CM11 ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 1S Latest Version (Android 4.4.4 Kitkat ROM)

by Maitreya PatniSeptember 20, 2014

Working CyanogenMod 11 Android 4.4.4 Kitkat ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 1S (Stable Build)

 CM11 Unofficial for Xiaomi Redmi 1S

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ROM Features :-

  • Completely Android 4.4.4 Kitkat ROM
  • Pure CM11
  • CM11 Custom Themes Support
  • CM Settings UI, Launcher, Lock Screen and lots more
  • No Bloatwares
  • Built in CM Android 4.4.4 Kernal
  • Stable Build
  • Bugless
  • Pre-Rooted
  • Improved Battery Life
  • More Free RAM
  • Installable with CWM/TWRP Recovery


Screenshots :-

Click on any image for larger screenshot.

Installation Instructions :-

Step 1 :- First of all install CWM recovery from here.

Step 2 :- After installation reboot into recovery mode.

Step 3 :- In Recovery Mode do a complete wipe of data, cache and dalvik cache.

Step 4 :- Now install the downloaded CM 11 zip.

Step 5 :- Reboot your device.

Step 6 :- Your your device to boot after that again reboot your device to ensure proper working.

Step 7 :- (Optional) Now if you want to  install gapps then again go into Recovery mode and flash file and after that wipe dalvik cache.

Step 9 :- That’s it, Now reboot your device and start Using CM11.


Video Installation Guide :- 



Downloading :-



Credits :-

  • Kra1o5
  • fefifofum
  • Tarun93
  • Respective Developers


Share you experience with this ROM in the comment section below.

If you face any problem then please comment below.


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  • Selva Indhiran

    is it support xiaomi redmi 1s india…and what about ram it available more than 500 ram for user ..pls upload video..

    • yes, its for xiaomi India and More then 800 MB of RAM is available.

      • Buddyman

        Is it only work for Redmi 1s India version? I’m using Redmi 1s Indonesia.

        • no, this is for Redmi Global, means you can use it anywhere.

          • Raj Dutta

            Can we use higher battery 3000-4000mAh of same size in this phone. Please do reply and sujjest me a battery.

          • no, it will lead to hardware damage.

  • Selva Indhiran

    pls upload video..and what about free of ram..size..

  • VJ

    How is the heating…and also gaming ??

    • there’s slightly less heating then the stock, and gaming performance is improved.

  • Selva Indhiran

    Heating and hanging and battery backup is drawback of this phone.

  • Selva Indhiran

    if any bug on these tutorial..pls consider me..because i will be try..

  • Selva Indhiran

    is it working 100% ..pls reply soon

  • Amit

    Hi Maitreya, Is the Notification LED working with this rom and if working is customizable using LightFlow?

    • yes, the LED Light is working, but there no such inbuilt app for customizing working of LED light, however you can download a 3rd party app from play store for doing that.

      • Amit

        Tried the Rom Works great Kudos to you and all respective developers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Selva Indhiran

    Is any problem led notification light, WiFi, dual Sim, 3g , ..did u try ..any one command pls..

  • Hao Chi Kiang

    Everything works but not the 3G on my test. I’m using the 3 Macau.

    • reboot your phone after installation, it will work.

      • Vlad

        I did reboot after instalation on my device and it is now stuck with MI.COM logo. What can i do?

  • Selva Indhiran

    what is 3 Macau ..i cant understanding..

  • because it is an unofficial port.

  • Vikas

    Thanks for this amazing ROM, it works great.
    After 30 minutes of usage i can say that this is one of the best rom with ultimate smoothness and fluidity.
    and 3G is also working, and there are no bugs seems to be (as per my usage till now)

    • Thanks for your review, keep visiting for more updates.

    • Selva Indhiran

      Pls update ur screen shot of running apps. That what ram size..let me know

  • Julies

    All hail the developers and you for this Amazing ROM, Way better then that Shitty MIUI.
    Thanks a lot man.

  • Ravinder

    After installing this rom, can we be able to restore it to previous one? Can we tranfer our apps to the SD card…. and everything will work perfect or not.
    I also listened that after installing this rom we can’t access google play store.
    Please clarify…

  • Selva Indhiran

    How to unroot after the install this custom ROM…and free of ram size..pls update..

  • Selva Indhiran

    In case can I install stock miui ROM after the install our custom ROM..pls update

  • Selva Indhiran

    How to unroot this custom ROM.

  • Selva Indhiran

    ROM and ram size..? Can I move app to SD card..pls update soon..and thank in advance

  • Selva Indhiran

    Thirt party app name. ..?what about battery backup and heating problem and ram problem

    • just install this rom, try it, if you don’t like revert back to stock.

  • Alttafv

    Excellent work, i request dev to post this on xda forum too. Thanks for providing awesomeness.

    • Selva Indhiran

      Did u try this ROM? Any error or bug? And what u have ROM, ram size..pls update soon

    • 😀

  • Roh

    Is this mokee ROM ? And can u tell me the specific temp at normal usage right now its like 37-40 , will we get ota updates ? The total ram is 867 smthing ,how much is left for the user pls clarify , Thnx 🙂

    • no, its not Mokee ROM, its Stock CM11 and yeah it will get OTA Updates.

