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    How to Play Any UnSupported Game on PC Without Graphic Memory

    There are many games which requires High Graphic Memory to be played, since many of us don’t have High Memory Graphic Card its impossible to play those games in PC, but with the help 3D-Analyzer you can easily play any game on your PC even the game is unsupported.

    What is 3D – Analyzer?

    Basically 3D Analyzer is simple tool which utilizes you PC’s Ram and uses it as a Graphic Memory, Suppose you have 1GB Ram installed in your PC, then this tool will acces about 128 MB as a Graphic Memory and keep the rest as normal RAM.

    How to use 3D- Analyzer :-

    To use 3D- Analyzer just follow the below steps :-

    Step 1 :- Firstly download 3D- Analyzer from the below link

    Download 3D- Analyzer

    Step 2 :- Now extract the downloaded zip and run .exe file.

    Step 3 :- Now Open the tool and Click on Big “Select” Button and select the Game .exe file. (Make Sure to nevigate to gave directory and select the .exe file of that game)

    Step 4 :- Now make sure to tweak setting just like mentioned in the image below, select every check box like below mentioned image.

    3D Analyzer Settings
    3D Analyzer Settings

    Step 5 :- Next, after configuring hit the Run Button and see you Game Starts.

    You can also change settings by your desire if the games not starts.

    Best Roms for Micromax Canvas 4 A210 (Collection of Stable Roms)

    Hello everyone, today i am sharing a list of best canvas 4 Roms with you, these Roms are tested and almost are bugless.

    So, before going further please make sure that you have Successfully rooted your Canvas 4 and install CWM recovery, if you don’t then follow the guide for rooting and installing CWM from below link :-

    List of Best Canvas 4 Roms :-

    Just click on any Rom Name to visit its Thread on XDA Forums

    Rom NameRom base
    MicroNote RomSamsung Galaxy Note 3
    KRom V1Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    KitKatAndroid 4.4 KitKat
    Pranjal’s RomJelly Bean 4.2.1
    MIUI IndiaMIUI
    Lewa OSLewa
    Stock Rom V.2Stock Canvas 4
    Speed V2Sony Xperia C
    Canvas 4 TurboMicromax Canvas Turbo A250

    I, will update this post with more Roms, so keep visiting and please do comment if you know any other Rom.

    Micromax A106 Specs – First MMX Device Running KitKat Android 4.4

    Recently User Manual of Micromax A106 got leaked on the internet.

    The Manual shows that Micromax is planning to launch its first Android 4.4 KitKat running Device “Micromax A106”.

    Going by the manual we can fore know about the sensors which it can have like gravity or proximity. It is a DUAL SIM phone with some expected features like Bluetooth, WiFI, GPS, 3G, front camera mated with rear camera etc. The new Micromax A106 includes removable battery and MicroSD card slot to expand the memory. Though nothing much have been said about the camera, display or battery capacity front.

    The specs that reveled through the User Manual were :-

    • Android 4.4.x KitKat
    • Dual Sim
    • Gravity Sensor
    • Proximity Sensor
    • WiFi
    • 3G
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • MicroSD Support
    • Removable Battery

    Below are Screenshots of the manual where it was mentioned that MMX A106 will be running Android 4.4 KitKat.

    Micromax A106 Running KitKat
    Micromax A106 Running KitKat


    Micromax A106 Device Design
    Micromax A106 Device Design
    Micromax A106 Android 4.4 KitKat Device
    Micromax A106 Android 4.4 KitKat Device

    You can download the leaked Micromax A106 User Manual from the below link :-

    Micromax A106 User Manual PDF


    Automatically Detect and install Custom Recovery on any Android Device


    Installing a Custom Recovery like ClockWorkMod, TWRP, etc is lengthy task specially for beginners, fot this first of all we have to find supported recovery and then we take backup and then we flash it.

    It consumes lots of time and resources, but now today i am going to share an awesome app which makes this task easier and faster.

    There is an app available in Play Store named “Rashr – Flash Tool”, this app enables a rooted user to flash Custom CWM, TWRP or Philz Recovery images on any device automatically by automatically detecting the device ID, it also tales backup of Stock recovery before installing a custom one.

    Rashr – Flash Tool :-

    This app requires that you have a rooted device.

    Rashr – Flash tool flashes and backups your device recovery and kernel without rebooting it very fast and easy without a PC or any outside influence.
    This app have over 1500 build-in recovery IMGs (ClockworkMod/TWRP/PhilZ) of course you can choose other IMGs from internal and external storage.
    Over 90% of all devices will be supported by the App.

