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    How Do You Write A Convincing Marketing Essay

    The success of the students depends on how they balance between the essay assignments and the exhaustive modules. This is indeed a challenge for students. But this balancing really teaches students not only aspects of education and learning but also life. 

    Are you a student and find yourself in deep trouble handling Marketing essays?

    You are in the right place. Marketing essays are different from general essays because they consider quantifiable values, trends, application of theories, and observations from market research. 

    All these make marketing essays quite challenging. The article discusses some of the ways through which you can write a compelling marketing essay. So let’s get started with the discussion to understand things in perspective. For those seeking further assistance and expertise in crafting their essays, EssayPro essay writing services can be a valuable resource.

    Tips For Writing A Convincing Marketing Essay

    Tips For Writing A Convincing Marketing Essay
    Tips For Writing A Convincing Marketing Essay

    Essays, be it the IVY league essays or the others, follow their own structure. Therefore what you need is a good amount of preparation and research work. There is high competition in the universities. According to a study, around 15.1 million students enrolled in private universities in the year 2030.

    What you need to ensure is your thorough engagement in these essays. This section discusses some of the tips for writing a convincing marketing essay. 

    1. Selection Of Topic

    The most important factor in writing a good essay is the selection of topics. You must select one from whom you get ample data. You have to search for information on good quality marketing websites to gather information. 

    At the same time, you also need to get in touch with the marketing communities on social media and LinkedIn. You must look for such topics on which you can get market research, consumer reports, and currency statistics. 

    You can conduct an imaginative and successful marketing campaign if you get a favourite topic in your marketing essay. You can also bring in the significance of the local culture that affects consumer choices.

    You must also select such topics on which you can gather enough information from the company’s annual reports and the secondary research conducted by researchers present in Google Scholar. 

    2. Do Market Research

    A casual business man checking a marketing plan
    A casual business man checking a marketing plan

    Market research is one of the core requirements of these essays. A researcher must consider enough market research and understanding so that they include the finding in the essay. When you do the following, you need to study the targeted demographics of the product. 

    You have to put forward how the company is taking the product, meaning the position of the company. You must also find out how the general public perceives it. 

    Now you must start gathering information on the company revenues from the annual reports. 

    The company finances give an idea of how they have fared in the financial period. You must also focus on important sources like corporate websites, social media accounts, magazines, and advertisements to get product information. To know things in detail, you can take help from essay writing services like Fresh Essays. You can visit the website to know more.

    3. Writing The Essay 

    Now that you have gathered the information from the relevant sources, you can start writing your essays. 

    1. Introduction And Thesis Statement

    Just like a general essay, you have to incorporate the basic ideas in your essay. For instance, you are studying the business of Samsung during the COVID-19 pandemic. You have to bring in the values and business reports to identify the areas where you have to conduct research. 

    The introduction of the essay ends with a thesis statement. It unfolds the argument in an essay. Let us provide you with an example of a thesis statement. 

    The COVID-19 pandemic can be attributed to a loss in sales of mobile phone companies. The introduction and thesis statement provides the platform to carry out the business. 

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    2. Body Paragraph

    Each topic must deal with a single idea or claim, and you must open up the idea in the introduction section. In the body section, you can take the help of sources like social media community, annual reports, financials, and others to develop the body of work for the essay. 

    You can even use the theories and models to elaborate on the important aspects and development in the essay. 

    Implementation of these models is an important requirement to make a good-quality essay. 

    For instance, if you write an essay on production outputs and employee retention, you can use theories like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory, and Vroom’s Expectancy theory to develop your text. 

    3. Methodology 

    In the methodology section, you give a detailed idea of the research development, including research philosophy, research design, and data collection methods. 

    You have to mention whether you are selecting descriptive research design or others in your essay. Data collection is of two kinds: Primary and Secondary. They, too, are classified into qualitative and quantitative methods. 

    4. Data Collection 

    Your findings from the imaginary market research must form the data collection base. Here you can collect data from qualitative methods like conducting interviews with professionals. 

    At the same time, you can also use these data by conducting surveys. They can include the physical survey with a questionnaire or online via applications like survey monkey. Other than this, you can take the help of secondary research completely. 

    After completing your data collection, you must conduct a thorough analysis to justify your thesis statement. It is an important section of the essay. An essay without analytical discussion and arguments is null and void. Therefore, you need to follow the structure and conventions to make it successful.

    5. Conclusion 

    In this section, you have to bring the entire discussion to a close. You must use this section to merge the discussion points you opened in the main body section. Like all other sections, you have to be highly watchful. 

    This section will mainly cover your revelation and the important things you developed from this thorough research and engagement. The ultimate aim of this section will be to solve the problems discussed in the main part of the essay. 

    Bringing The Discussion To A Close 

    Like all other essays, the marketing essays also follow their own logical structure, and the students need to be mindful of fulfilling the requirements of the topics. They must ensure that the entire writing follows the requirements in the prompt essay section. You must ensure the essay is highly informative and follows a logical alignment

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