      • Roh

        Thnk u very much , m flashing this ROM now . I have to wipe dalvik , cache , format system , anything else ?

  • Selva Indhiran

    Pls update screen shot of apps running in setting and app manager..let me know about ram for user available..that why I am asking ..miui user ram available 300 pls update ur screen shot of free of ram size .pls..and also ROM size..

    • just try it, if you don’t like revert back to stock, just simple…
      stop asking these silly questions.

  • Prateek Sahu

    Hi. Does this clear all data from phone. Like contacts and messeges etc?
    If yes then how to keep a backup of these since my xiaomi pc suite is in chinese and i am unable to use it.

    • Roh

      Use titanium backup , u can find it on torrent sites

    • yes it will clear all the data, you can backup your contacts amd msgs with any 3rd party app from play store or you can even sync then over google.

  • Amit Gupta

    Could you please reply, if I run into an issue after installing this rom, and want to flash the original MIUI V5 ROM came with phone, how can I do this.

  • Jaydip

    i canr been able to download 🙁

  • Roh

    I have a 10mbps plan n the download speed m getting is 30kbps ,wtf

  • Amit

    Small Problem with notification led.! Pulse is not working. if you select a color and it’s coressponding notification arrives, it keeps LED on no pulse behaviour. pls take a look

    • it will be fixed in the next version.
      thanks for reporting it.

  • Evgen Kas

    Thks for work. But.. only gsm card. Gsm and 3g toogether dont working

    • no, 3G is working as far as i know with Indian Telecom.

  • Amit Gupta

    Another question: Does it have to be flashed in recovery mode as suggested, or can we flash it in a fastboot mode with tools like MiFlash?.

  • Amit Gupta

    Hey, I am stuck. After Step 3: “In Recovery Mode do a complete wipe of data, cache and dalvik cache.”, when I go to step 4: “Install CM”, it says “E: Can’t mount /sdcard/. Whats wrong?.

    • place the downloaded zip in internal sd card and then try.

  • Evgen Kas

    3g work but if it single. But whith gsm don’t (( help

  • Bharath

    Unable to download the ROM from above links. It says server not found. Could you please help…

  • Vishal

    can we reinstall the stock miui after install this rom or any other rom?

  • Roh

    Flashed it , really nice n smooth n no play store but NP I have titanium backup . camera app doesn’t Have photosphere so I guess I have to download the 4.4 camera . everything works fine thnx. Will install xposed in night 🙂

    • Selva Indhiran

      what about free of ram size..pls update..ur feedback

      • Roh

        Free ram is around 400

    • For Play Store and other Google Apps you need to flash gapps after installing this ROM, i already posted about google apps in this post.
      Anyways Thanks for your review.
      Keep Visiting.

      • satwantpatel

        plz help me:- i m using redmi 1s version kitkat 4.4.4, prblm is not show play store in my apps,
        how to find app,

        • For play store and other google apps flash gapps after this rom.

    • Ravinder

      I have also installed this rom, and found these issues…..plz consider if u are facing the same….

      1. no option to transfer your installed apps to SD card.
      2. Can’t able to switch between 3g ang 2g through pull down menu icon.
      3. set any mp3 as ringtone is also not found…only default ringtones are present, option to choose from any other source is not present.

      4. can u plz suggest any other camera app.

  • Bharath

    Any comment on Camera resolution degradation compare to stock ROM (MIUI V5)?

    • its Stock, however the camera app is updated iwth latest Google KK Camera.

  • Roh

    Camera is good but when I restarted the ROM ,it WS stuck at mi logo forever , tried removing battery n start n worked after 7th try 🙁 someone help here

    • Selva Indhiran

      Did u recover from mi logo..

    • that is weird..
      there is no such problem like this as far as i know, if you again face it then please let us know.

  • Ravinder

    Flashed the ROM, play store is working, 3G is working but through scroll down menu can’t able to switch between 3G and 2G., Switched through the settings—->mobile networks. near about 400mb ram free.
    No unexpected stopping of Apps.

    But one thing, can’t able to transfer apps to sdcard……plz tell me the way to do so…

  • Shiv

    Thanks This Rom works great. Camera, music and FM application doesn’t crash.Really good work But how to reboot into recovery after updating CM11 to install

    • Press Vol Up+Vol Down and Power button simultaneously to boot in recovery mode.

      • Shiv

        its not entering into recovery i did as you said.
        If I press vol- and power it enters into Fastboot mode. I think cwm got correpted or anything happened. i need to install gapps now. And network only Edge its displaying thoug 3G enabled. but miui it was showing 3G network.

        • press Vol Up+Vol Down and Power button simultaneously and when the MI Logo appears leave the power button, keep pressing Volumen buttons, it will show an option to boot into recovery or you can ROM Toolbox or use Reboot Recovery app from play store.
          Here –

          and for the network, turn 3G mode on from settings>Mobile Network.

