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    Top Tips On How to Optimize Your Email Campaigns


    Digital marketing and the internet changed business forever. Recently, TikTok changed social media marketing in a big way, adapting the gradual move from video content to a full-blown revolution. Likewise, there are countless digital channels to reach audiences new and old emerging every year. 

    Still, with all of these new platforms and tools to use, email marketing continues to be one of the most impactful ways to reach and grow your audience in 2021 and that won’t change anytime soon. 

    The best part of email marketing is that once you find a platform you love, you can begin tinkering away at making it better every single time you send a new campaign. There are a lot of tips and tricks out there to master email campaigns, but these top tips are sure to be your best way to ensure your email reach is optimized and ready to expand your offerings starting today. 

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    Top Ways to Optimize Your Email Campaigns

    There are several ways we want to highlight a process to better email marketing approaches. Don’t forget: these are all going to work generally but make sure to always highlight what makes your business or brand unique and valuable while implementing these strategies. These tips come straight from a top SEO agency that knows email marketing well, so they’re going to work for you when done right. 

    Tell a Story with Your Emails

    Nothing turns off an email subscriber faster than feeling like they’re being sold to. No matter what your business is, make sure to tell a story. That doesn’t just mean the story of what a product or service can do. Share customer testimonials, explain your inspiration behind new launches you’re announcing to them, and most of all, build a connection with your audience.

    optimize your email campaigns

    There’s nothing more effective than storytelling in email marketing when it comes to customer retention, acquisition, and effectively bringing them into the experience you’re building as a company.

    When to Send a New Email Campaign

    There’s not a right time that everyone should be launching a new email marketing strategy. If that were the case, our inboxes would overflow at the same time every day as we heard from everyone! Luckily, the right time and frequency to send email campaigns to vary and will likely only be learned by trial and error.

    tablet with calendar for 2021, alarm clock and a spring notebook on a wooden background flat lay

    Audience demographics can help a bit, especially if you know your audience well. Adult audiences might not be checking personal email accounts very often during the workday. Likewise, college-aged audiences might be more active on social media around things like lunchtime and later into the evening. Take time to find the right results by varying the time and frequency of your emails. 

    Segment your Audiences and Tailor Content to Their Needs and Wants

    When it comes to reaching an audience for a business, few can say “this single type of person is my audience.” We know largely who we cater to most as a business, but there are also more diverse populations of people, as well as their backgrounds and interests than ever before thanks to the way email can reach countless potential inboxes. 

    Segmenting your audience can be a huge help in optimizing your email campaigns. The process of email segmentation involves breaking your whole subscriber list into smaller groups that might include any number of variables or demographics. That could be something as simple as age ranges for content differences or breaking up customers who have made a purchase from ones who have only looked at products. 

    Will any of these top email optimization tips fast-track you to exponential growth or success? No; but what they do is help start to pinpoint what works best for your and your audience. Never stop trying new ways to boost your use of one of the most effective digital marketing channels on the planet. Keep striving for new ways to grow and you’ll be rewarded as such!

    How To Minimize Your Water Bill


    Utility bills can quickly mount up, especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget and stretch your funds. If you’ve never had to deal with water bills before, you’ll be surprised at how much they may add up to. Fortunately, there are a number of simple things you can do to save water, assist the environment, and save money.

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    Get a Good Water Meter

    minimize your water bill

    A water meter is similar to a gas or electricity meter in that it allows you to be charged for the amount of water you really use rather than a fixed annual amount. A non-metered supply has a set price regardless of how much water you use, but a metered supply only charges you for the water you really use.

    If you’re unfortunate enough to have a leak in your home, your water meter may give you a heads-up before too much harm is done. This is because a water meter would show up on your bills as excessive water usage and alert you to the situation. Purchase a durable Water Meter for real-time water consumption data for your home or business.

    Establish a Monthly Water Budget

    Finances and budgeting, businessman stacking coins

    A budget is basically a spending plan that takes current and future income and costs into consideration. A budget helps you keep track of your expenditures and ensures that your savings are on track for the future.

    By having a water budget, you can be able to evaluate the availability and sustainability of your water supply. Budgeting guarantees that you always have enough money for the items you need such as water and other utilities since it helps you to develop a spending plan for your money.

    Fix Leaks

    Plumber Fixing Leaking Pipe

    Fixing water leaks in a timely manner can save you fortunes. To some, a leaking faucet or a running toilet may appear to be nothing more than a minor irritation. You may be able to hear the steady dripping or running if your home is really quiet.

