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    Here Is What You Need to Know About Creating Websites Using Website Templates

    Can you imagine creating a website all by yourself? Well, that would be a lot of work and decoding the codes for a newbie who doesn’t know a dime about websites.

    In that case, you will be surprised to know that even inexperienced people are operating their websites, and honestly, quite successfully. So why do you feel the need to learn from the initial stage when you can play smart?

    Yes, we are talking about using the website templates for creating a brand-new website of your own. Intrigued to know more? Let’s dive straight into it!

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    What Are Website Templates?

    Shall we discover what you have to go through if you had taken the alternate route of creating the website on your own, and template to be more precise? We think we should not even go there because that would be too much alien language. And in addition, you have to bear all the codes as well.

    That’s where the website templates come to the rescue, literally.

    In simple words, for all the non-technical peeps, a website template is a pre-designed webpage that is used to create a website within hours. 

    Many website builders offer free to paid templates that allow for simple usage in exchange for domain hosting. Nearly all the CMS (content management systems) use website templates due to many reasons.

    Want to know a fact? WordPress dominates 76.4% of CMS’s market share; the reason is that it offers a range of free and paid templates that are readily available for usage.

    Benefits Of Using a Website with A Website Template

    • Create a website without hiring a professional;
    • Build a website reasonably;
    • The template can be used as-is;
    • Or you can customize to bring the uniqueness.

    Things To Keep in Mind Before Choosing Website Templates

    Free Or Paid Template?

    Now that you have decided that you will rather opt for an easy way out and hence choose a website template, it about times you keep certain things in mind.

    First things first, will you be choosing among free of paid templates? For this, you need to be ready to do a lot of research for several reasons. Number one, you won’t be creating a new website and discarding it if you don’t like it. You are creating your website for actual presence online. Hence, be mindful of the template you choose. Secondly, if you feel a paid template will give a much similar look that you have envisioned for your website, there is no reason for not buying a paid template.

    However, you might want to know before paying a dime for a template because even the free templates offer customization. So, if you are not considering a free template just for the sole reason that your website won’t remain distinctive, then think once again.

    The Layout of The Template

    The second thing, again a very crucial aspect when deciding the website template, is the layout. 

    One thing that an inexperienced website creator makes is preferring a complex template just for the sake of distinctiveness. However, that a recipe for disaster.

    What works here that you need to select a rather basic template because that’s what attracts the visitors. The layout comprises the Header, which possesses the essential tools to navigate throughout the website.

    Then comes the body and the Footer. All the essential elements of the website template are customizable. Hence, another reason not to shift to paid ones until you really want to, or your resources allow.

    The Adaptability of The Design 

    When creating a website, you need to keep one thing at the top of your mind. And that is whether the websites are adaptive or not.

    But what is that? It means selecting the website’s theme that is responsive on all the devices, primarily the phones. The adaptiveness of the template design is as essential as anything. Recently, Google has implemented the Core Web Vitals, which highly concentrates on user experience.

    Why Is It Important to Select the Right Website Template?

    When choosing from a vast series of template collections, you are surely spoiled for the choice. However, the type of template you pick should be in line with your website’s vision. Moreover, keep in mind the purpose of the website. For instance, the meaning behind the website.

    Let’s take an example of an educational website and blog website for artists. Now plug in the same website template for both of them.

    You will either have a way to colorful website for an educational purpose or have an informational site for artists. Do you see what just happened here? That’s how important selecting the correct template is.

    Sometimes peeking around and seeing what the competitor is using and then finding a similar template can do wonders too. 

    Lastly, you have to choose between the paid or free templates. Hard decisions, everywhere!

    Are Website Templates Worth It?

    We doubt that you second guess using the website templates. But even if you do, then it’s time you see the cost of creating a template from scratch. You can hardly recoup the cost of the template alone. That’s how expensive they are. Furthermore, you have to be professional too, of course.

    The only thing that makes sense is to make the most out of website templates from the website builder, and alas, you are good to go!

    In Nutshell 

    Luckily, many website builders provide a variety of website templates for you to use. Hence, it removes the slightest of chances of two sites being the same. O course, you can always personalize the website as per your liking!

    Don’t have any idea who to trust with the free and quick website making? Then we have a suggestion for you! Weblium allows you to create a website with utmost ease, convenience, and without holding any prior knowledge of coding. How amazing is that?

    So what are you waiting for? It’s about time you create a free website now!

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