          • Shiv

            Vol + – and power button doesn’t work mi logo appears for fraction of
            second its hard to notice and disappears. and never entered into
            recovery mode.

            some of them said use Vol+ and power button if i
            use this mi log starts appears and phone starts heating if left as is
            for around 3 minutes phone gets heated to come out of this I need to
            press power button for around 10 – 20 second then it will normally boot.
            After this I have installed Rom manager it shows CWM recovery installed
            version V. There also option is there to boot into recovery
            even that option also tries to boot into recovery but hangs on mi logo
            and mobile starts heating.

            Only last time I was able to boot into recovery in miui rom using updater app which has option to boot into recovery before loading this CM11. once phone entered in CM11 never be able to enter into recovery.

            after this I have installed TWRP manager and installed TWRP recovery that also hangs on mi logo screen. I don’t know what is root cause of this or is any problem with recovery or is it something related to hardware itself. I am really frustrated
            with this.

            http://www. igadgetsworld. com/root-xiaomi-redmi-1s
            as per this blog first we have to root using some it contains
            some busybox file etc which will root the phone and then we have to
            install TWRP should the same procedure be followed for installing CWM

            I used your first step to install CWM recvoery using this link
            URL is https://thebroodle. com/xiaomi/redmi-1s/install-cwm-touch-v-6-recovery-in-xiaomi-redmi-1s/

            One more the Link you have given for installing Stock rom
            URL is https:/ /thebroodle. com/xiaomi/redmi-1s/stock-firmware-xiaomi-redmi-1s-miui-v5-stock-rom/
            in that armani_images_JHCCNBD23.0_4.3_3406.tgz is very old
            Latest on URL is https:// bigota. d. miui. com/JHCCNBF36.0/armani_images_JHCCNBF36.0_4.3_cn_5360473a1c.tgz

            and the following link contains many Recovery and Fastboot ROMS
            available in miui forum
            Pleas update the latest link in your website for stock ROM if someone needs.

            If mobile hangs on mi logo after burning stock rom you need to burn again
            using miflash tool in that choose advanced option and select flash all
            this will solve the problem of phone getting stuck in mi logo. by
            default miflash tool select flash_rom_except_storage and so this may not
            clear memory and it will make phone to stuck in mi logo screen so better
            use flash_all using advanced option. Than phone got booted. And
            then entered in recovery successfully did wipe cache,data and dalvick
            cache and updated to CM11 after that no chance getting entered into Recovery
            I have replied again but this time i put spaace url to avoid as spam.
            I have seen the latest one R3 build for CM11 will load that also I think atleast that will solve recovery mode.

      • Subhash Jha

        Nothing happening I want to go at my native version of mumi ROM how can I go please help out to me.

  • faisal

    i was installed this rom but speaker volume very small..please help me

  • jakki

    Thanks a lot. super good rom running it since a day will let you know if any issues.

    • Ravinder

      I have also installed this rom, and found these issues…..plz consider if u are facing the same….

      1. no option to transfer your installed apps to SD card.
      2. Can’t able to switch between 3g ang 2g through pull down menu icon.
      4. set any mp3 as ringtone is also not found…only default ringtones are present, option to choose from any other source is not present.

  • Selva Indhiran

    What is Android 4.4.4 Kitkat Bugless ROM and moikee cm11 ROM..which one best..what is difference..

    • both are different…you can try them.

      • Selva Indhiran

        OK..I will try..thanks

      • Ravinder

        Plz tell me how to transfer your installed apps to SD card in this….i have installed this rom but could find that option. Also camera app is not so good…plz suggest something else.
        Can’t able to switch between 3g ang 2g through pull down menu icon….plz reply.

  • use this app to boot in recovery mode easily –

    • Shiv

      This app not helped. mobile hangs on mi logo and starts heating.

  • Selva Indhiran

    thanks for ur post..i installed this rom..i like it..after one day i will update feedback..thank u

  • Selva Indhiran

    work fine..

    • Ravinder

      I have also installed this rom, and found these issues…..plz consider if are facing the same….

      1. no option to transfer your installed apps to SD card.
      2. Can’t able to switch between 3g ang 2g through pull down menu icon.
      4. set any mp3 as ringtone is also not found…only default ringtones are present, option to choose from any other source is not present.

      • for 2g and 3g do it from Mobile network settings and for ringtone open file manager select any audio file then click on set as ringtone option.

        • Ravinder

          on selecting any audio file no option comes to set it as ringtone…even copy paste options are not present in order to move anything….plz fix…and what i do now…

  • Baku

    Hello there, this ROM works really fast, but I’ve got problems with mobile internet, camera is not working, and also led light…

    • Mobile and Camera are working fine, try switching mobile network settings and for camera you can any third party app from play store,
      LED Light will be fixed in the next version.

      • Baku

        Problem solved. I’ve installed Mokee ROM and everything works fine. Thanks for reply.

