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    Best Ways to Hide Kodi Streaming Activity

    Kodi is one of the most used media players for devices like Android, Mac, Windows, Firestick, iPhone, and more. It is a versatile media player because you can access and use your local storage on it and stream online content.

    You can stream videos, audio files, photos, and whatnot on Kodi using add-ons and verified or unverified apps. However, it becomes necessary to hide your Kodi streaming activity because several add-ons contain copyrighted content, and streaming, downloading, or sharing that content is illegal.


    Kodi Streaming Platform - Hide Kodi Streaming Activity

    One of the best ways to hide your streaming activity is using a VPN with Kodi. However, hundreds of VPNs are available for Android and Firestick devices, but which one of them truly hides your online activity? Let’s find out.

    Using VPN to Hide Kodi Streaming Activity

    1. Express VPN

    Express VPN is a VPN for Kodi that can help you to hide your online activity from ISPs, the government, and others. It does not keep logs of your online activities, which makes it one of the most secure VPNs.

    Here are some of its primary benefits you might want to know.

    1) Express VPN offers you servers from more than 90 countries that you can use to unblock almost all geo-locked content,

    2) It gives you decent internet speed by retaining almost 90% of the internet speed. 

    3) Express VPN allows you to connect five devices simultaneously on a premium subscription. 

    4) It has a zero-log policy which means it does not keep a log of your online activity.

    5) It offers you a Killswitch you can use if you want to prevent your device from making unprotected connections.

    6) Express VPN also offers 24*7 customer support using chat or email.

    7) You can take a 30-day trial to test Express VPN with a money-back guarantee.

    8) It offers military-level security with 256-bit encryption.

    Express VPN is the best choice if you want to hide your online activity and unlock geo-locked content without letting your ISP or the government know.

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    2. Cyber Ghost VPN

    Top Reasons to use VPN
    Top Reasons to use VPN

    Cyber Ghost VPN is also a decent VPN to stay anonymous while streaming or surfing online. Here is why.

    1) It offers you more than 7000 servers in almost 90 countries.

    2) It does not keep logs of your online activity, so you can stream whatever you want.

    3) It offers a decent speed that helps when you connect seven simultaneous devices, which is the maximum it offers.

    4) It also offers dedicated servers for users for torrenting.

    5) It offers a 24-hour free trial and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

    6) Its 24*7 customer support is not very reliable. 

    VPNs are the most secure and reliable ways to hide your online activities from the government and ISPs if needed. VPNs also unlock more benefits, as I mentioned above. 

    However, avoid using free VPNs because they often do not offer a zero-log policy and share your data with third-party agencies that give you relevant ads after that. 

    Wrapping Up: Best Way to Hide Kodi Streaming Activity

    I recommend not streaming copyrighted content because it can get you into legal trouble. Your ISP or original content owner can take legal action against you, and you can end up behind bars if you are unlucky.

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