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    Reasons Why Oracle Database Leads the Way in DBMS Solutions

    As far as database management software is concerned, the Oracle database is the market leader and first choice for all reputed organizations. Oracle database boasts some cutting-edge capabilities and advanced features that make it really a hot favorite in the DBMS landscape. In this context, you must be aware that Oracle database was designed for corporations and businesses. In the software market, it has the reputation of being the #1 in providing perfect database solutions.  Let us explore the unique features that make Oracle the best DBMS among all the rest.

    As more businesses are generating huge volumes of data, it is quite likely that those companies are running smoothly due to Oracle technologies. The fact remains that most large-scale businesses are almost always exclusively based on the Oracle technology. The current trend is because of Oracle’s efficiency in delivering proven, reliable, stable, and scalable technologies meant specifically for SAP Applications. Instead of leaving the complicated job of integration to the third-parties or customers, the approach adopted by Oracle helps the clients to cut down the maintenance and the acquisition costs, reduces deployment time, and minimizes risks. Browse for seeking professional database administration solutions.

    Why Is Oracle the Best?

    Despite so many database management systems we have seen, Oracle database administration seems to be the one and only and needless to say, the best one for accommodating all your needs. Oracle is today regarded as a primary requirement for each and every business or organization. Oracle has a broad spectrum of products including business applications, business intelligence, and Virtual Box etc.

    However, Oracle’s key expertise seems to be in database products. It has amazing features that provide not merely best performance in terms of the database, top security for your data and information in the databases, and effective database administration but also a number of things relating to the database such as storage expenses etc. Businesses need not get overstressed about hardware cost, instead; they may now focus on investing in the core business. Here are some of the features of Oracle that makes it stand tall among the rest. Oracle database management software is known to:

    • Reduce the server costs.
    • Reduce storage cost.
    • Get rid of idle redundancy associated with data centers.
    • Enhance system performance.
    • Boost productivity.
    • Possess built-in transparency.
    • Be international as Oracle is offered in multiple languages.
    • Reduce operational costs and it promises positive returns on your investments, every organization is looking for this and is concerned about this.
    • Offer high-performance.

    Oracle comprises multiple technologies that assist an organization to operate and run its business in a much improved and efficient manner. It depends on the unique requirements of a particular organization to look for specific features for growing their business and function competently.



    Oracle is known to provide a perfect blend of integrated business solutions and high-level of security. Since this caters perfectly to the requirements of corporations and businesses, they seem to be the most frequent and common users of this versatile database. You must already be aware that Oracle is dominating the banking sector and the companies. We know that the ten leading banks are using Oracle for accessing and managing their data. Experts recommend Oracle as it is supposed to be the top solution for businesses and corporations that generate a gigantic amount of data for handling and accessing.


    Support Multiple Databases:

    Oracle’s two-phase protocol for commits allows you to manage several databases across the same transactions. This allows easy movement of data from one node to another and also makes way for mirroring. By letting you update multiple data items with a single request, this unique feature of Oracle makes your life that much easier.


    Robust and Reliable:

    Oracle has been the go-to technology when it comes to database systems for years in the industry, and for good reason. It offers the very best performance no matter how complex the task and passes all ACID tests to ensure that your data integrity and consistency are preserved at all times, thus making an Oracle system that much more reliable.


    Performance and Speed:

    These might not mean a lot to you if you are handling a small database, but the moment you scale to a medium-to-large-sized database you realize how integral they are, especially if they are connected to web services that depend on quick retrieval and update of data. Oracle ensures highest-possible optimization with respect to performance and speed and also provides a lot of locks and other options for transactions that enforce high-level security.


    Quick Recovery:

    Suppose your system encounters snags or certain technical issues, Oracle would be offering the fastest online recovery features, support, and backup. You could be recovering or undoing the current database straightaway from the server, once your system springs back to action online. Oracle is known to provide bounded, and predictable recovery for example, database, as well as, computer snags and could effectively reduce the recovery time on a complicated database.



    Oracle is a mind-blowing portable DBMS solution and it is known to support over 100 hardware platforms and also 20 networking protocols. Oracle has the easiest and most user-friendly features that are usable and useful in all the platforms. This particular feature would be making Oracle the #1 portable database solution.


    Multiple Database Support:

    Oracle boasts a superior ability to effectively manage a number of databases within the one and the same transaction utilizing any two-phase commit protocol. You could almost effortlessly move exactly where the data seems to be stored in a network from node to node and boast data mirroring for data location optimization regularly.



    Oracle is surely the biggest RDBMS vendor. It is used to spending more on R & D as compared to other competitors. You are not likely to be in any issue because of Oracle. There would be quite a bit of third-party interfaces, and highly-competent staff. Security and compliance are supposed to be really important now.

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