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    How to Install Latest Official MIUI 6 in Xiaomi Redmi 2

    How to install Official MIUI 6 in Xiaomi Redmi 2 Global (Latest MIUI Version 6 Lollipop)

    Official MIUI 6 (Latest Build)

    Installing MI User Inteface Version 6 Official Latest Stable Build


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    Build 5.6.25 Major Update

    • Contacts
      Optimization- Optimized speed and performance when syncing to Mi Cloud
      Optimization- Added a prompt to ask to enable Mi Cloud service if it was not enabled
    • Messaging
      New- Support choosing the phone number to sync messages from Mi Cloud if a userhas multiple numbers
      Fix- Texts might not show when sending notes via messages
      Fix- Saving SMS to SIM card prompt error when SIM card is full
      Fix- Message bubble width error when sending group messages in some cases
    • Lockscreen, Status Bar,Notification Bar
      Fix- In some cases, lock screen clock did not show
    • Camera
      Optimization- Optimized picture quality in low light environment
      Fix- Sometimes SD videos’ previews were stretched
      Fix- Sometimes, HDR button displayed status incorrectly
      Fix- Lag issue when focusing
    • Clock / Calculator
      Optimization- VoIP ringtone will be played first when VoIP and alarm clock ring at the sametime
      Optimization- Improved the swipe experience of alarm ringing interface



    Installation Instructions

    You can install official MIUI 6 Latest build in Redmi 2 with 3 different methods, just click on your recommended method link for its detailed instructions.




    • MIUI Team


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