if you wish to start running the right ads on Google and increase your incoming traffic. 

    Social Media Engagement

    Building a presence on social media is a must. You might not want to use social media for advertising but you should definitely make use of it to engage & interact with your audience. A big chunk of your target audience might be present on social media and that’s where they spend most of their time. 

    Thus, to build awareness and keep your audience engaged, a good content strategy for these platforms should be used. If not regular, you can still spend a decent amount of time on it to ensure they don’t forget about you. 

    Social media engagement - Digital marketing strategies
    Social media and content sharing

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing accounts for one of the oldest & best forms of promotional communication methods. Every user now has access to their emails on their phones and get notifications each time they receive one. 

    Hence, you should definitely have an email marketing campaign in place. It could be to notify your customers about some new updates, or products. It can also be used to alert them of offers, sales, and a lot more. And with so many tools available out there offering a handful of features at no cost, you can use this to your advantage for free. 

    Use ORM tools

    Online reputation management in today’s & age is an inevitable part of a digital marketing strategy. It might take time for people to leave you some good reviews/feedback but it takes no time when it comes to a negative opinion. 

    To be able to tackle such situations fast and appropriately, an ORM  strategy is needed. An important part of it is to conduct social listening. Tools like Sprout Social and Awario help you find out what users are talking about you on various platforms. Use this information to immediately respond and showcase a strong reputation. 

    Other Tips

    That concludes our roundabout of the most important digital marketing strategies that you should start using today. Apart from this, make an effort to keep yourself updated of all the latest trends in the industry

    If you’re a business owner, you can arrange for digital marketing corporate training for all your employees for a more personalized & tailor-made approach. These programs train you in digital solutions specifically made to solve your problems at work & make marketing better. 

    That’s all from our side!

    Author’s Bio

    Karan Shah – Founder and CEO at IIDE

    An ‘Edupreneur’ and the founder of IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education. He is a passionate public speaker and teacher for over 10 years. He has trained over 1,00,000+ students and 25+ corporates in Digital Marketing via online and offline channels. He is a Harvard alumnus specialising in E-commerce. He is a TEDx speaker and is a visiting faculty at India’s top management institutes like the IIMs.

    How to Create a Great Affiliate Website

    If you want to make money through affiliate marketing, having a great website is key. And when we say a ‘great’ affiliate website, we don’t mean one that looks good, but one that converts well. It also has to be fundamentally sound if you want your users to have the best experience and hopefully gain the favor of search engines. Thankfully, building a good affiliate website is not that complicated, and it can be done even with little to no experience. Here are a few tips for creating a high-performing affiliate website.

    Choose the Right Hosting and Platform

    The first thing you’ll have to do after registering a domain name is to find the best hosting and platform for your site. The worst thing you could do would be to go for one of those cheap shared hosting plans you see everywhere.

    With these hosting plans, you’ll be sharing the same server and bandwidth with many other sites. This means that if there’s a surge of traffic on any of these sites, your site might slow down or even crash. This could not only mean that you might lose commissions, but that you might get penalized by Google as they only want fast websites to appear near the top of search results.

    This is why you should look at dedicated server options. The best choice here would be to go with a virtual private server. With a service like this, you’ll still be on a server with other websites, but you’ll have your dedicated bandwidth so their traffic won’t affect yours.

    As far as platforms go, WordPress is by far the best for affiliate marketing, so look for a hosting plan that offers one-click installation if you want to make the process as simple as possible for you.

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    Build Multiple Streams of Income

    Two of the most common ways to make money through affiliate marketing are through a blog or a review site, but there’s nothing that’s stopping you from doing both.

    Whatever the model you choose, you have to find as many ways as possible to monetize your site. If you have a blog, you should have an email capture form with an enticing offer to push people to sign up for your newsletter and banner ads either from a network or from sponsors. You should also see if you could add affiliate links in some of your posts or have some reviews or a buying guide for products that are relevant to your audience. Check out these best affiliate programs for beginners to get you started on this.

