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    Android 5.0 Lollipop For Xiaomi Redmi 1S (RedMe Xtreme ROM)

    Android 5.0 Lollipop PA Based RedMe Xtreme Rom For Xiaomi Redmi 1S

     RedMe Xtreme (PA Based ROM)

    By Flashing this ROM you Will Get the Ultimate Battery Backup as well as Performance in Apps and  this rom is Specially Tweaked for Gaming.

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    ROM Features :-

    • Android 5.0 Lollipop Framework
    • Ultimate Battery Life
    • No Heating Problem
    • Excellent Battery Management
    • Memory Swap Enabled
    • Included Sony Walkman, Movies and Album apps
    • Dolby + Viper4Android Audio Engine
    • Patched Adreno Drivers to maximize Gaming performance
    • Pre Rooted with SuperSU
    • Lollipop launcher, keyboard, boot animation, notification bar and more


    Screenshots :-


    Installation Instructions :-

    Step 1 :- First make sure that you have flashed TWRP Recovery, if not then follow this guide to do so.

    Step 2 :- Now enter into Recovery and Select wipe-Advanced Wipe.

    Step 3 :- Wipe Data,Cache,Dalvik-cache,System.

    Step 4 :- Now Restart your Recovery(Must Reboot).

    Step 5 :- Now Select the ROM Zip and add more zips and select and add more zips and select and then Swipe to flash.

    Step 6 :- Once You Done up to this Reboot System.

    Step 7 :- Wait until it Loads and after that SuperSU asks Update binary and select Normal (Not Twrp/CWM method). Once it done Reboot Again to set the Su binaries get installed.

    Step 8 :- Now launch Titanium Backup and Select Backup/Restore tab and Press Options-Batch Actions-Restore All apps with Data(its not ur Data..its all my Tweak Packs) and Press Green tick in Top Right Corner as shown in the below images.

     Add-Ons :-

    • if  you want Flat Style UI and Auto-Tint Keyboard then launch Settings-Xposed Installer-Install/Update to install framework and restart.. and see the Flat UI.
    • Note: until all sync is done you may feel that the device is laggy. Once you synced the contacts and all other simply do this Settings-Data Usage-Options-un tick AutoSync
    • Don’t Ever edit the SetCPU Profiles and Never Greenify it because SetCPU is the Major part and Made to Work with RedMeXtreme Framework.
    • For Gaming I Have not Created the Profile and included. If you are an avid Gamer then I suggest you to Setup the Profile with max freq 1305mhz in SetCPU
    • Viper Kernals Convolver Included in the ROM. Use it with Viper4Android. For Best Audio Clarity without Draining Battery When it asks you to Install Driver. Select High Audio Quality not with Super Audio Quality and then Enable Master Control in Speaker Tab and Set the equalizer as the given mod and Enable convolver and set Xperia’s ClearAudio + after that You will have Nice Speaker Sound without any Distortion Bass.
    • You can also enable or disable on screen navigation bar from xposed.


    Video Tutorial :-


    Downloading :-



    Credits :-



    Share you experience with this ROM in the comment section below.

    If you face any problem then please comment below.

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    Arup Banik

    How to download? Is the download available now?


    where is the download link!


    Hi, I have flashed ROM in my redmi 1s it completed successfully and completed point no 7 ( Update SuperU) I rebooted fone but it stuck on rom logo juggling 3-4 balls and that is goes on for 10 minutes .it is not moving further . please help.