  • Ravinder

    1. Plz tell me how to transfer your installed apps to SD card in this….i have installed this rom but could find that option.
    2. Also camera app is not so good…plz suggest something else.
    3. Can’t able to switch between 3g ang 2g through pull down menu icon.
    4. set any mp3 as ringtone is also not found…only default ringtones are present, option to choose from any other source is not present.

    PLEASE reply….. 🙂

  • remove your battery and reinsert it and then power on, do it for 2-3 times it will boot, will fix this problem in next update.

    • Prateek Sahu

      I have tried restarting it quite a few times now without any effect. When would the next update be please? Any other solution?

    • Shiv

      Can we know what is the problem here as the comment is deleted. Is it critical bug

      • no, its just a minor bug, it will be fixed in the next update.

  • abhishek chatterjee

    switch on the device using volume+ & power key it will boot into recovery

    • Shiv

      tried it just hangs on mi logo screen and starts heating if left for around 3 minutes . to get out that need to press and hold power button for 10 -20 second and it will normally boot. I don’t know what is problem with recovery or is it something related to hardware.

  • Selva Indhiran

    i got issue..

    1. headset icon not display in status bar when i connect headset and sometimes not working.
    2. incoming call and play music working simultaneously when i locked screen.
    3. Multisim subscription not working properly
    4. Sometime working 3g in 1st sim slot.
    5. contact display — customize sim contact not visible
    6. Phone not ring in speeker when i connect headset.

    Rom is working fine..multitasking is well. no force close without hd game playing..i will discuss later about hd gaming performance..

    • you problem will be fixed in next update, will be launched soon.

      • Devesh

        Hey Maitreya,

        When can we expect the next revision?

  • abhishek chatterjee

    I installed the rom it is working fine nothing is crashing niether the phone is getting heated but only one problem that i’m facing is that phone is not ringing during call but for other notifications i’m getting the notification tone.

    • you can configure ringtone settings for that from audio profiles.

      • Mohammad Qadish

        I’m facing the same prob of ringing though my speakers are working and getting the sound notifications of the messages but phone is not ringing during incoming calls.
        Admin plz help or #abhisekh if you have solved this problem.

  • Sunny Suman

    I have installed CM11 ROM on my Redmi 1S. I am not able to enable my mobile data. Neither 2G nor 3G.

    • from settings go to Mobile Networks and from there turn it on.

      • Sunny Suman

        i have checked th setting everywhere..and it looks fine..But still the proble persists.
        Pls find the ss of the same.

        • this is weird, its working for everyone else, may be a problem with your service provider, or try swapping sims in their slots.

          • Sunny Suman

            Yes its really weird. Sim mobile data is working fine with other handset..and even in this handset it was working fine with MIUI. But after installing CM11 ROM, none of the mobile data is working.

          • Devesh

            Hey Sunny,
            Did you get any solution for mobile data?

          • Deepak

            same problem, i have a single sim installed of airtel in the gsm slot , not able to connect to the mobile network

          • Devesh

            i got it working:

            I use both sim slots. Earlier I was trying only with 1 sim in 3g slot. It did not work.
            Then I inserted another sim in 2g slot and turned on data on 2g slot. Selected appropriate profile and 2g data worked.

            Then I turned off mobile data on second sim (2g) and activated on Primary sim (3g)

            It worked again.

            Things to keep in mind is
            1. In multi Sim settings: See if you have selected the correct sim.
            2. In Data Usage, Enable mobile data on the correct sim which is set as priority for data in multi-sim settings.
            This can be done through Mobile Networks as well.
            In Mobile networks also check if correct access point is selected. (By default none is selected, and I suspect that is the cause of data not working).
            3.Try restarting the phone as well if it doesn’t works the first time.

            By default no ringtone is selected for incoming calls as well, that might be causing the phone not to ring on incoming calls.

            So most of the issues are due to “blank/none” by default selections.

          • lanadekat

            Noob question but sim 2 = 3g slot? or is sim 1 3g slot? I’m gonna try what you did to try to get my data working.

          • Devesh

            Sim one is 3g
            Labelled as wcdma beneath sim slot

          • Devesh

            Got the data working after trying the 2g sim data (it worked) and then switching back to 3g sim data.. Working fine now.

            In Settings-Multi Sim->Data Calls-> try switching between sims.
            It sorted out issue with my data connection.

  • okay

    which rom has led light working ?
    for redmi 1s and has lesser bugs.
    Can we remove cwm recovery ?
    Do we need to root device before installing recovery ?
    thats it will u plz answer my questions 🙂

    • LED light is working in both the ROMS (Mokee and CWM)
      yes you can remove CWM and install stock or any other recovery easily.
      no you dont need to root before installing recovery.

  • Selva Indhiran

    1. i cant set sim1 ringtone and sim2 ringtone..i can only set phone ringtone..
    2. no notification incoming call which one number is calling i.e..sim1 incoming call or sim 2 incoming call not display.
    3. How to take screen shot..thanks in advance

    • Ravinder

      exactly… option for ringtone selection……
      and one main thing is that no option of copy paste….it means u can’t move any thing from ur memory card or internal memory.

      • you can change ringtone from settings >> Audio Profile also and there is option on SD Card for copy paste.

