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    How to Install TWRP Recovery in Xiaomi Redmi 2 (Tutorial)

    TWRP Custom Recovery Installation Guide in Xiaomi Redmi 2

    Requirements :-

    • Rooted Xiaomi Redmi 2 Handset (For Rooting Follow this Guide)
    • Internet Connection
    • Access to Google Play Store

    Xiaomi Redmi 2


    How to Install TWRP Recovery in Xiaomi Redmi 2 (Without PC) :- 


    Step 1 : First of all before going further make sure that your Redmi 2 is Rooted, if not then follow our guide to do so, visit below link.


    Step 2 : Now in your rooted handset install Flashify app from Google Play Store, we will need that for installing our recovery.

    Download Flashify app from Play Store


    Step 3 : Now download TWRP Recovery img zip file and extract in your home directory of SD card (download as per your device model).

    HM2014811 :

    Download TWRP For 811


    HM2014813 :

    Download TWRP For 813


    Step 4 : Now open Flashify app and Grant Root permissions to it.

    Step 5 : Next under the FLASH tab using the Flashify app click Recovery Image. Find the img file you just downloaded (For Reference see below images).


    Step 6 : Click on the recovery.img file then you will be prompted with a Flash Recovery? screen. Click Yup, you will see a working box which says Flashing…

    Step 7 : Wait for it to flash after that a box will show saying that flash is complete.

    That’s it after that Click on Reboot Now. Now check your successful recovery installation by going into recovery mode.

    To go into the Recovery mode in Redmi 2 power off your phone and press Volume Up and Power Button Together until it vibrates.

    Now you can flash different ROMS in your device.


    Apply TWRP- Theme (To convert it into English) :

    1. Download your desired theme from the following xda forum, choose the 720p display format

    TWRP Themes

    2. Rename the downloaded file to ““, and save it into the following folder: /sdcard/(0)/TWRP/theme (*P/S: create this subfolder if needed – case-sensitive!)

    3. That’s it, Now reboot into TWRP recovery to see it take effect.



    If you face any problem then please comment below

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