    How to Create a Great Affiliate Website - Income Sources

    If you have a review site, don’t just have reviews. Fill the site with content and have a blog. The more content you have, the more chances some of it will rank in search engines and bring tons of traffic to your site through the back door.

    Another benefit of diversifying your revenue streams is that it’s one of the standard factors when valuing an affiliate website. Having multiple revenue streams will allow you to maximize your site’s value if you ever decide to sell it in the future.

    Track and Test

    Once you have a website built, you have to constantly work on improving it. Play around with your navigation and prune out content that isn’t working. You can’t do this without monitoring your data, however, so make sure that you use an analytics tool and start tracking your traffic so you can eventually increase it.

    You will also need to get familiar with A/B testing. This is what will allow you to gauge the efficiency of your calls to action, among other things. Just changing the color of a link or button can be enough to drastically improve your conversion rates, so don’t assume that small changes don’t make a difference and test by small increments to see exactly what is affecting your results.

    Building a great affiliate website is pretty simple when you think about it. Making it successful is another story, however, so be ready for the hard work that comes after.

    8 Benefits of SEO for Businesses in 2022

    If you own a business, then you know that keeping it running successfully can be an uphill task. Marketing your business is one of the moves that will keep your business flourishing and since the world is going digital, you would want to consider the benefits of SEO.

    Search Engine Optimization will help your business rank higher so that potential customers see it first whenever they want to shop online.

    However, that is not the only benefit you have to look forward to. Here are more benefits of SEO for Businesses.

    SEO Enhances Your Credibility

    Did you know that when your business website ranks higher, it is usually considered dependable and high-quality?

    Consequently, this improves its credibility making your business preferable to most customers. You can optimize your site by adding content and keywords as well as making it user-friendly.

    SEO is not Expensive

    Unlike other marketing strategies, SEO will not cost you much. Even global SEO. You see, search engines will constantly be crawling your site and promoting resourceful content so that you can gain organic customers.

    To ensure that your SEO efforts pay off. Take some time to review high-ranking sites within your niche and try to emulate them or even outdo them.

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    SEO Facilitates Content Advertising

    SEO and original content work harmoniously. When you create useful content for your site visitors, your website will certainly rank higher in search engines.

    Search Engine Optimization can also facilitate your content marketing efforts. As such, you want to ensure that you have high-quality videos, images, and text as well as the keywords you need to rank for.

    Remember that search engines work well with freshness so you want to regularly update your content.

    You Get a Competitive Advantage

    Chances are that your competitors are already using SEO and taking their businesses to higher levels. That is the same thing you need to do if you want to gain market share.

    Considering that the results that feature on the first page of engine sites get more than 90% traffic, there is no reason why you should pass up an opportunity to be there.

    You, therefore, want to begin by finding your competitors, figuring out their strengths and weaknesses as well as working on your virtual reputation. You Get to Reach More People

    The thing is that most marketing strategies are geared towards a particular target audience and that limits your business.

    SEO can help you get the attention of potential customers regardless of the buying funnel stage they are in. By targeting keywords instead of demographics, you automatically attract more people who may be interested in whatever you are selling.

    You Rank Highly in Local Searches

    Typically, people will search for products or services near them. Considering that about 80% of local searches lead to purchases, there is no doubt that SEO can help you attract customers near you.

    In that regard, you want to create a business account with Google and request your clients to leave reviews about your business.

    This will go a long way in helping you get clients within your locality.

    Benefits of SEO in Web marketing

    SEO Increases Website User-friendliness

    SEO focuses on making your website engine-friendly. However, it can also be used to improve the user experience of anyone who visits your site.

    By doing things like generating high-quality and useful content and making your site responsive and faster, you make your site user-friendly hence preferable by most customers.

    You Get Measurable Results

    One of the best things about SEO is that it allows for tracking changes in site traffic, conversions, and rankings. For instance, Google Analytics offers detailed information that will help you make corrections and improvements regarding your business.

    Final Thoughts

    Businesses are embracing digitization and if you want yours to thrive, you have to join the bandwagon as well. One of the best ways you can do that is by using search engine optimization.

    Looking at all the benefits we have discussed, you should not think twice about using SEO to take your business to the next level.