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    FIUI Custom Kitkat Rom For Xiaomi Redmi 2

    Future Interactive UI (FIUI) For Xiaomi Redmi 2 (Android 4.4.4 Kitkat based ROM)


    Future Interactive User Interface

    What is FIUI?

    FIUI (Future Interactive UI) is a highly customized ROM based on the CM (CyanogenMod) source. The ROM is meant to be simple, clean, fast and fluid. Team uphold innovative, efficient, beautiful, simple guidelines to simplify the system content and improve the user experience. Giving users simple and efficient to ensure smooth operation experience.
    Team believes that mobile phones should be a fitting auxiliary product life, rather than integration of numerous high-tech features in one, but never without access to these features of high-tech display products. Before the advent of smart home is no real age, blindly piling feature on the phone, UI will become too complicated and bloated. Phone system should be back to nature, back to the user a real phone. So, throughout the system, you do not see any flashy features, there is only what you need, and you needed.

    FIUI Features

    • Simple, beautiful, efficient functioning of the phone itself is FIUI concept to the extreme.
    • Original Fantasy Status Bar (fantasticbar), original thinking and implementation to achieve, while supporting third-party software status bar color, let the fantasy status bar now become a status bar to achieve the best color system.
    • Notification storage function can notify all important admission, but left out important notices, but also you a clean and fresh notification bar.
      Bottom bar function (for no physical button on the phone), the virtual keys automatically hidden mechanism, but also you get a wider field of vision, in games, movies, dialing, SMS and other interface, the system will automatically hide the virtual keys, so you phone entertainment while no longer have to worry about misuse. But also bring you a larger screen.
    • Gestures (no physical keys for the phone), not as an entity in the same key touch keys when the phone, FIUI team to bring the slide gestures, the middle in the bottom of the screen, slide to home, on both sides of the bottom of the slide multi-task, make your operation more quickly.
    • No clock is, in this was never open the phone to see the time clock software era, we give you a no clock clock.
    • No function calculator, you do not have to remove all remember cos, sin and other operational mechanism, sufficient to meet the required Math our lives.
    • Third-party redraw the global icon, unified redraw those icons major application vendors developed different styles, so that the phone perfect style unity.
    • Calls attribution, T9 dialing, easy to manage phone numbers, easy dialing.
    • Dark call interface, like Ligux tribute. Let’s talk a dark environment to give you better battery life and screen softer light.


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    Note : The ROM is available in English Language



    Installation Instructions

    Step 1 :- First make sure that you have flashed CWM or TWRP Recovery, if not then follow this guide for CWM or this for TWRP to do so.

    Step 2 :- Now enter into Recovery and Select wipe-Advanced Wipe,  Wipe Data, Cache, Dalvik-cache, System.

    Step 3 :- Now flash the downloaded Rom Zip File after that flash Gapps.

    Step 4 :- Next clear cache and Dalvik Cache and then Reboot.

    That’s it, first boot will take time, after that choose your language and complete the setup process.





    • FlourMO,, fksgs2

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