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    How to Cope With an Essay on a Marketing Topic

    When writing an essay on a marketing topic, such as branding or the 7Ps, a student relies heavily on knowledge gained from the course content. However, the increasing popularity of tutoring and writing centers has proven beneficial to students academically because these online sites provide information that students can use to write essays on topics in different disciplines, including marketing.


    Buying Essays Online
    Buying Essays Online

    Essays commonly measure a college student’s grasp of course content. Unlike other tests and assessments, essays offer students the freedom to synthesize information to reflect a deeper understanding of a topic, subject, or discipline. In a marketing class, students may be required to write an essay on different topics, such as branding, the 7Ps, or market segmentation. While students use course content as the primary source of information, the popularity of tutoring and writing centers has expanded students’ options. 

    Course Content

    Course content is all knowledge students gain by studying textbooks and other materials during a semester. Course content is a rich source of information that students can use to write essays, the most common form of assessment in colleges and universities. When writing an essay on a marketing topic, students can refer to textbooks and other curriculum materials, such as case studies, made available by their tutors. These sources are critical in providing information on key marketing concepts and theories.

    Physical Tutoring and Writing Centers

    Colleges and universities are increasingly establishing physical tutoring and writing centers to assist students needing extra coaching in areas they experience difficulties. Generally, not all students grasp course content as expected. Tutoring and writing centers, such as Hazel Griffin Writing Center at Chowan University, provide an alternative place for students needing extra tutoring on different topics and disciplines.

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    Online Content


    The Internet is the largest and richest source of knowledge and information globally. Unlike physical libraries that are limited in space, the Internet has no such limitation. College students can use the Internet to access knowledge and information by browsing online libraries and databases. When writing an essay on a marketing topic, students can use personal or college computers to access these sources for information that helps demonstrate their understanding of the topic.

    Online Tutoring and Writing Centers

    One of the benefits of the Internet is that it has enabled colleges, universities, and educators to develop tutoring and writing centres that students can access for extra coaching. Sites like Wr1ter provide extra tutoring for students needing assistance to gain competence in particular topics or disciplines. Some sites charge tutoring fees while others do not, meaning students can choose sites they believe offer tutoring that best meets their needs.

    In sum, course content is the traditional source of information and knowledge in higher education. However, the increasing popularity of physical and online tutoring and writing centres has introduced new avenues for students needing extra coaching and tutoring to develop competence on particular topics, subjects, or disciplines. While physical centers are found in individual colleges and universities, online centers are accessible from any place and may be affiliated with colleges and universities or individual education experts.

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