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    What is a Headless CMS? Benefits and More

    The way content is consumed changes every day. We have shifted from computers to smartphones, smartwatches, smart homes, and several other Internet of Things in about two decades. The quick changes mean that we have to adapt and change the way we do things. One of the areas that have been affected is content management. Today, the evolution has led to the rise of a headless approach to managing web development, and the invention of headless CMS is one way to cope with the changes.

    You are probably wondering, What is Headless CMS? Don’t worry because, in the following sections, we will tell you more about the traditional and headless CMSes.

    The evolution of the traditional CMS

    Using the “headed” architecture has been the norm. These CMSes made their first appearance following the debut of the World Wide Web to allow organizations to manage their web content with considerable ease.

    What is a Headless CMS?

    A traditional CMS contains both a content repository (back end) and a display layer, which are connected. This CMS allows you to create and update content and store your content in a local database. The “headed” CMS has a defined and rigid way that developers use to get their content displayed and does not always play satisfactorily with adjacent information systems. In short, this is old technology, but it still works. Some organizations are still using it, but with limitations.

    A major limitation of this technology that has forced companies to seek alternatives is that it does not allow content to be reused for other types of presentation. This is a significant concern because content-dissemination options have been increasingly expanding, and organizations are focusing on content modelling. Apart from the content being displayed via a browser, it needs to be tailored to appear in other applications or other devices.

    Now, with a headless CMS from Kontent by Kentico, you will overcome this challenge.

    What is a Headless CMS?

    In simple terms, a headless CMS refers to a back-end CMS, with the content database and the front-end layer existing independently of each other. Unlike the traditional CMS, the headless CMS does not provide a presentational layer, which is likened to the head. It only has a front-end layer (likened to a body). A headless CMS acts as a repository for storing your data.

    In other words, all of your assets and content live in the headless CMS. You can then utilize an API, such as GraphQL and ESTful APIs, to distribute your structured content to any device or channel you desire – your mobile app, email marketing, website, etc.

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    Why would you need a headless CMS?

    You need a headless CMS because we live in an omnichannel era. The content your business creates for your website should also appear on integrations, apps, newsletters, and more channels but managing a duplicate copy of your content for several channels is a terrible nightmare. In an omnichannel environment, if your business makes an update on how it describes a given product, you should be able to make it in a centralized location and make the changes to all places it matters. This can only happen with a headless CMS. Thankfully, Kontent provides the best headless CMS for your business. Headless CMS from Kontent works as a central source of life for all your organization’s assets and content. It gives you a central place to edit, manage, update, and publish your marketing content.

    Besides allowing you to share content to several channels, there are some more reasons why you would want to utilize a headless CMS, including:

    • Enhanced developer flexibility – a headless architecture provides you with the flexibility of choosing a front-end tool of your liking
    • Better security – The separation of the back-end and front-end layers makes targeted attacks quite difficult
    • Personalized and custom experiences – The headless CMS by Kontent gives you the opportunity to customize various experiences for different channels, all from a central content source.


    We have answered your question: what is headless CMS? We have also shown why you should have it for your content management. Kontent by Kentico will give you the best endless CMS solution for your business!

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