    Rashr - Flash Tool for Custom Recoveries
    Rashr – Flash Tool for Custom Recoveries

    Features :-

    • Over 1500 Build-in Recoveries (ClockworkMod/Touch, Team Win Recovery Project and PhilZ-Touch)
    • Flash Kernel and Recoveries without PC
    • Flash already downloaded IMGs from internal and external storage
    • Backup Kernel and Recovery IMGs without PC
    • Full command logging for more control what this App is doing
    • Ads can be disabled from settings.
    • Free full app without Ads and any restrictions

    Downloads :-

    Download Rashr – Flash tool from Google Play Store :-

    Download Rashr – Flash Tool from Play Store

    That’s it folks! Enjoy Flashing Custom Recoveries. If you cannot find recovery for your device that try searching for it on XDA Forums.

    Please comment with your suggestions and queries.


    Best App to Control Manual Camera Focus and DeFocus in Android Devices


    If you ever have use Nokia Lumia devices then you must have noticed one amazing thig in Nokia Camera that you can Manually set focus for pictures, you can Focus or defocus background, that’s the one thing that Android Devices or missing.

    Today i’m going to tell you about one of best App to Control Camera Focus, This app is Background Defocus and is developed by Sony Mobile Communications.

    Background Defocus :-

    Background DeFocus is Developed By Sony Mobile Communications, and is one of the best app for Focus Adjusting, alternatively Google has also launched its Camera App and i even much better Google Camera only supports Android 4.4 KitKat, so if you are on Jelly Bean or on ICS then Background Defocus is best app for you.

    Sony Background DeFocus has the feature to take two photos of an character or object. After taking a shot, the user need to select the character or objects which they need to focus and adding blur effect to the second image. The second image/shot will be your background for the focused object before. Sony Background Defocus also offers user to edit the focused image by adjusting the blur level and more. Think so the only camera quality secret behind all Sony Android devices will be this one.

    Background defocus – take photos in a professional style
    Let the object in focus stand out. The Background defocus app simulates a shallow depth of field by creating a blurred out background.
    It captures two photos with different focus settings, which you can bring together to create a photo with one object in sharp focus, against a beautifully blurred background.

    Below are the few ScreenShots and Camera Captures done by this app :-

    Manual Focus with Sony Backgroud Defocus
    Manual Focus with Sony Backgroud Defocus
    Captured By Sony Background DeFocus
    Captured By Sony Background DeFocus
    Playing With Focus in Sony background DeFocus
    Playing With Focus in Sony background DeFocus

    How to use Background defocus :-

    Step 1 :- Start the Camera and select Background defocus as camera mode

    Step 2 :- Tap the object you want to focus on in the viewfinder

    Step 3 :- Tap the camera key to take a photo

    Step 4 :- Change the blur level and blur effect with the controls on the screen

    Step 5 :-Tap the save buttonTips for best photos:

    To get the best results, please focus on an object 15-45cm (0.5-1.5 feet) away and make sure the background object is 5 meter away from focus target and hold camera steady.

    Downloading links :-

    Download Sony Background DeFocus from Google Play Store :-

    Download Background DeFocus from Play Store

    Alternatively, if your device is not supported in Play Store then you can try downloading apk file.

    Download Background DeFocus apk :-

    Download Background DeFocus from MediaFire


    Download Background DeFocus from Google Drive


    Create Fake WhatsApp Conversations on Android With WhatSaid

    Have you ever think of making prank on your friends by creating fake conversation on WhatsApp, well then i have a best app for you, its WhatSaid, it lets you create Fake Conversations on WhatsApp by any contact.

    So, install WhatSaid on your Android device and Start creating fake Conversations and Make Pranks on your friends.

    What WhatSaid do?

    The basic function of this app is that it creates fake Conversation on your WhatsApp with any contact you want. It only works with WhatsApp. So by creating fake conversation messages on WhatsApp you can make prank your friends.

    Fake Conversations on WhatSaid
    Fake Conversations on WhatSaid

    How to Download and Install?

    Step 1 :- First Download WhatSaid apk file from the below link.

    Download WhatSaid APK from XDA

    Step 2 :- Now Install it on your Android Device.

    Step 3 :- Once install, open it from the app drawer, and follow the on screen instructions, and create Fake Conversation.

    Step 4 :- Now show those conversations to your friends and make pranks on them.

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    Invite all Facebook Friends to like a Page in a Single Click (Trick)

    Created a new page on Facebook but don’t get enough likers? Here is the solution for this. use this simple JavaScript Code to invite all your Facebook friends to like your page in just a single click.

    How to invite them all ?

    Step 1 :- Open and login to your account.

    Step 2 :- Next visit the page that you created.