    • 1 and 2 will be fixed and for screenshot press Vol Down + Power Button at the same time for 1-2 seconds.

      • Nyoto Jaya Surabaya

        Same problem, no ringtone in sim 2 , sim 2 can’t use 3G but in option can switch to 3G but doesnt work
        help me please to fix that

  • Selva Indhiran

    1. phone not vibrate when i connect and disconnect calls.
    2. can not set sleeper timer on Music player.

    • those are additional features, you require different apps for those, this is a Pure AOSP rom so all the features and same as default CM.

  • jamal

    hai i installed this cm11 rom it is fantastic..but i m not able to connect my mobile to is not showing my phone only charging..pls reply

    • after connecting with USB Cable from notification bar click on turn usb storage on and then turn it on.

  • The ROM has been updated with the latest version R3, try and give your feedbacks. Many bugs are fixed.

    • Devesh

      Hey Maitreya,

      Two major bugs still remain.
      1. Sim 2 always remains silent (vibration is working though, but no ringtone on Sim2)
      2. Mobile data not working.

  • Selva Indhiran

    Ram issue:

    1. i was play world robot boxing, asphalt game, etc ..but it force close during fight many time.
    2. Memory only 873 MB is available. but ram size is 1 Gb.
    3. Free ram only 130 mb is available (using fb,whatsapp,playstore, play service). even after restart my phone.
    4. Three Play services running on app running in setting (Many time i stopped them but not take more than 50 mb also)

    sorry for say that.

    i already play above game in gionee p2 in 512 ram without force close..
    what can i do..Mi stock rom is worst for battery backup, ram, force close even 1 gb ram..

    i request,

    pls improvement of ram of this rom and also additional feature of call
    1. phone not vibrate when i connect and disconnect calls.

    2. Notification of incoming call which sim1 or sim2..

  • Selva Indhiran

    Ur cm11 rom is good and better than MI stock rom..but some issue i got it..that all.

    I request one
    1. if u are update this rom file..again i download 230 mb, again install many game, fb,what app..
    why i am saying,
    i have only 10 gb plan internet for one month..

    so pls try below option its my opinion..

    2. upload only modified file in zip format..automatically bug fix from install zip using recovery option like a theme..

  • Selva Indhiran

    Camera:1. video recording and camera is blur when i move one place to anther place.
    2. Camera don’t recognize QR Code, Bar Code also..

    Quick Setting:
    1. It does not ask permission of which one is connect when Mobile data tile click. sim1 or sim2.
    2. White Color confuse in quick setting tiles and layout. which one is on or off during applied themes.
    3. Camera Not open..Error msg : can’t connect to the camera.
    1. No Search box in contacts app
    2. No dialing option which sim1 or sim2 dial icon in dial keyboard
    3. Can not change sim names.
    4. all option open in different activity(window)..
    1. Free memory is low. using normal apps
    2. Force close in HD Games..
    thanks in advance

  • Roh

    So with this one we won’t have that rebooting issue , cz on both cm n mokee when I flash the ROMs n restart n it stucts at mi logo. And games will work on this cm ROM ?

    • yes, the reboot issue has been fixed and games will also work.

      • Prateek Sahu

        Still getting the reboot prob. Sure it is solved?
        Does my restoring my phone to MIUI keep any backlogs of previous installations? Could that be causing any trouble?

        • Khairuddin Bin Ali

          sd-ext is basically an additional partition on the SD card to install apps in it. If you have not created this partition, then it is normal.

    • Jambol

      hello.. i succeed in installing the rom.. got past everything well.. but whenever i need to reboot, it will stuck at mi logo.. i dont think that the problem is solved yet.. any suggestion here?

  • Roh

    That reboot issue is kinda fixed but that system data problem is still there , internal card says 4.6gb is for system datadata, fix this n this ROM is all good

  • Roh

    Any way to fix that system data , now it eats up 4.6gb of my storage , it shows fine when I first flash the ROM , but as soon as I reboot it reserves the remaining storage as system data , help

    • Prateek Sahu

      Hi Roh. can you help me with the reboot problem? Any additional measures to be taken to fix it?
      I cleaned data,cache and davlik cache. And then proceeded to install cm-11, then gapps and then rebooted. All worked but on reboot stuck at mi logo.

      • Roh

        Nope man , u did all right . I am having the same problem so m not rebooting it no mater what n if u really waana reboot , do soft reboot instead of normal rebooting. And if u want that rebooting problem to be fixed then as soon as u setup cm , reboot it instantly if it sticks then remove battery for 20 sec n then reboot . but that way idk y it will reserve like 4gigs for system that’s irritating n only that way reboot problem fixes for me but storage is essential for me so I fill up the card as I flash the ROM n then reboot and cz of no space it reserves nothing . but if I restart 3rd time it sticks at mi . that’s y using soft reboot

        • Prateek Sahu

          Yea…okay…hope this reboot problem gets sorted out soon… Other than this all working smoothly for me

          • Roh

            Atlast found a solution , use twrp recovery instead of cwm n it will be fixed , I havent tried it yet but for most of them it gets fixed

