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    The Best Video Editing Software to Make YouTube Videos

    It is estimated that nearly 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched on a daily basis by millions of viewers. This includes videos posted from almost every nook and corner of the world. The best fact about YouTube is that anyone can post a video for free. All you need is a Google account and a nice little camera phone to take a video. 

    However, YouTube can do much more. It can help you to promote your product or service. In order to do that, a phone camera will not be just enough. You need something more – a video editing software. This is where your search for the best video editing software free of charge and the best video editing software for YouTube begins.

    A video editing software lets you craft a beautiful story along with texts, annotations, and special effects. 

    But you will be confused about where to start, as there are hundreds of video editing software available, that too specifically for making YouTube videos. 

    The best video editing software to make YouTube videos is InVideo. 

    Here are some of its features that make it an excellent choice for your video editing –

    Ease of use

    How easy would it be if you can drag and drop a text box, or shape right on top of a scene in a video? 

    You can do all that with ease with InVideo which is the best program for video editing and also the best video editing software for YouTube currently.

    What makes it special is the utility of this tool for various purposes such as making your YouTube intros which is a complicated business. One way to do this is by choosing a template that reveals a logo, and then add music of your choice. Lastly, add your logo and your YouTube intro is ready.

    Choice of Templates

    Now you can choose from thousands of templates in InVideo that are available in the library for quick editing. This proves that InVideo helps in editing videos and is the video editing software freely available online.

    All you have to do is choose a template that acts as your base for your video. On top of this, you may add any number of elements to help you in completing your YouTube video making it a top video editing software for YouTube.

    Easy conversion

    Do you wish to convert your blog into a video? It is easy now with InVideo which is an excellent choice for this conversion and is a video editing software free to use currently available in the market.

    Apart from copy-pasting the content, you can just give the URL of your blog for InVideo to extract the content directly for your YouTube video making it the best video editing software for YouTube.


    InVideo is one of the cheapest video editors available with a flexibility that is seldom seen before. You can choose between two plans and the best part is you also have a free version with a watermark on the video.

    Such low cost makes InVideo one of the low cost and best program for video editing.


    Video Editing Software

    InVideo is ideal for YouTube because you can export it directly into YouTube with a single click securing it as the best video editing software for YouTube.

    Tips to make your video editing for YouTube standout

    Here are some of the tips for you to make world-class videos for your YouTube channel that make you stand out amongst the crowd –

    • It is a well-known fact that your first three seconds of your video decides whether the viewer will watch the entire video or not. So ensure that you start your video with a blast incorporating excellent sounds and graphics that will make the viewers want to view more of the video. InVideo helps you to choose from a wide variety of brilliant graphics and audio clips to choose from.
    • You need to consider the fact that most of the videos on social media are watched without the audio as they tend to scroll through their feed quickly. They stop at a video in case they find captions in the first three seconds interesting. 

    So ensure to add relevant and catchy texts in the video wherever possible, especially in the first three seconds so that the user will stop to view the complete video.

    • Try to make your video as dynamic as possible with a lot of videos and images. The template library of InVideo lets you choose from a huge collection of images and video templates for free.
    • Have an end screen to help you promote your brand by providing more detail by adding another video, a link to your web page or even a prompt to make the viewers subscribe to your channel.
    • Design a video thumbnail that makes the viewers click on it to view the complete video. You can use thousands of images available in InVideo to help you design this. But ensure that you deliver your promise and not make the employers think that they were drawn through a clickbait.  People cannot tolerate when they do not see the content they were shown initially and nothing draws them away from your video like that.
    • Ensure consistency throughout the video. For example, ensure that you have the same color combination across the video. This is quite easy in a tool like InVideo which lets you choose a color while creating your video thereby ensuring clear color consistency across the video.

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    InVideo is the best video editing software free online for making YouTube videos as it offers a wide variety of features that are seldom seen in a tool of its price range. The ease of creating a complete video and uploading it on YouTube along with the capability to choose from thousands of templates makes it a compelling buy if you wish to make your career on YouTube. This makes it the best video editing software for YouTube.

    Lastly, ensure that you follow some of the best practices while creating the YouTube video to improve your views and likes within a short span of time.

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