    Step 3 :- Next Click on See all button from the right side of the page

    Invite All Facebook Friends to like your page
    Invite All Facebook Friends to like your page

    Step 4 :- After Clicking on it a popup box will appear with the list of your friends, now click Ctrl+Shift+J if you are on Google Chrome or Ctrl+Shift+K for Mozilla Firefox to open Console box and then click on Console tab from it.

    Console Box in Google Chrome
    Console Box in Google Chrome

    Step 5 :- Now paste the below code in console box and hit enter and wait for few seconds.

    javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’);
    for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) {

    Step 6 :- That’s it, the JavaScript performed its task and invited all your friends to like your page.

    If you face any problem then please comment.

    Get Awesome HQ Laptop Skins for Rs. 99 Only {Special Offer 83% Off}


    ShopClues.Com is offering High Quality laptop Skins for Rs.99 only for limited time, These deals are currently 83% off.

    These laptop skins include various newly released movie themes including The Amazing Spiderman 2 and lots more.

    These stylish, functional yet high quality laptop covers can be attached in minutes and help preventing your laptop cover from scratch and stain.
    The Vinly material used for these skins is high quality which leave no trace of glue at the time of removing the skin which other cheap skins do and damage your laptop. Skin lamination is of advance technology, between glossy and mate finish.
    It allows anyone to quickly and easily create uniqueness to your laptop in no time High quality Vinyl Material with Lamination provides scratch proof, stain proof and waterproof protection. Distinctive design reserved by high resolution printing technology.

    So visit the below link and Grab these deals.

    Grab HQ Laptop Skins for Rs. 99 only

    Spider man 2 Laptop Cover
    Spider man 2 Laptop Cover


    How to download Videos from Facebook easily with Google Chrome

    Sometimes you see videos on facebook that you might find interesting and wanted to keep them in your PC for future playback, but as we know that facebook don’t have any download button for videos, its not possible to keep them.

    So, today i will show you a way through you will be able to download any facebook video with a single click.

    FVD – Chrome Extension :-

    FVD Video Downloader – a browser plugin that allows you to download video and audio files from almost any page for further viewing on your computer.

    It supports a huge selection of sites including Facebook, Vkontakte, Blip, Metacafe, Break as well as thousands of others. It is very easy to operate the plugin – if there’s a downloadable video available on the page that you are viewing, the arrow button in your browser changes its color to blue. You can download the video by clicking on this button. After that you can play it on your computer or convert it into another format for further viewing on other devices. Download music or Video in HD format, MP3 format, MP4 or FLV Flash games downloads are in SWF format.

    Download Videos from Facebook using Google Chrome Extension :-

    For this you need to have Google Chrome installed in your PC, if you don’t then you can download it from here.

    Now after installing chrome open it and install FVD Chrome Extension from the below link.

    Download FVD Chrome Extension

    Next after installation open any video on facebook and click on blue arrow icon from the taskbar, after that you will see mp4 video link just click on it to start downloading your video.


    Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension
    Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension

    That’s it, now you can keep your favorite videos in your PC Safely and watch them later.

    Best WordPress Plugin for inserting CSS Buttons in WP Posts

    Most people are not familiar with HTML/CSS. This is why WordPress plugins are very useful for adding tables or buttons. There are many plugins which will allow you to add Buttons in between your WordPress Posts and pages with the help of Shortcodes or HTML tags, but today in this post i will gonna show you a different and Best WordPress Plugin for Adding Responsive Button in your WordPress posts without using any shortcodes or HTML tags.

    The name of this plugin is Forgot About Shortcode Buttons and is one of the best way of adding  CSS buttons in the post editor screen and to your themes.

    Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin :-

    As this plugin is newly launched it requires WordPress 3.9 or higher.

    For this, firstly you need to install Forgot About Shortcode Buttons Plugin, install it by searching it in Plugins directory from your WordPress dashboard or you can manually install it by downloading it from the below link.

    Download Forgot About Shortcode Buttons Plugin

    (the button inserted above is done by using this plugin only)

    Once you have installed and activated the plugin, simply create a new post or edit an existing one, and you will see a new button in the Visual Editor labeled Insert Button.

    Forgot About Shortcode Buttons Plugin Insert Button
    Forgot About Shortcode Buttons Plugin Insert Button

    To insert a new button in your post or page, you just need to click on the Insert Button. This will bring up a popup window where you can design, insert link, use custom icon, etc. your new button.

    Button using Forgot about Shortcode Button Plugin
    Button using Forgot about Shortcode Button Plugin

    If you click on the icon tab then you will be able to choose custom icon for your button.

    After your designed your button, just click on the insert button to insert in your post.

    That’s it, you will be able to see your button in your Post.

    If you face any problem then please comment.