          • Prateek Sahu

            Ya, i saw that too..was thinking of tryng that out today…lets hope it gets fixed…

          • Prateek Sahu

            Hi Roh, did you succeed? I installed twrp but in that i was unable to even get cm11 booted even for 1st time. 😛

          • Roh

            So now its working fine ?,I didn’t tries twrp as ATM I don’t have a PC with me . and is someone facing the screen is not showing up after switching off automatically , when u press power key it should show but on mine sometime it doesn’t show up so o have to restart it

          • Prateek Sahu

            install the latest twrp via fastboot. Do a clean install, it should work. I had tried on an older version of twrp and screen wasnot showing up during reboot system. But a clean install of latest twrp and the r3 revision of cm11 worked. I have been using it for a day now with 4-5 restarts, working perfectly.

          • Prateek Sahu

            Working!…on TWRP…(Y)

  • Prateek Sahu

    Admin, please help us on the reboot difficulty. Thats the only thing keeping me from using this…:(

    • Prateek Sahu

      SOLVED. Try TWRP recovery instead on cwm. It worked on TWRP

  • Mei Mei

    Hi! After flashing the cyanogen, is it possible to move apps to sd card? I heard xiaomi phone has the problem of not being able to that and rooting allows it, but they never really says which app to use? Which one do you use to move app to sd for this ROM? Can you make a video for this? I’m planning to get a Ziaomi 1s but I’m currently hesitating due to the fact I cant move apps to the sd card…

  • Aditya Choudhary

    Hi MaiTreya PaTni I have installed your last build (cm-11-20140917-UNOFFICIAL-armani)

    which is working great on my device except for the led, do i have to installed your current build can you please tell me what are the changes…

  • Alex

    I was expecting the worst when I installed this rom but wow sir. Call me impressed. It is fast and stable which is all I wanted. There might be some bugs I have yet to uncover. But I definitely won’t be going back to miui. Thanks for your hard work. You rock.

    • Thanks for the review, will post an update soon, keep visiting.

  • Shiv

    R3 build work fine. Feels screen Colour temperature is little bit warmer as compared with micromax a116. While playing videos using MX player there is no difference between hardware and software acceleration in both cases video seems to play using software acceleration itself.
    Anyway it’s stable than miui Rom.

  • Selva Indhiran

    i Need pls helpStock Recovery file for redmi 1s? Link
    Twrb recovery for Redmi 1s?Link

    if i will flash stock rom..can i boot normal stock recovery..

  • Selva Indhiran

    Need pls help
    Stock Recovery file for redmi 1s? Link
    Twrb recovery for Redmi 1s?Link

    if i will flash stock rom based on ur tutorial..can i boot normal stock recovery..

    • Shiv

      while loading stock rom use latest rom and in Miflash tool select flash_all this is there in advanced option.
      otherwise it will hang on mi logo after burning rom.

  • Algie

    Everything is great until I reboot… It stucks at Mi logo… after a while, nothing happens…. How could I fix this?

    • jambol

      enter cwm, wipe cache and dalvik.

    • davidinuk

      Are you sure it gets stuck there? When I have done it it sits on the screen for around 5 mins, but then finishes off whatever it was doing and boots up.

  • Shiv

    Hey dude, todya i noticed that sim 2 ringtone is not coming only vibrating but the same is not with sim1 ringtone and vibration both working. what is the fix for sim2 ringtone?

    • davidinuk

      the ringtone settings for the sims are somewhere else! Bad design!!

      They are in the settings of the phone app!

      • Shiv

        got it thanks, its big deal to set ringtone for sim 2 even i have struggled to activate mobile internet in sim2 for that we need to go for multi sim settings there only if enabled it will work otherwise not.

  • Shiv

    How to update from R3 to R4. Right now R3 is running how to upgrade it to R4.
    do we need to install again stock miui rom and then repeat all steps or is it ok to direclty update by entering into recovery mode in R3 build itself can you please clarify?

  • Shiv

    Can anybody answer this
    How to update from R3 to R4. Right now R3 is running how to upgrade it to R4.
    do we need to install again stock miui rom and then repeat all steps or is it ok to direclty update by entering into recovery mode in R3 build itself can anybody clarify?

    • you can update directly by flashing it from recovery, no need for installing MIUI.

  • jinky123

    This release works fine on my Mi 1S not found any bugs yet and everything works as it should , well happy.

    • thanks for your review, keep visiting for more updates 😀

  • hitesh

    Plz I have little requests.
    1. Please make an option to show data rate.
    2. Amount of free ram is 350 MB in fresh install Is it normal??
    3. sound quality is lower than miui rom

    • hitesh

      Android 1 devices are getting over 500+MB free ram

    • Hitesh

      Reboot into recovery and quick boot option is not available

      • CWM Recovery does not have any quick boot option.

      • abhishekgoel137

        This is how rebooted in recovery mode..

        Step 1 : Click on power button and the menu will come with reboot option
        Step 2 : press on reboot.
        Step 3 : As soon as you press on reboot, keep pressing volume up and power button together, you’ll go in recovery mode..

