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    Stock Firmware for Xiaomi Redmi 1S ( MIUI V5 Stock ROM)

    MIUI V5 Stock ROM (Firmware) for Xiaomi Redmi 1S – Flashable via MiFlash

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    Stock ROM (Firmware) Features :-

    • Completely MIUI V5 Stock
    • Pre Rooted
    • USB OTG Fixed
    • Regular OTA Updates


    How to Flash Stock Firmware in Xiaomi Redmi 1S :-

    Note :- This is a multi language Rom, you can choose language after the first boot.

    Step 1 :- First Download and install MiFlash in your PC. (MiFlash is software like SP Flash Tools and Odin which is used to flash firmwares in Xiaomi Smartphones)

    Download MiFlash from Mediafire

    Step 2 :- Now download Stock Firmware for Xiaomi Redmi 1S from the below link.

    Download Redmi 1S Stock Firmware

    File Name :- armani_images_JHCCNBD23.0_4.3_3406.tgz

    Size :- 530.96 MB


    Step 3 :- Now run MiFlash with Administrator Permissions and then connect your phone in Fastboot mode to your PC with USB Cable and refresh on MiFlash untill it detects your phone.

    Step 4 :- Now with the Browse button navigate to downloaded ROM/Firmware location and then click on Flash button to start the process.

    Flashing Stock ROM in Xiaomi Redmi 1S with MiFlash
    Flashing Stock ROM in Xiaomi Redmi 1S with MiFlash

    Flashing will take some time, after that reboot your phone and enjoy Fresh MIUI V5 Experience.

    If you face any problem then please comment below.

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    After flashing stuck on the booting screem , mi logo appearing yellow color and screen display varying every 5 second. is this global version.


    try doing wipe all data in recovery tool, it helped me

    MaiTreya PaTni

    this is weird, its a global version, try installing it again.

    MaiTreya PaTni

    and try wiping data, cache and delvik cache from the recovery.


    i am stuck its not booting.
    After flashing stuck on the booting screen , mi logo appearing yellow color and screen display varying every 5 second. is this global version. what to do now. please help


    i am also stuck in the booting screen plz help me


    I have flashed my xiaomi redmi 1s as per the steps mentioned above. Everything worked fine. But I am not able to download or update anything from Google play.


    my phone is stuck at fastboot. My stick recovery is removed and i haven’t installed any custom recovery. What should i do?
    while trying your method it shows could not load tz.mbn

    MaiTreya PaTni

    flash a stck firmware with miflash tools


    it now shows that partition table doesn’t exist


    mi flash says error 0xffffffffff what’s that?
    I have a bricked redmi1s with stock recovery (I messed up with xposed framework and now it bootloops :/ ) thanks

    Arpit Soni

    Thanks it worked what you need to do if you get error is to put file in below location.

    Did you download the correct Fastboot ROM ?

    Please make sure the folder in which you extracted the ROM has no spaces in between its name.

    Wrong : C:My ROMarmani_global ….

    Wrong: C:My folderROMarmani_global …

    Correct: C:ROMarmani_global ….