    When everything is turned on in most homes, you are never truly disturbed by the noise, which helps you ignore it. Allowing these two problems to persist continuously, however, has actual costs. If your water valve has a leak, install high-quality and reliable DomBor Valves.

    Whatever fixture is leaking in your home, it must be repaired as quickly as possible to avoid more damage and repair expenses. It is your job as a homeowner to check for leaks and hire a certified plumber to fix them, or you can save money by doing it yourself.

    Turn Off Water When Not In Use

    Water conservation contributes to energy conservation and carbon pollution reduction. By just turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth in the morning and before bedtime, you can save up to 8 gallons of water. This equates to over 200 gallons every month which equals a reduced water bill.

    Everyone in your home should be aware of the location of the main water shutoff valve so that they can turn it off in an emergency. You should also switch it off whenever you leave the house, even if it’s only for a few hours. Look for your water meter if you’re not sure where it is; the main shutoff will be close by.

    Store Your Water

    Water is a rare and valuable natural resource. Even while this resource is sufficient for our requirements, it is becoming increasingly polluted and depleted. As a result, it is necessary to conserve the water that we now have, which can be accomplished by storage. Storing water not only helps the environment by minimizing the strain on the water supply, but it also saves you money on your water bill. Store your water in sustainable glass bottles which are safe, recyclable, reusable, and you can refill them indefinitely.

    Have Water Efficient Products

    The best thing we can do now that water is soon becoming a precious resource is to save it. 

    Using water-efficient appliances and products can ensure you use less water while yielding comparable performance. Low-flow showerheads, aerators, toilet tank banks, and other water-saving devices make conserving water simple. They’re all simple to set up and take only a few minutes.

    Water filtration is one of the most effective ways to reduce water waste and pollution. If you have a freshwater aquarium, investing in Ceramic Filter media can help you save water and the environment in a variety of ways. Even the most contaminated water can be treated by a decent water filter. Using one will ensure reduced water wastage and subsequently a reduced water bill.

    Limit Your Showers 


    Showering is one of the most common ways for private residents to wastewater. Small modifications to your everyday routine can help you conserve a lot of water while maintaining personal cleanliness. Water efficiency, on the other hand, is all about conscious resource utilization and attempting to reduce wasteful waste.

    Even so, most of us squander far more water than is necessary. In reality, by making a few easy changes such as turning off the water while applying soap or taking shorter showers, you can save thousands of liters of water every year which will also minimize your water bill and save you money.


    Water is the most crucial element for the survival of life, second only to air. Water is a limited resource that, if not properly managed, will lead to shortages in the near future. Conservation of water can go a long way toward alleviating these looming problems.

    Why Full Stack Development Is Important for Programmers


    Full-Stack Development: Why Every Programmer Should Consider It?

    Due to the growing demand for tech-centric solutions, web developers have been compelled to broaden their understanding of front-end and back-end languages. Many companies are looking for professional developers who can build an app from the ground up. In fact, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that full-stack developer job openings will rise by 8% every year between 2019-2029, much faster than average.

    And while there are services like available to help you create your own app without knowing a single lick of code, if you have aspirations as a programmer, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of full-stack development.

    What Is Full-Stack Development?

    Full-Stack development sees programmers developing every aspect of a web application, including the front-end (the appearance of the website or app), back-end (the infrastructure and coding involved in creating the application). This often includes debugging the web app whenever faults arise. In full-stack development, the programmer considers every single operation from the initial concept to the final product.


    As with other development processes, full-stack development can be split into three layers. They are:

    • Presentation layer: this is the front-end of the process, attributed to the user interface and experience. This layer includes JavaScript, HTML, or CSS, which developers use to build the app and interact with users.
    • Business logic layer: this layer is associated with data validation. Users do not see the components of this later. However, it is responsible for finding the data requested by the user and positioning it for them. This process involves many complex operations such as authorization, authentication, API endpoint design, and more.
    • Database layer: This layer is all about the raw data behind the app. This is where the developer creates, stores, and manages information for the database. This could be on many services such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc. The main function of this layer is to retrieve and store it, so it is accessible whenever the system restarts.


    While this may seem difficult, a full-stack developer can take advantage of numerous frameworks during the front-end and back-end processes. Rather than create a complex code every time you create a website, a framework can solve many challenges involved in the coding process and can be implemented on practically any website or app.

