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    Best Video Editing Apps & Software for TikTok Videos

    TikTok is a social media app for millennials and an increasingly prominent platform lately. So here are some of the best video editing apps & software for TikTok. With the explosion of popularity comes many opportunities to make money from TikTok videos.

    One thing we want to discuss first and foremost is that TikTok is a different app than most social media outlets. Simply put, TikTok does not work like Instagram or Snapchat, or some other photo/video sharing app you may be familiar with. So when choosing a video editor for TikTok, keep that in mind.

    Pick a great editor can mean different things to different people. Different people use certain video editing mobile apps because they have their styles or taste. They will prefer easy-to-use toolsets that allow them to create professional content quickly and easily. We’ll take a look at both apps and software so that you can choose according to your taste and requirements.

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    List of Best Video Editing Software for TikTok 2022

    Let’s discuss some of the Best Video Editing Software for TikTok 2022 for android, PCs, and cloud-based editors.

    Best TikTok Video Editing Software For Android and iOS

    If you’re just getting started on TikTok or are on your way to gaining a fair number of followers. Then you may simply utilize your imagination to a simple video editor on your phone. Stating that, let’s take a look below.

    InShot Video Editor

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    InShot is the most famous video editing app for Tiktokers. Best TikTok editing apps for iPhone free is an app that allows you to quickly make professional-looking videos. From adding filters to telling your story with animated characters, this app has it all. Working on this platform does not necessitate any professional editing abilities. It has a very simple user interface that sets it apart from the competition.

    This app is available for both Android and iOS users and it is available for free to download on your phone, and you can begin creating great videos for your fans. However, your videos will be marked with a watermark, and some functionalities may be disabled. You must spend $2 to remove the ads and watermarks. However, we believe it is valuable because you will be able to create wonderful videos for the rest of your life.

    Here are some pros and cons of Inshot Video Editor Software.


    • Beginner Friendly
    • Direct export to social media
    • Compatible with both Android and iOS


    • Limited animated characters
    • Costs money to remove the watermark


    best video editing apps,video editing,tiktok,best video editing software, Best Video Editing Apps & Software for TikTok Videos
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    BeeCut is an easy-to-use and free video editing app for TikTok. It helps users create fun videos and it manages long videos with ease. It also helps users avoid some of the annoying aspects of TikTok such as manually editing recordings taken from phone cameras, lengthy downloads of quality video files, and complicated features that can lead to frustration.

    It offers all the capabilities you’ll need to make a beautiful video, whether you’re making one of yourself or with your friends and this app is also available for Android and iOS users. Beecut music library has over 100,000 tracks, animated stickers, and filters to choose from. You may also store your videos directly in the Music Library so that you can access them whenever you want. One of the best aspects is that you can access those features for free. Although it has a premium version, I don’t believe you need to upgrade because the free edition already has a lot of great features.

    Here are some pros and cons of Beecut Video editing software.


    • Easy-to-use
    • Clean UI
    • Direct social share button
    • Watermark remover on free version


    • The Premium version is pretty expensive

    Filmora Video Editor

    best video editing apps,video editing,tiktok,best video editing software, Best Video Editing Apps & Software for TikTok Videos
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    It is a cut-to-cut alternative to software video editing for any kind of system user. Filmora consists of a drag and drop interface with advanced editing tools. If you want to try it before buying, then it offers a free trial for every user. You can easily edit like rotation, merge, trim, split, crop, and flip your videos. There are 800+ effects that can enhance your video performance. Add animated messages from the text and titles library. Your type of music library with thrilling action sounds, and music.

    An excellent video editor software that handles all types of TikTok works and gets your imagination in real videos. Create or change any kind of video, image, and audio in different formats with a single click. Sharing becomes easier on devices, HD videos, or standard videos, online, and on TV.

    Here are some pros and cons of using Filmora Video Editor:


    • Easy to use and unpretentious Interface.
    • Keep an eye on the motion.
    • Work done in one click.
    • A huge library of transitions, audio and visual effects.
    • Customization of animation.
    • Editing by various tools.


    • Fewer advantages to taking free versions.

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    Best TikTok Video Editing software for PC

    Many popular TikTok creators use heavy video editors or pay a professional video editor to edit their videos. For example, you won’t be able to make videos like Zach King with just your phone; you’ll need a good video editor for that. So, here are some best video editors for TikTok PC users.

