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    Why TikTok is Every Marketer’s Next Best Friend

    From memes and dance crazes to informative videos and personal stories, TikTok has taken the spotlight on a global stage for its diverse, entertaining videos. Due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, its popularity rose even further as people searched for new ways to keep themselves entertained while at home. Today, the app has over 1 billion users across 150 different countries, making it the perfect place for businesses to be.

    With the average attention span of a human being around only 8 seconds, it’s no big surprise that it has grown so popular – short-form video content has reigned supreme in the last few years.

    TikTok happens to be the perfect platform to share entertaining videos that don’t require too much of people’s time or attention. When used correctly, it can potentially bring considerable traction, especially in brand awareness and potential leads to sales.

    Wondering how you can tap into the potential of this new social media powerhouse for your marketing strategy? Here’s how:

    Build Communities

    Brands usually flock to where the people are — it would only make sense for marketers to explore a place with a great number of people scrolling for hours on end. Billions of users around the world have access to publicly posted content, so businesses who choose to market their products, participate in trends, and engage with their audience should be in for a treat! You’d easily be able to create a community once you begin working on growing your following.

    Aside from being able to interact with people, brands can also consider TikTok as the perfect place for user-generated content. Billions of videos are made with thousands of different sounds, meaning doing your own video using trendy audio or challenge could be all it takes to skyrocket attention for your brand on Tiktok. User-generated content also serves as excellent social proof.

    Some brands also use unique hashtags for their followers to use to help them create an online “community” where they can easily find content similar to the hashtag. Customers engage frequently with different brands online, making it easier to form a small club or fan base. Other times, once people find a trending hashtag, users and businesses will use this to their advantage to gain organic traction as the more views you get, the more likely TikTok will share your content with people who might be interested.

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    Humanize Your Brand

    TikTok allows you to show a more down-to-earth side of your business. Participating in trends and showing the faces behind the company helps show authenticity, building consumer trust. Brands whose social media tactics include creating better relationships with their consumers should definitely consider this app – it’s an easy marketing strategy to organically grow your business post Covid-19 pandemic.

    Aside from showing people more about your business and brand, TikTok is also the perfect place for you to learn more about the interests of your target audience and communicate with them directly through interactive posts or third-party platforms that accept social listening.

    Marketing that Doesn’t Feel like Marketing

    TikTok’s unique features include seamless ads — when users scroll through their respective feeds, ads play like normal videos, meaning they’re more likely to garner views compared to other apps that display ads more overtly. While social media might be the perfect place to put ads, most consumers will have to disagree. That’s why every marketing strategy takes time to craft, but with TikTok’s unique algorithm, brands can easily gain mileage without having to waste too much time and effort.

    Knowing how effective user-generated content is on this app, brands don’t have to do all of the legwork themselves. It’s all about keeping your ear to the ground and learning how to ride the waves of trends and stay in tune with what interests your customers.


    If you’re looking for a way to promote your content to thousands of people who are interested in what you have to offer, then TikTok is one of the best ways to go. Its features make ads feel more natural, especially through the help of user-generated content, which means more exposure for your brand overall.

    If all of this newfound information is starting to get you overwhelmed, don’t worry. The technology in today’s world is so advanced that you can always find a tool to help make your job easier.

    Want to try your luck with other social media platforms? Marketers can also utilize Facebook to expand their reach and increase their sales.

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