    For example, if you are front-end developed using Javascript, you can use libraries like jQuery to implement functions that other full-stack developers have already created and tested. Additionally, you can find many frameworks for the app’s back-end, such as Rails or CakePHP.

    How Can Full-Stack Development Help Programmers?

    Over time, full-stack development has evolved into the desirable quality it is today. If you are well-versed in the processes of full-stack development, you will have a range of skills and experience to handle any front-end and back-end tasks from the application concept to the final result. In addition, full-stack development is key for building intuitive apps that offer easy-to-navigate tech solutions to consumers.

    Additionally, developers favor full-stack developed apps, as they can develop them with start-of-the-art tech. As such, they are cost-effective. These apps are also useful for small businesses and startups as they will often load quickly and will be compatible across various platforms.

    Here at, we are passionate about app development. As such, we ensure that we are always using up-to-date full-stack development practices. Moreover, as our client, you do not need to know anything about coding. We have a team of highly trained programmers who are experienced in front-end and back-end processes. So rest assured, is fully capable of providing your perfect app built from scratch.

    How to Become a Big Data Developer


    We’ve been constantly hearing the term “Big Data” a lot over the last few years. We saw how big data became the king in the realm of information technology. Even beyond the next few decades, Big Data will continue to rule the economy. According to this analysis, globally, big data is valued as a service market at $4.99 billion in 2018. It would grow to $61.42 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 36.9% from 2019 to 2026. No matter how different technologies may come or go, a big data developer will remain irreplaceable.

    The Big data course benefits professionals in developing solid skills for handling large volumes of data intelligently and efficiently and assisting organizations in making intelligent data-driven decisions. As the competition on the market continues to grow, companies are investing extensively in various new technologies and big data-certified professionals. Many training organizations provide big data courses to recent graduates and working professionals, along with industry-recognized certifications and the most up-to-date material. Big data analytics courses became quite popular in India in the previous decade, which led to massive market space for big data training.

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    Let’s have a glance at a few tasks of a Big Data developer to get a sense of what this job title entails and how to become a Big Data developer.

    What is Big Data?

    Big data is a significant and complicated collection of data sets and volumes, including vast data, management skills, social media analytics, and real-time data. The method of assessing massive amounts of data is big data analytics.

    Importance of Big Data Developer

    A Big Data Developer is the person responsible for creating Hadoop applications. It usually serves the big data demands of the organization in which he works and strives to address big data problems and needs. A Big data developer must be sufficiently skilled in the complete life cycle of Hadoop solutions, including platform selection, technical architectural design, requirement analysis, application development, and design, testing, or deployment. 

    Big Data developer – Roles and Responsibilities

    Roles and Responsibilities

    Big data developers create, test, install and monitor applications to achieve an organization’s strategic goals. They can use them in a range of businesses, including medical agencies and financial organizations. In an office environment, Big data developers are typically employed full-time.

    Specific tasks for Big-Data developers vary by industry, but mainly to ensure that an organization’s technology infrastructure works efficiently in support of business goals. General job responsibilities may include writing code for crucial business components, leading technical training sessions, and acting as a mentor and resource for junior employees.

    Big data developers may monitor or serve as team leaders on specific technical aspects of development projects. They may also describe business segment operations to executive management. Big data developers must ensure they comply with all necessary rules, including design, testing, and implementation. They can examine and identify alternate solutions to ensure that the needs of the organization are constantly addressed. Big data developers use their technical abilities and critical thinking skills to select appropriate assessment criteria and methodologies to obtain results.

    Prerequisites to become a Big Data developer:

    1. Education: A bachelor’s degree in IT is required, with some organizations preferring a master’s degree. Relevant job experience in the development of distributed computer systems applications will be an added advantage. The organization emphasizes the importance of data utilization.
    2.  Skills: In the previous decade, big data has evolved dramatically. Therefore the skills have become more specific. While most of the instances it is built around Hadoop, several technologies have become quite important on their own. You will have an essential role in strategy and planning as you go ahead in your Big Data career. You have to spend more time in business meetings with persons who may not have a technical background. Thus, business and communication skills are essential to acquire. It would help if you were an excellent big data storyteller so that non-technologists can communicate and understand the importance of data in business. Join groups to improve presentation skills and monitor the progress continually. Keep up-to-date with industry expertise for continuous success.
    3. Courses & certifications: The ultimate step in your IT career is to become a Big Data developer. Many big data courses are available online from top training providers. The big data course is specially designed for both beginners and skilled professionals alike. The holistic and robust course curriculum helps to improve candidates’ knowledge of the big data field. After completing the courses, they can handle a wide range of real-life industry projects. After successful completion of the course, candidates gain the industry-recognized worthy certification. 

