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    Top 7 Best Kodi Addons for Sports Lovers of 2018

    Kodi is one of the most popular media streaming software. It includes tons and tons of Kodi add-ons for streaming different contents like movies, Live TV, Anime, Cartoon, and Documentaries. Apart from these, one can also watch all their favorite sports events. Kodi contains several sports add-ons which can be used for watching sports like Football, Basketball, Hockey, Racing and much more. There are hundreds of Kodi sports add-ons over the internet. But practically speaking, we can’t install all of them. So here in this article, we are going to list out some of the best Kodi add-ons for sports which can be used to stream your favorite sports on your device.

    1. Boom! – Stream Live Sports on Kodi
    2. Football Replays – Watch highlights of Football matches
    3. Extreme Sports – Watch Racing events
    4. Golfing World – Watch all the Golf matches
    5. Rising Tides – Watch Highlights of most of the popular Sports
    6. Planet MMA – Stream Boxing and PPV events
    7. NHL – Watch Live and Highlights of NHL series


    Boom is a brand new Kodi add-on particularly designed for streaming Live Sports channels. Here you can watch you all favorite sports with its live actions. If you get inside into this add-on, you will see a lot of live sports channels including Football, Boxing, Motorsports, Channels and other sports. If you want to see the live actions of Football then you have to select the links which are present there. The links will appear only on 20 minutes prior to the match started.

    Football Replays

    Out of very few football sports add-on, Football Replays is one of the best add-ons for watching the Football Sports. Its interface is really very pretty. It includes only five different types of categories namely Full Matches, Highlights, Find a Team, Picks a League, Upcoming Matches. Every category is having a lot of sub-categories within it. In this, find a Team is one of the search engine features available in this add-on which helps us to find our favorite team easily. 

    Extreme Sports

    So many sports add-ons are available for Racing but the Extreme Sports add-on is one of the best and highly remarkable add-ons for Racing. Because it has a huge database and includes more and more Racing sports. Drag Racing, Ice Speedway, Kitesurfing, Mountain Biking, Powerboat are some of the very interesting Racing sports which are present in this add-on.

    Golfing World

    As the name suggests, Golfing World add-on is purely designed for watching the Golf Sports. It has a small database and includes only five different categories such as Live Golf, YouTube Golf Channels, Golf’s Greatest Moments, Golf Documentaries, and Player Archives. The Contents which are present inside each category is really very pretty to watch. All contents are working in a good condition. Suppose, if we take Live Golf, we can see the live matches of Golf which are playing currently.

    Rising Tides

    Rising Tides is one of the great add-ons for watching all sports channels. Simply we say it is a center for all common sports. Its database is very huge. It has a lot of sections including Football Highlights, Country Channels, Sports Channels, Acestream Channels, Live All Sports, IPTV Heaven and lots more. In this add-on, we can see not only live sports but also watch our old favorite sports. Among these categories, Live All Sports is one of the remarkable features presents here to watch our favorite live sports. All the videos are working properly without any issues.

    Planet MMA

    Compare with other Boxing add-ons, Planet MMA is really remarkable add-on designed for watching the Boxing Sports. It has a huge database. Fight Night Live, UFC Fight Night, MMA Fight Night, Fighters Collection, Born to Fight, Fight Motion are some of the interesting categories which are present in this add-on. If we take Fight Night Live, we can see the real fights between two legends.


    NHL is one of the best add-ons and is purely designed for Hockey sports. Its database is very small and includes only four different types of categories namely, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, All Teams. Suppose if we get inside into, we can see a lot of interesting sub-categories such as Most Popular, Game Highlights, Viral Video, Plays of the Week and lots more.




    After testing out 100+ Kodi sports add-ons we have listed the best ones here. If you are still not satisfied with this list and have a better alternative Kodi add-on for sports, then feel free to leave a comment below.

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