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    How to Take Action if Someone Copies Your Website Content

    It is the age of the internet and the age of information. You can share your ideas and work with others on the web. However, if you want to make your work not to be copied there are a lot of legal options. You should know How To Protect against Content Theft Online. By exercising these options, you can protect your belongings. A detailed account of the legal option is given hereunder:

    First of all, detect the plagiarism

    The first step is to detect if someone has copied your work. For this purpose, Google search is a very powerful tool. By using this tool, you can detect the website or person who fortifies your belongings. For this, you just have to put a phrase out of your article in the Google search box and allow it to search the contents. It will bring you the list of website which contains the material relating to yours. Thoroughly check the material and decide whether it is a copy of your work or not. This technique works most of the time. However, there are some other techniques also available on the net. After being sure of the plagiarism you should start your war against the thief.

    Personal Request

    As a gentleman, first of all, you have to consult with the person who has copied your work through e-mail or through phone and make the request to him about the theft. In this case, if he made this act innocent then he will give up the possession of the material related to you. If this trick does not work then you should go ahead. The next step of your action should be complaining to the web host.

    Complain to the Web-Host of the Thief’s Website

    Make an immediate complaint against the website that copies your work. In this regard first, you have to check the web-hosting company who has provided the facility to the thief’s website and send a complaint e-mail containing the proof of your belongings. Most of the time this complaint bears fruitful and the culprit website faces compensation for the theft. However, if it does not work then take legal action against the culprits.

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    Go to Court


    If the website that copies your work belongs to the United States, you can reach the office of DMCA and put complain against the website concerned. This institute makes arrangements for the enforcement of copyrights laws on the web. If the website belongs to the USA within a day, it must be down if the website is found in the act of theft. Examples of writing applications for the activities you can see on the website. However, if the website belongs to any other country then there will be some complications in making a suit against the website because the rules relating to that country may not find it objectionable. Moreover, the factor of cost and time is also involved in it.

    Use of Social Websites

    If all the above-said option does not work, then finally put some messages on the entire social website like or etc. to condemn the act of theft of your work by the culprit website. Moreover, send the emails to your friends to set the campaign against the website.

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