    Why pursue Big Data as a career?

    As previously stated, Big Data has grabbed center stage in the IT industry and is on the approach of becoming the undisputed king of the IT world. Stepping into the world of big data helps you become a company’s unchanging asset and allows you to secure your future. As you are now aware of the must-have Big Data Developer Skills, you should also be mindful of the emergence of Big Data in today’s environment.

    Big Data growth in today’s world!

    Big Data is the most popular buzzword of the decade. Its technologies are the most recent to emerge in the IT sector. Organizations understand the importance of their data and use the most advanced technology to obtain data-driven decision insights. These companies require big data developers to take advantage of big data.

    Being a big data developer would be one of the most innovative professional steps you will ever take in this realm of IT. Before it’s happened to be too late, you must move on to Big Data. Start your journey with Big Data, or later, you will regret it. It all involves taking the perfect chance to make the big move towards Big Data at the right moment.

    To succeed in your IT career, become a Big Data Developer. The way isn’t as simple as it seems. To become a certified big data professional, one must be technically sound and comfortable to code.

    How To Keep Intruders Out Of Your Home

    If your home is adequately illuminated and has security mechanisms that slow burglars down, they will not find it an easy target. Don’t make your home a target for thieves and vandals. Use these common-sense safety steps to protect yourself and your belongings and save money on insurance rates.

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    Secure Your Doors and Windows

    Blue window and door

    The first and easiest line of defense against intruders is to lock our doors and windows, but how many of us do so on a regular basis? Burglars are always on the lookout for easy prey, and an unguarded door or window is exactly that. It’s a good idea to keep them locked even when you’re at home. Also, double-check doors and first-floor windows before leaving the house to ensure they’re all locked.

    Door/window sensors can detect if a door or window has been left ajar, and smart locks may be programmed to lock automatically at predetermined times, so technology can help you keep track of your entryways. 

    Upgrade Your Door locks

    Locked wooden door

    The best lock for your doors is Deadbolts. They’re normally locked on the inside with a thumb turn and a key from the outside. I would recommend pick-resistant cylinders (where the key is inserted). Request a trustworthy brand from your hardware store, or get your locks from a respected locksmith. If you don’t have high-quality locks, simply locking your doors and windows may not be enough. While you’re at it, double-check that your door frames and hinges are strong enough to withstand a break-in attempt; older doors or exposed hinges can put you at risk.

    Install Outdoor Lighting

    Any would-be thief will be forced out of the shadows. When breaking into a property, burglars don’t want to feel like they’re on display, and exterior lights might help them feel exactly that. Because these are frequently opportunistic crimes, external lighting may encourage the intruder to keep moving. 

    Outdoors lightning

    Rather than leaving your outside light on all the time, invest in motion-sensor lights that turn on when they sense movement in the yard. An intruder will be caught off guard by the illumination, which may cause them to flee.

    Buy  Home Security System

    keep intruders out

    Security cameras and video surveillance systems are two of the most cost-effective solutions to defend your home. The sheer presence of cameras is frequently sufficient to discourage criminals. In the event of a house invasion, video surveillance can give the evidence needed to punish the perpetrators. Even when you’re not at home, video surveillance allows you to keep an eye on your property. Day and nighttime lenses allow for easy seeing in both daytime and darkness.

    To get value for your money, the source quality and inexpensive security system from China. Sourcing in China can save you both time and money. Have the best security system sourced for you, shipped, and delivered to your doorstep.

    Keep Valuables Obscured

    thief stealing valuables from safe at crime scene

    Some burglars may scout potential targets ahead of time to ensure they hit homes with valuables. As a result, it’s better not to store valuables where attackers may easily see them as they walk by. Avoid leaving valuable tools or motorbikes out in the open, and don’t leave valuable gadgets, handbags, jewelry, or other valuables in front of open windows.

    Reconsider Where You Keep Your Spare Key

    It’s time to reconsider that hidden key under your doormat or flowerpot. Intruders are aware of the popular hiding spots for spare keys, and they will look there first. If you really must have a backup key outside your home, consider a camouflaged combination lockbox or at the very least, a position far away from your doorway.