        NOTE : to install google apps, I downloaded the google apps package zip for cynogen11 and put it in SD card.

    • for data transfer rate you can use gravity box module in Xposed Framework and yeah sound is slightly less then stock miui but the quality has been improved, this will be fixed in the next update.

  • Selva Indhiran

    Two request in Build R5
    1. Move apps to sd card option
    2. Incoming call and outgoing calls notification which sim.
    thanks in advance.

  • DK

    Could you please share how much battery you guys are getting with ROM? I am hardly getting about 8 hours in total with a screen time for 2.5 hours only.

    • lanadekat

      yes battery life is bad with this rom, but for me it runs a whole day, but I only use my phone to listen to music and sometimes to play a simple game.

  • robsan

    Why is there no headset icon in the status bar when I connect one? Other than that, great ROM! Bye bye MIUI.

  • Amit Kumar

    i cant get to use 3g in cyanogenmod. plus theres sometimes a patch on the screen which goes by itself, i cant do anything about it

    • Srinivasan S

      I too cant get to use 3g. Is there any patch / trick ?

    • 3g is working all fine in this rom.

  • Sammy

    games like assassin creed ,BIA2 & Asphalt 8 are not working after flashing with CM11

    • no, they are working and even the gaming performance is also increased in this rom.

  • ¤*XiaoMan*¤

    can we hope to have the ability to move the app to the SD card on the next version.
    It is an essential function when an internal memory of only 6GB.
    Without that it does not much interest to pass on cyanogen.

    PS: sorry for my English, I’m French.

    • yes, this feature is added in the updated version of Mokee Rom, will post it soon here -

      • ¤*7 Geeko*¤

        Thank, i have Installed Mokee rom
        But I can’t move app on SD card.
        Are you Sure It’s possible ?

    • Akash Raj

      In mokee rom ,its possible.

  • Devesh

    Hey Maitreya,
    For me the battery is performing poorly. I got 2 days sometimes but mostly 1 day. I am not a heavy user and like to optimize things. I use greenify to let only the necessary apps+service (less than 10) running in background
    With MiUI V5 sometimes I used to get 2 days and sometimes 1 day.

    I switched to Cynogenmod 11 (4.4) but I am only getting one day here as well.

    The worst part is, screen is shown as the major consumer, while I hardly surf, watch videos or play games.

    When gave 2 days of backup:
    Screen:22 %
    Wi-Fi 20%
    Cell Standby : 15%
    Phone idle : 14%
    Screen on time: 1hr 34 mins

    While it gave 1 day 7hr 45 min (15% remaining)of backup
    Audible: 22%
    Screen:21 %
    Wi-Fi 15%
    Cell Standby : 11%
    Phone idle : 10%
    Screen on time 1hr 54 mins

    Screen timer is set to 15 seconds with auto brightness control.

    Plus I am always connected to W-Fi So I expect at-least two days from this phone. My 1.5 years old Canvas 2 gives me more backup than this new Redmi 1s.

    Any inputs on why the screen is consuming so much battery?
    The 2 day backup is rare. 90 % of the time I get only a day’s backup from the phone.
    Why is there this inconsistency?
    I suspect its a hardware bug as Same problem is seen with both MiUi V5 and Cynogenmod 11

    • davidinuk

      I agree with you that the battery on this phone is quite poor. 🙁

      My only consolation is that this rom is not as bad as the MIUI rom!

      • Devesh

        MIUI gave me nightmares.. one morning I downloaded a new OTA update and all google services stopped working.. I spent the day without my contacts as I was out that day.. the same evening I rooted and installed the Cynaogenmod 11. Yes except battery life all is acceptable.
        Still I am not sure how the screen is consuming more than 30% of the battery only usage being seeing notifications and making calls. If someone can confirm its a hardware cmpatibility issue or just bad quality hardware?

  • Aabid Hashmi

    Unable to change or set SIM’s Names
    Can you tell me how to edit ?

  • Akshat

    Battery issues, it was giving better battery backup in MIUI rom. And sound loudness is slightly decreased. everything else is fine.

  • doop

    SIm name should be on edge on status as it is not looking good.

  • Hitesh

    Did you guys get any response from slim rom?

  • prasanna kumar

    very very thanks….all are working fine except 2nd sim call ring but doesn’t
    matter for me…..iam a heavy gamer but facing problems with miui….after
    installing cm 11 all games are working fine without any lag……..

  • Ram

    for Me all Working except 3G/2G ..any idea on that

  • Ram

    3G/ 2G not working …… all working as expected

  • prasanna kumar

    click on following link to solve sim 2 call

  • lanadekat

    everything works fine but 2g/3g ( mobile data )

  • Ram

    Got Internet working but having issue with encryption ..after enabling encryption one SIM and 2G/3G is not working

    • lanadekat

      how did you get the internet to work?

  • crixx

    I’m having a hard time getting 3G connectivity to work sometimes. apparently, if i only use sim slot 1, data connection won’t work as opposed to using both sim slots.

