CM12 Android 5.0 Lollipop For Xiaomi Mi Redmi 1S

by Maitreya PatniMarch 23, 2015

Unofficial CM12 Android 5.0.2 Lollipop ROM For Xiaomi Mi Redmi 1S

CynogenMod 12

Android 5.0.2 Unofficial CM12

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Screenshots :-



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Installation Instructions :-

Step 1 :- First make sure that you have flashed CWM or TWRP Recovery, if not then follow this guide to do so.

Step 2 :- Go to Recovery mode.

Step 3 :- Wipe Cache, System, Data and Delvik Cache and do a full factory reset.

Step 4 :- Now flash Downloaded ROM zip, after that flash Gapps.Zip.

Step 5 :- That’s it, Now Reboot your device and start using the CM 12 ROM.



Downloading :-


Credits :-


Share you experience with this ROM in the comment section below.

If you face any problem then please comment below.

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  • Me Myself

    really ? tried downloading it 3 times, every time it stopped around 88 to 89 %, have guys checked it before posting this thread? it seems impossible to download this rom from that chinees website, if someone already downloaded it then i humbly request them to upload that rom to some file sharing sites like MEGA, MEDAFIRE or even google drive and share the link so ppl like me can download it, plz plz plz

    • SankiY

      Don’t download it with IDM. Just use the regular browser for the download without any download manager..

  • Kumar Harsh

    dude i am also getting the same problem. even it ask for the user id and password too in the idm for further downloading

    from where i will bring user id??
    any one please tell me what to do of this id and pwd??
    please look at the pic too.

    • SankiY

      Hey !! Bro.. Don’t download it with IDM. Just use the regular browser for the download without any download manager.. Same problem was with me. Just got stucked in 95% twice in IDM.

  • Robby Cahayadi

    Hi there..

    The link for the nano gapps zip is not available. It is broken.
    Where I can find the GApps for Android 5.0?

    Thank you

  • Kumar Harsh

    there is a bug in this rom.
    whenever I make a call and bring my phone near to my ear the screen turns off but the function of the button like mute, loudspeaker , and end button are still active.
    So please try to fix this bug, otherwise the rom is great. thanks

    • SankiY

      What’s the technical difference did u observe between CM11 & CM12 ?? (rather than the version K to L)

      • Kumar Harsh

        status bar, and recent app slider, navigation style
        chrome has some other setup for more than 2 tabs
        etc. but first fix my problems.

    • Sameer

      How is the battery life and does the apps hang or crash on their own? bcoz in cm 11 they are still crashing.

  • pro

    The rom is not rooted or need to allow the permissions of root access to app. how to do that?

    • Kumar Harsh

      use super su
      and then download and flash binary

      • Angad Singh

        Sir the ROM is nt rooted after installing supersu also as binary cannot be downloaded by that plx help me

  • Lakshmi Srikar Yalamanchili

    DONT use this ROM, major bug, unable to restart the phone, if the phone powers offs theni have to format and install rom again, and worst of all, my phone went into bootloop, and now the biggest problem is, it cannot be detected on any of the PC or laptops i tried, it’s not being detected, if its detected then i can try something, but its not detecting, now my phone is dead, no use, all dead, dead phone,!! me so sad!! FAIL

  • sam

    Can some body help me: if i try to get into recovery mode, it is keep moving to FASTBOOT mode and how to come out of this.

    • Kumar Harsh

      FIRST SWITCH off the phone and then press lock button and volume up button at a time for 3-4 sec

  • krishna kumar

    anyone help me please m getting unfornately stopped gapps message again again please anyone tell what to do???

  • Angad Singh

    Plz any one help the ROM is nt rooted after installing super su

  • Angad Singh

    Hey Krishna Kumar take the recovery twrp and then install the ROM gapps then it work normally

  • Prateek Sahu

    I m getting stuck on mi screen after installing. Plz help. Tried clean install 3 times.