    Lock Your Garage

    People spend a lot of time and money protecting their homes, but their garages are sometimes overlooked. Unfortunately, this is a simple way to obtain access to your home. To begin, make sure all of your garage’s standard doors and windows are locked. Next, instead of leaving your garage door opener in your car, where it could be stolen, keep it in your house. Last but not least, close the inner door between your garage and your house. Even if someone gains access to your garage, they will not be able to gain access to your home.

    Set Up a Neighborhood Watch Program

    A neighborhood or community watch system is a citizen-run surveillance system designed to deter crime in your community. This civilian-based method is an excellent way to keep your neighborhood united and on the same page when it comes to security concerns.

    Invest In a Safe

    Opening of a safe

    In an ideal world, intruders would never get access to your home, and you would never have to be concerned about your things being stolen. Even the best-laid intentions, unfortunately, may go astray. And if an intruder does manage to get access to your home, you’ll want to make sure they can steal as little as possible.

    Consider purchasing a safe or lockbox to store valuables such as cash, jewels, vital documents, and other stuff that you don’t want a thief to take.


    No one wants to be the victim of a break-in at their home. Using the suggestions in this guide will deter and prevent criminals, keeping your family and possessions safe. You can start small by focusing on only a few items from this list. After you’ve mastered those, you can move on to the rest of the checklist. Gather more safety and security insights to protect your premises. Each tiny change you make will increase the security of your property. If you’ve been robbed before, it’s time to develop that warrior mentality that allows you to be adaptive by taking steps, so it doesn’t happen again.

    How to Upscale Your Upcoming Virtual Event


    You’ll be able to take your virtual events to the next level by increasing audience involvement. It’s critical to create entertaining events because it’s all too simple for your audience to become sidetracked when they’re watching your events on the internet. How many times have you sat through a webinar just to get distracted and do something else?

    Virtual events rely heavily on audience participation. In reality, it will determine whether or not your events are successful. We did some research on this topic recently, and you’ll be astonished to learn that the majority of people believe that having a successful event is directly linked to audience engagement.

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    Well, here are ways that you can use to make your nest virtual event better. Let’s get to it!

    1.Set a Good Setting

    virtual event

    Just because your event is virtual doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the basics of any event, and that is the setting. Have a good background for the virtual event. A virtual exhibition stand will be very helpful in vocalizing your virtual event. 

    Lighting plays an important role in this as well. Ensure that the room you’ll be hosting your virtual event in has the right lighting to ensure that people do not struggle to see you and your backdrops.

    Another thing to note is that you are part of the setting. Take time to prepare and look presentable for the event. If you are male, get your hair cut or simply neat and ensure that you at least dress well for the occasion(the top at least). If you are a woman, take your time to get your hair and makeup done. You can add some false lashes to your final look. It’ll help a lot if you actually take the time to do this. How you present yourself, as the host, matters a lot.

    2.Have Pre-Event and Live Plebiscite

    Business conference with presentation of growth project

    Many marketers, particularly in the Business realm, employ polls to boost audience interaction. It’s incredibly effective and for good reason.

    Pre-event polling gives your audience the impression that the virtual event’s material will be tailored to their specific demands. This has two major advantages:

    • Your audience will be more interested in the information. This implies you’ll add more value to the event, increasing the chances of a positive return on capital.
    • Your audiences will be more likely to attend your virtual event because the content will be more meaningful to them.

    Using live polling to connect with the audience is a simple approach to use.

    3.Lease Entertainment to Engage Your Audience

    Man Video Calling At Laptop Having Virtual Meeting At Home

    For both medium and big virtual functions, hiring entertainers is a wonderful idea. Naturally, entertainers excel in capturing the attention of their audience.

    You can engage sketch artists for tiny virtual gatherings like round table debates. In essence, these artists will take meeting notes in a unique way. Naturally, this adds a very distinct dimension to your little virtual event, and your audience will be captivated.

    Collaborating with a sketch artist for roundtable talks has the added benefit of increasing social media involvement. Your guests will be impressed and will post a photo of the artwork on social media.

    4.Run Social Media Competitions

    A significant impact of having a highly engaged audience is increased social media exposure.

    You should use an event hashtag for your event. This hashtag will be used by your audience when they post something about your event on social media. Naturally, you may keep track of this hashtag and conduct analysis and competitions using it.

    So, at your next virtual event, make sure to give your attendees the opportunity to share creative content on social media.

    Social media

    Most people enjoy a good competition, specifically if there is something they truly want to win. For your massive virtual gatherings, hold some social media competitions.

