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    Top SEO Trends to Rank Your Website In 2022

    Search Engine Optimization is still the secret to ranking your website as number one on Google. Day by day, people in India and worldwide and top SEO trends are evolving, and people are looking for different and new information. However, while the search trends and algorithm updates evolve, the core principles of Google SEO remain the same. If you’re wondering if the search engine is still relevant, we tell you it is very much so.

    So, if you’re a website owner in India, we will give you the top SEO trends you can rank your website in. Whether your audience is Indians or the world, these trends will ensure you reach them. They will help you connect whatever your website offers to its right audience.

    Passage Ranking

    Google initially launched the passage ranking update for US English SERPS but later made it globally. It is an efficient method for ranking content that is long-form, examining and determining its context, and returning meaningful results to searchers. Passages are directly related to what people have searched for getting ranked by Google.

    It is Google’s initiative to help searchers find exactly what they are looking for. For example, with this innovation, it becomes easy for bettors and lovers of cricket to find cup rate IPL 2022 on Google without any hassle.

    Video Content

    close up woman hand holding mobile watching video online with advertising on mobile
    close up woman hand holding mobile watching video online with advertising on mobile

    Including videos in your content is one effective way to rank it high on Google. Most customers respond to video marketing, especially one that contains situations your audience can relate with. However, video is not cheap; it may even be one of the most expensive content forms. Nevertheless, it has a high ROI and is more engaging; it empowers you to create versatile content that’s easy to digest – and customers love that.

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    Core Web Vitals

    If you own a website in India, a good way to direct your SEO investment is by improving your Core Web Vitals signals. Doing this across your web pages will significantly impact your search engine performance.

    Top SEO Trends To Look For In 2022: Core Web Vitals

    However, this will require you to hire a professional web developer, although there are free tools for identifying where your pages need improvements. They include Google Search Console showing which pages are not meeting the standards and PageSpeed Insights providing an additional look.

    People Also Ask

    Google places its People Also Ask feature prominently at the top of SERP, making it a coveted feature. A recent study showed that the feature now shows up for at least 48 percent of searches. Getting there will require letting your content answer frequently asked questions; the SERP for keyword research tool can provide these. When you’ve got the questions, provide explicit answers, add an FAQ section, or use H2s, H3s, and H4s to include the questions.

    AI-Assisted SEO Content

    Google made the third-generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT-3) available in 2021 through OpenAI, making AI-assisted content tools like Headline popular. These tools enable content teams to generate more SEO-optimized content faster, generating topics, titles, paragraphs, Meta tags, and entire articles.

    top seo trends, rank your website, Top SEO Trends to Rank Your Website In 2022

    AI-generated content can be great if you’re just starting, but we recommend not entirely replacing your human SEO content with robots. Nevertheless, this year will likely give rise to more content teams using AI copywriting tools in their workflows.

    Continuous Scrolling Update Trend

    Control Scrolling Update is the most recent entry in the SEO trends 2022 list, rolled out by Google in October 2021. Google released it for restructuring the search engine result pages for mobile users, allowing users to access search results with intuitive continuous scrolling.

    When a searcher reaches the end, fresh results will load automatically, enhancing the browsing experience. Aside from delivering quality content, there isn’t much you can do to optimize your website for continuous scrolling trends.


    Google released the BERT update trend in October 2019; websites began seeing its negative impact on them by late December. The Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) uses ML (machine learning) and NLP (natural language processing) to understand user searches better.

    To use this, you can provide content that answers searchers’ questions directly and back your website with relevant content-specific questions. Additionally, focus less on keyword density and more on your context; organically-stuffed keywords no longer move search engines.


    These are some SEO trends in 2022 that you can rank your websites to reach audiences in India and beyond. Some of these trends are evolved, not new, providing users with relevant search results. Meanwhile, some are new trends that Google recently rolled out to enhance users’ browsing experience. You want to focus on giving relevant information by writing for humans, not robots – regardless of what your content is based on. If you are a bettor in India and looking for the best platform that offers various games, Parimatch is the best. It is licensed and offers the security of transactions, fast payouts, and a responsive app.

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