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    How Modern Technologies Help you in Job Searching

    Technology has revolutionized the way recruitments are done nowadays. Manual applications have been substituted by social media, mobile apps and other digital methods which enable employers to dig information right from the applicant’s social profile rather than rely on what’s written on paper. Besides, they can follow the applicant’s past postings and publications to tell what kind of person they are dealing with.

    Still, this doesn’t mean, that you don’t have to bother creating a decent resume or take any steps to obtain the desired position. For instance, you want to work for the government. In this case, you have to take the whole endeavor seriously, and here you have two options: you can ask a federal resume service to help you out, or you can read this article and find out how to job search effectively yourself. And since you are already here, let’s take a look at the tips below!

    • Interviews flexibility

    In the past, an interview would be conducted in a fixed location, usually at an organization’s head office. But currently other modes of remote interviewing are available, and they include:

    • One-way video – questions are sent, and applicants are asked to respond to them in a video and send it back.
    • Through a video call: This method is preferred more than the one-way video as you can interact with the applicant face to face. That way, you can delve deeper into questions and seek clarifications where necessary.
    • There are also cases where interviews take a form of a teleconference. Here, the interviewing panel connects applicants through a call, and each panelist has a chance to ask questions they might have while others listen.

    The said modes are popular because they reduce the cost of conducting interviews since they are done at the convenience of both parties.

    • Use of mobile apps

    Today some organizations require applicants to use mobile apps to submit their CVs. Such apps are designed in a way that they can capture as much information as possible; plus, they help to recruitment agencies to process it faster and effectively.

    • Social media as a job-hunting tool

    Social media is not just a tool for chatting and hooking up with friends. Being the most modern technology, if used well it can help you secure a job easily, and any professional resume writer will tell you this.

    These social platforms unite people from all walks of life and bring organizations together but for different reasons. Whereas others are there to meet friends and become popular, others are there for serious business endeavors.

    A platform like LinkedIn is known not only for networking but for linking up job seekers with prospective employers and vice versa. To this end, one must learn how to use LinkedIn effectively for job search as any information added on the profile counts; hence, people should be conscious of what they put there.

    As a piece of advice, if you are looking for a job, put a professional photo and add a short headline which states what exactly you are looking for. Who knows! Your profile might be viewed by a potential employer who is looking for such a candidate, and you might end up getting your dream job at the federal sector.

    • Social platforms as a source of information

    Most organization have their presence on popular social pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where they regularly interact with their followers. Besides, they give insightful information about their operations and announce job vacancies whenever available.

    Considering the fact that companies are scaling down budgets on advertising on mainstream media if you entirely rely on newspapers to get such adverts you might be in for a rude shock but, if you follow them by liking their social pages, you will stay updated and get a better understanding on their operations.

    Still, beware if you’re applying for federal jobs. Social media are called social because anyone can have access to them, your future employers included. Remember, if you’re applying for a federal job, your reputation has to be perfect. So make sure no shameful pictures or posts are available for the general public. Better delete them at all.

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