    VSDC Video Editor

    The VSDC Video is a free video editor for TikTok, which simplifies the process of making creative videos on TikTok. It’s easy to use, yet powerful enough to offer professional editing features for your tik to video. It is an excellent app that’ll help you edit your videos on TikTok right away, and You will be able to choose between multiple modes that will allow you to achieve creative visuals with just a few clicks of a button.

    The only disadvantage is that this software is only accessible for Windows. If you use Windows, you should use this software because it is simple to use and, more importantly, it is free and doesn’t require a high-budget PC.

    Here are some pros and cons of VSDC Video Editor Software for PC.


    • Various video and audio effects options
    • Support a variety of formats
    • Basic and advanced video editing feature
    • No Watermarks in the free version


    • Beginners can feel uneasy while working on it.
    • Only available for Windows

    OpenShot Video Editor

    OpenShot is a watermark-free, open-source video editing program that enables you to edit and create gorgeous TikTok videos. It’s very easy, but it’s extremely effective and involves very little work, and there isn’t much of a learning curve. This software is accessible for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

    Best Video Editing Apps and Softwares

    Openshot is a popular TikTok video editor software with a simple user interface that makes it the smoothest video editor. TikTok videos can be readily edited and 2D or 3D effects can be added. This is totally free software that offers great features for you to try and this tool also doesn’t require a strong PC.

    Here are some pros and cons of using the OpenShot Video editor.


    • Absolutely Free to Use
    • No Watermarks
    • Frequent Updates
    • Available for numerous platforms


    • Software can be unreliable at times.
    • Users can become irritated by frequent updates.

    Best Cloud-Based Video Editor for TikTok

    You still have a choice if you don’t want to install any large or bulky software or apps on your system. Online software, often known as cloud-based software, does not require installation on your computer or mobile device. You can access the platform using any browser, whether on a computer or a mobile phone.

    The biggest issue with these online video editors is that you must always enter your credentials to log in, and these platforms are usually quite costly. However, if you don’t mind these limitations, a cloud-based online video editor is the ideal option for you.


    Best Video Editing Apps and Softwares

    Clipchamp is an online TikTok video editor that may let you edit a video without a watermark for TikTok. Cutting, dividing, adding text and music, applying filters, adding transitions, and other basic video editing tasks are all supported by the tool. It offers a simple and easy UI as well as extensive editing capabilities. Clipchamp is a great video editor for novices because it’s free and simple to use and the most amazing thing is that this software was acquired by Microsoft itself.

    Although it is a web-based program, it still requires your computer’s resources to process films, but the user interface is online. It works with Google Chrome and the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge. Mozilla Firefox does not support Clipchamp.

    Here are the pros and cons of Clipchamp video editor.


    • Fully Browser-based software
    • Free version is available
    • One-click import
    • No watermark in free version


    • Limited accessible features in free version
    • Require sign-up to access


    Canva is one of the most well-known online video editing software for creation and editing apps. This tool may be used to generate not only videos, but also logos, animations, texts, photographs, and much more. There are separate segments for each service on their website.

    It has a basic but advanced UI and features. You don’t need to be a professional to work on this platform. This will help you to create TikTok videos within a few minutes. There are thousands of pre-made templates available for you. You can perform basic video editing functions such as cutting, dividing, adding text and music, applying filters, adding transitions, and more.


    • Free to use
    • Numerous Effects and Tools
    • Easy-to-get UI
    • No Watermarks

    Unlimited uploads


    • A Limited number of features with a free version
    • No Direct social share button

    Final Note

    TikTok is a fantastic platform for showcasing your hidden talents and skills. But keep in mind that with a great frame comes tremendous responsibility. You must always provide your followers with high-quality and exciting videos. As a result, if you want to improve the quality of your content and stand out from the crowd, you should use the best TikTok video editing software we outlined. You can make beautiful and distinctive videos with the help of these TikTok video editing tools to interest your audience and grow your fan base.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FQAs)

    Q.1 What is the best video editor for TikTok?

    Ans. There are some of the best video editors for TikTok: inShot Video Edit, FilmoraGo, Canva

    Q.2 What do people on TikTok use to edit their videos?

    Ans. Many people are using Cap cut, which is owned by TikTok, to edit their videos. You can also edit with other apps.

    Q.3 Is Filmora good for TikTok?

    Ans. Yes, Filmora is good for TikTok for editing or creating TikTok videos.

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