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    7 Ways to Boost Engagement on Social Media with Emojis

    There are tons of ways to entertain the public using various marketing methods. From usual quotable mottos to funny meme commercials, every company has done loads of these to be remembered. A new addition to these trending tactics is the emoji.

    Many messages look more appealing and friendly when they have emojis on them. Most viewers love friendly marketing. For some reason, they just get attracted to it. And on this matter, it is crucial to know how to use emojis to boost audience engagement properly.

    1. Use It to Convey Emotions

    Use emojis to convey more of the product’s emotions. With the amount of emojis in the counter board, one emoji can change the entire mood meter of your message. From smileys to hearts, it is essential to realize what kind of emojis the product needs.

    Does it need a professional mood? Throw in the everyday smile. Would you like to express a blessed feeling? Get that smiley full of hearts. There are a lot of options on the table with all these emojis. So, know what fits the taste of the product and the mood of the company in expressing messages.

    2. Be Friendlier

    Emojis are a commoner’s language. Remove them in a sentence and it becomes a bit more rigid and boring. Insert it in a pile of words and it makes the sentence look more colorful, literally. For this reason, having an emoji or two in the middle of product broadcasting makes it friendlier to the audience.

    And when the product seems more reachable to their perspective, for some reason, people get more attracted to it. According to research, using emojis boosts engagement up to a certain extent. It all depends on where and how marketing officers use it.

    3. Represent Your Products More

    Any emoji can represent your product. There is a wide range of product emojis from smileys to even country flags. You can think of a particular emoji that could be a perfect representation of the product.

    In this case, chances are your target audience might remember your company the next time they use or see that emoji. In such instances, they might have cravings to pass by your store and buy your product.

    4. Know the Popular Definition Before Using It

    As much as we’d like to see what we get, in the world of emojis, everything might not mean what it has to say. From the plain-featured smile to the usual clowns and even ghosts, people in the modern age interprets them in a lot of ways.

    And in this era, it is vital to know how to keep up with the meanings of different emojis. When wanting to present a sincere or happy smile, make sure to click on the cheeky emoji rather than sticking on the plain emoji. The plain emoji is famously known as a “pissed off but just holding it in” emoticon in the emoji guide.

    5. Do Not Overuse Emojis

    Overusing emojis can lead to confusion and irrelevance of the emoticon. When a sentence is overflowing with many emoticons, it gets very annoying. And in the long run, it loses the whole essence of your marketing. So, as much as possible, check and balance the amount of emojis to a reasonable number.

    6. Make Sure It’s Relevant to Your Content

    Using an unnecessary emoji is self-destructing to your marketing scheme. It is bad enough being unable to deliver the marketing message to the public. Being totally misunderstood is far worse.

    For this reason, when wanting to use an emoji during marketing production, research about what it means to the general public. Also, use them wisely following your target audience’s taste.

    7. It’s Not Just for Design

    Many would think emojis on social media platforms are solely for designing purposes – to make things look brighter. As much as that, it is not the primary purpose of an emoticon. Emoticons are added into sentences to emphasize and boldly express what words lack. With emojis, hard or confusing concepts can be less stressful to convey.

    Final Thoughts

    By the looks of it, emojis have the influence and power to make or bend a marketing plan. Using it to your advantage is the only option in the name of marketing.

    However, as social media itself continues to modernize, different engagement around emojis results in their changing definitions. With this, it is always crucial to keep up with new trends on how you can use emojis for relevant marketing.

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