    You may, for instance, ask your audience to share a photo of themselves during your event. Some people may have a really inventive setup. Some people work from home, including the yard and even the beach. The winner will be the individual who has the most inventive or unusual setup.

    You could allow folks to ask questions via social media if you’re hosting a large virtual event. As a result, if they have a query, they must ask it via Twitter. Your event hashtag will receive a lot of attention as a result of this.

    5.Create and Announce in Advance a Theme for the Event

    You can effectively take your crowd through an encounter – pre-event, during the event, and beyond – by theming your event.

    Assume you’re organizing a virtual gathering around the holidays. It would be fantastic if everyone wore a Santa hat or something like that. These are generally accompanied by interesting stories that help to break ground.

    This works nicely for business occasions as well. People need a little fun in their lives, and if you pull off an intriguing event theme perfectly, you’ll put a grin on their faces.

    Invite your crowd to bring stuff that symbolizes the event topic to the virtual event, and then ask them questions about it. People will chuckle, which will boost audience participation.

    The Bottom Line

    Upscaling a virtual event means that you are going to be more creative than the controversial events. Understand your needs and that of your audience, then organize something that works for both of you. Just remember to keep hydrated the entire event to avoid a hoarse voice, especially if you’ll be speaking a lot. All the Best!

    How to Create Awesome Apps with UX Design


    You can have an incredible idea for a new app. The premise can be a slam dunk, but if there’s not a proper UX design approach to the development process, then it’s never going to reach its full potential. Does UX (user experience) really have that big of an impact on apps? It sure does. 

    When it comes to designing an app user will love from the start, creative and effective UX design matters just as much as the app’s function itself. When you’re looking for a place to start with startup branding and a new app, look no further than this definitive guide to UX design for mobile apps.

    Why UX Design is So Important for Mobile Apps

    The user interface deals solely with the visual design of an app. User experience goes one step further and seeks to address everything the user will interact with, explore and utilize in an app. You can make a long list of the different do’s and don’ts of UX design, but let’s simplify things to keep the focus on how to use these concepts for an awesome app. 

    A great UX design should centre around one central premise: value. Is the app you’re developing valuable to the user? Of course, this takes into consideration a number of ways developers and startups create value. Maybe your app does something that no other app can do. In a lot of cases, it’s not a reinvention of the wheel that’s required to be successful in the app marketplace. It’s usually a mix of a number of things users look for in a great app.

    Everything from utility to accessibility matters in the grand scheme of user experience. So does your brand’s reputation, which is why startup branding matters so much. If you have an app that works well and users enjoy it, then you’ll be doing yourself a lot of favours in the credibility department. Let’s dive a layer further and talk about the different UX features that users look for in 2021. It’s a good place to start brainstorming the next great mobile app. 

    UX Design

    Best UX Design Features to Implement in Your Mobile App

    Here are just a few features we recommend considering for your mobile app when it comes to UX design.

    Make Good Use of Your Screen

    When it comes to mobile applications, you’re working with a lot less space than the traditional desktop experience. That said, make sure you’re not putting anything on the home screen of your app or even on the different pages that don’t need to be there. UX design optimization is a detailed process of making sure everything has, you guessed it, the value on your app’s screen layout. 

    Keep Input Options Simple and Easy to Use

    There are some apps that set up their UX design with a two-hand experience in mind. In most cases, users aren’t using their phones with two hands. The increasingly on-the-go world we live in means you’re probably holding a coffee or bag in one hand and your phone in the other.

    If you can simplify your UX design for controls and input options to be handled with one hand, you’ll be in a good place to let users experience your app even when they’re on the go. 

    Keep Pushing the Envelope

    The cool thing about UX design is that you can add features as you go and grow. When you find that something doesn’t work, then you can easily replace it and return back to a UX design users liked more. That said, don’t be afraid to push the envelope. Try new, daring things and you’ll find users really like when you give something new a shot.

    Why Business Growth Depends on Cloud Security

    Most businesses are using at least one cloud computing solution. Cloud resources are affordable, flexible and they are easy to scale when the time comes to grow. If your business is developing an app or a service that runs in the cloud, you have a range of Infrastructure as Code tools that can streamline the management of cloud resources.

    As beneficial as cloud computing can be for businesses of all sizes, it does come with some security risks. If left unaddressed, cloud security issues can be devastating to the growth of a company. That is why businesses need to be aware of these security issues and do what they can to protect against them.