    • crixx

      Oh and also as of last night, i was having crazy inaccurate battery readings. my battery status was in 34% before i played a game, and after a couple of seconds inside the game, the battery suddenly dropped to 1%.

  • lanadekat

    Is the developer working on a fix for the mobile data 2g/3g not working? Cus I tried everything but nothing fixed it. Or is there any other 4.4.4 rom that works 100%? Cus I really want it to work and miui sucks.

    • Lakshminarayanan K

      I’m using CM11 R5 Rom for Redmi 1S. I ain’t facing any issue in mobile data 2g. However, for me games are not opening. It says crashed immediately. I tried couple of games like prince of persia shadow and flames, Dr Driving.

    • Mohammad Qadish

      facing the same prob and also phone doesn’t ring for SIM 2
      plz help.

  • Kishanth Murali

    i sucessfully installed the rom but my phone is not booting into recovery mode plZ some one help me…..

  • Mandeep Sharma

    3G is NOT working at all, I tried all mentioned steps…..
    In next update, please give option to hide app like we have in normal android menu….

  • Arif Hossain Akash

    Fm recording not work, not showing any headphone icon in status bar, data connection speed feature not available & not showing (am/pm) mode in time format, some cm mod feature missing in this ROM, sometime crash status bar when apply any theme. Pls pls update & fixed few minor bugs.

  • tanveer

    how to increase earphone volume in redmi 1s without root in stock rom 45.0 stable. using mobileuncle tool that doesnt working…. what to do plZ help me…… thnks

  • likhith_ramesh

    I am running CM11 on my Redmi 1S but the problem is that “when i set my ringtone it rings only for the 1st SIM but for the 2nd SIM it only vibrates ” can anyone help me?

    • ok


    • Sashang Sundar

      Dude, just change your profile from default to home, it will ring for 2nd sim. Try that and post your comment.

    • deepak bhatt

      set the ringtone for second sim from the dialer>settings>subscriptions settings>Sim1/Sim2

    • Nishant Soni

      I want Vibrate WHILE Ringing, but mine does not, it can either ring or vibrate THAN ring. it can also be set to Vibration only but it does not vibrate while ringing, please confirm this?

  • john

    this is not stable, go to setting then performance then processor, mine is set to min 300 max 1593. sometime when i touch the screen the MIN CPU FREQUENCY go up automaticaly to 1190. i dont know if just my phone or the firmware itselt.

    • Buddy

      Hey you can try the app No Frills CPU control app for changing the CPU frequency…Its in the playstore…I think it works better than the option in the CM 11..

  • Karan Shah

    redmi 1s stop ringing phone after downloading this rom

  • Jakki

    Super Good ROM. have been using since past 45 days and its rocking 🙂

    • jambol

      jakki… i use cm11 too. having problem with speaker.. help please..

      • Buddy

        The speaker volume of Redmi 1s is too low……That is the issue with all the Redmi 1s phones….

  • Rajesh Sharma

    1 bug is that 2g data not working :/

    • techiek

      i have same problem…. did urs get solved?????

    • Buddy

      Mine is working fine. You can try and update it

  • Ashish Gupta

    hi, where are the download links ?

  • Shreyas Devangodi Girish

    what are the major bugs in this rom?? cm-11-20141117

  • Sreenivasa Upadhyaya

    The messaging app does not have option to slect and copy particular portion of the text. Also no biuilt in option to use the numbers present in the messages.

  • kzendra

    I have cm-11-20141117. It seems that the phone keeps unlocking in my pocket when I recieve SMS or email.
    It would be nice to have feature like the one in MIUI which disables unlock screen if proximity sensor is blocked…

  • kzendra

    Where can I report a bug?

    I have 2 sim cards. One of them is in roaming (SIM2). When WiFi is connected, there is no R sign on network indicator for SIM2. Only when WiFi is disconnected the R sign appears.

  • kzendra

    Sorry, only if I try to connect that card to internet (roaming disabled)…

  • Buddy

    The only bug I have encountered as of now is when I am in a call the screen will be shown with opened clock app and there is no way to disconnect the call…I have enabled the option to disconnect the call with power button…

  • achintyakv

    when i m trying to install cm 11 …it says ” can’t open zip file”…now what should i do…and when i try to open recovery mode using twrp recovery it says no os installed..

  • karmveer kumar

    Sir I installed this rom with twrp recovery.I have found some problem
    1. Google play music is very jerky
    2. If I pause a 720p or 1080p video and resume it , viedo stops for 1 or 2 seconds.
    3. Sometimes some running apps are not showing in recent app list
    4. In a call, volume through rear speaker is low.

  • azamimi

    Excuse me guys. Just now I installed cm11 on my redmi 1s. The problem is while on call, my screen keep ‘in black’. Are there any option to fix this. Thanks guys

  • Gautham D

    hi guys, I have installed CM11 on my Redmi 1s but i am not getting any ringtone on sim slot 2 and i can hear ringtone in sim slot 1. Help me to fix the issue

    • Shubham Saini

      go to settings then select sim card and then select voice calls ok