    Protecting Against Data Breaches

    Data breaches seem to be a problem that grows with each year. If you look at numbers from IBM, the average cost of a data breach grew from $3.86 million in 2020 to $4.24 million in 2021. That is the highest average cost during the 17 years IBM has been tracking the cost of data breaches. For many businesses, this type of multimillion-dollar hit would be hard to come back from. 

    Since cloud services are designed to be convenient and accessible, data breaches are one of the biggest threats. Issues with poor access control, a failure to follow security best practices and misconfigurations can increase the threat of a data breach. 

    Regulatory Compliance

    Businesses have to follow a standard of care when storing and using private data from their customers or clients. Many of these standards are outlined in various regulations that must be followed. If it is found that a business is not following the guidelines for storing the private data of clients, they could be subject to heavy fines. 

    Even beyond the fines, this type of failure can significantly impact the growth of a company. When customers find out that a business is not following all of the best practices for cloud security and is not doing everything it can to protect private information, the reputational damage can take years to overcome.

    Facilitate Remote Work

    Remote work is becoming a vital resource for modern businesses. According to a report from 2018, more than half of all businesses were already allowing for some level of remote work. That number is sure to have grown over the last few years. 

    The cloud is key for facilitating remote work because it makes data and various work systems accessible to employees working away from the office. It can be a security risk if those employees do not follow cybersecurity best practices. 

    Controlling Access Levels

    Most data leaks and unauthorized access events are not a result of a criminal finding a weakness in the cloud security infrastructure. In most cases, it is a failure at the access control level. In other words, people with legitimate access failed to follow the best practices for securing their accounts, and that allowed some other person to gain access.

    While teaching best practices are necessary, controlling access levels can help prevent and mitigate some of the damage if an account is compromised. By limiting access to the data or systems the individual employee needs, you can limit the damage if the account is compromised. There are also security tools that can monitor for suspicious activity.

    Shifting to the cloud comes with many benefits, but you also need to be aware of the security issues. With a little effort and the right tools, most security concerns can be controlled. It is all a matter of educating your employees, having the right tools and developing strong policies for cybersecurity in the workplace.

    5 Proven Ways to Generate Blog Ideas


    You might run a business, and at some point, you decide the company website needs a blog, and then suddenly you are in need to generate blog ideas. You would not be wrong to create one. Blogs can help your company generate some traffic, and some of those who stop by to read them might purchase your services and products as well.

    Once you have that blog up and running, though, you need to post there regularly. If you post once every few months, that’s not going to help your business. You want a regular posting schedule, just the same as with your company’s social media presence.

    Must Read: 5 Blogging Tips That Will Keep Readers Coming Back to Your Site

    There are some creative ways you can generate blog ideas if you’re coming up dry after a few months. These methods can inspire you to create new blog posts that can help your business thrive.

    You Can Look at What’s Happening Within Your Niche

    One way you can figure out new blogs to write is to look at what’s topical in your niche or industry. Let’s say your company helps startups. You might decide to write about startup security measures if startup security has been in the news lately.

    Whatever is going on in your industry, that’s what you’ll want to write about on your company’s blog. If you can also provide some outbound links to other sources within the text, that will help your business’s website from an SEO standpoint.

    Ask Your Customers Via Email

    generate blog ideas

    It’s probably likely that you have retained some customer email addresses. If they bought something from you at some point, you should have their email address since you likely sent them a confirmation email telling them the item was coming and stipulating when it would arrive. This is how eCommerce works.

    You have this former customer’s email address now, and you might as well use it. They may not have told you that you can use their email for marketing purposes, but they probably didn’t forbid you from using it that way either. If hearing from you bothers them, they can always opt-out of future communications.

    You can make up an email address list of former customers and send them questions about what kinds of topics they’d like you to write about on the company blog. You might ask them to write in themselves what they’d like to see you cover, or you may offer them multiple options and let them pick one.

    Look at Similar Blogs

    Blog on a laptop screen mockup

    There is nothing to say that you can’t use your competitors for inspiration. You might look on competing websites and see if they have a blog section. There, you can see what they’re writing about and use it as a jumping-off point.

    You don’t want to produce identical material to what anyone else has. However, just because you saw a topic on a competing site, that does not mean you have to write about exactly the same thing.

    Their blog might give you an idea for a subject similar to it, but not the same. As long as you don’t plagiarize and put your own spin on it, writing about that topic is fine.

    Try to Think Like Your Customers

    Maybe you feel like sending an email to your customers and asking them what they want you to write about is too intrusive. Also, you might do that a couple of times, but you can’t do it every week.

    Customer satisfaction survey

    You can try to imagine what your customers are thinking about and what they will most want to know. If you can think like them and put yourself in their shoes, you may be able to come up with ideas that would not occur to you if you kept thinking like a salesperson and not as a consumer.

    Use Google and Look at Keyword Volume

    Keyword research

    You can also use Google Analytics if you’re trying to generate blog ideas. You can type in industry-related terms or topics and see what people are writing having to do with your niche.

    If certain queries or words keep coming up, you can create blog topics based on those words or searches. This way, you know you’re writing about something and posting it prominently on your blog that is almost guaranteed to send some viewers your way.

    You should know that once you have someone looking at your blog, the battle for them to convert is half over. Once they’re using your website, it’s much more likely they will buy something before they leave. That’s why blogs matter so much.

    5 Tips To Optimize Your Blog For SEO


    Blogging is a digital marketing strategy that small, medium-sized, and large enterprises can use to generate organic traffic to their websites. Visibility in Google’s search engine is critical when doing digital marketing campaigns. However, to rank high in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), your blogs need to be SEO-optimized to be picked up in online searches.

    Unfortunately, SEO optimization is a skill that not everyone has. You might have good content, but a lack of SEO optimization may make it invisible to Google and thus unable to generate organic traffic. To know how to properly optimize your blog for search engines, just continue reading below:

    Use Relevant Keywords 

    You don’t need to guess the words that you should use when you’re writing your blog content. However, you should do a thorough search to identify what online searchers would usually type in when they are looking for things that are related to your products or services. Keyword research is a skill that helps you know the topics that your customers might be interested in as shown by search engine data.  

    optimize your blog

    Once you have identified your keywords, plan your content strategy around them. By doing this, you end up writing relevant topics that are searchable by your target audience. There are many free keyword search tools that you can use if you have no idea where to start. Using these tools, you can get in-depth keyword data, track keyword position, and analyze the competition.  

    Write A Good Blog Title  

    Words "writer's blog" written with old typewriter

    An SEO-optimized title boosts the relevance of your blog in search engines. Besides that, it motivates your visitors to click on your blog from the search results page that they see. Your title can be optimized by simply using the relevant keywords for your niche or business.  

    Apart from the keyword, craft your title in a way that makes it click-worthy and catchy. To write a mind-blowing headline, using emotional marketing value (EMV) would be a great strategy. This requires the use of words that spur emotional responses in your target audience. 

    Some free online tools for writing titles have built-in headline analyzers to give you a headline score and real-time tips to help you boost your click-through rates. You may also want to make use of such.

    Include Internal Links 

     Internal linking helps you create a contextual relationship between your new and older posts. If you’re using WordPress for your website, you can search for your old blogs in the post editor. When you’ve seen the post, select the text you want to link it and then click on the link button. If you want to know more about WordPress blogging, then you can find out here.

    If done well, internal linking can help boost the main pages of your site and this tells search engines to improve the ranking of such pages.

    Add Videos And Images 

    cropped image of male video blogger recording vlog in office, camera on foreground
    cropped image of male video blogger recording vlog in office, camera on foreground

    When it comes to search engine optimization, textual keywords are the bread and butter. However, it cannot be denied that images and videos can literally make your blog more engaging and interactive. Therefore, it’s important to add these elements as well.

    Apart from commercial images, there are many places where you can get royalty-free images for your articles. You may also consider using your photos or create original graphics with free tools online. 

    But you should not stop there. Since videos and images are not like texts that can be recognized by search engines, they can still be optimized using the right keywords. You can add alt texts, captions, and descriptions to your videos and images so search engines can still ‘read’ what they are about. This eventually helps boost your ranking. And speaking of descriptions…

    Include A Meta Description 

    This is an HTML meta tag that can be added to any page. It’s a short description of what is contained in your blog, and search engines usually show this on SERPs. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook show the meta description when you share your blogs on their platforms as well.  

    When writing your meta description, make sure you also use focus keywords for search engine purposes. This helps in further optimizing your blog. Another rule to remember is that meta descriptions must not be more than 155 characters, and the keyword must be found in the earlier part of your description.


    Regardless of the kind of products or services that you sell, a blogging habit can help you increase exposure and business revenues. However, to execute an effective blogging strategy, make sure that your blog is SEO-optimized in the first place. Good content isn’t enough. You need to implement the strategies discussed in this article to make sure your blog reaches the right audience.