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    4 Quick Tricks for Creating a SEO Friendly Website Design

    In this era of technology, the success of a good business depends on its online presence. In turn, for every business to attain its maximum height, it must have a website. But what is the use of the website if no one is seeing it. This problem brings the need for every website to be SEO-friendly.

    Based on the recent estimate made, there are over 1 billion websites. Although, not every one of them is a business website it will be quite difficult for your website to stay afloat in the deep sea of millions of website. Thus, you must a way to survive and get your website on the tab of every internet user.

    This is exactly where SEO (Site Engine Optimization) swings into action. This is the tool that other businesses that are making it big on the internet use to stay above other websites. SEO helps drives organic traffic to your website if done the right way.

    For your website to attain such optimization height, it all starts from the web designing stage. The pages of your website site must be SEO-Friendly. Right here in this article, I will share 4 speedy tips that will make your web designs SEO-friendly and also help to improve your rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).


    1. Place major keywords in your phrases

    Keywords are words that are often searched on Google Search engines. Placing such words related to your niche will help increase your rank and will also help increase the number of visits your website will be getting. Keywords generation is easy, all you need to do is get an App that helps generate keywords that are highly ranked and include them when designing your web page.

    Additionally, you can also include key phrases in your URL Links. This will also help to develop an SEO-friendly web page that’s responsive and active in search engines.


    2. Use quality visuals

    The eyes of man are visually hungry, provided that your web designs are good enough to feed the eye to satisfaction, your website will be SEO-friendly. Replacing the pictures and images, enhancing the graphics on your site or even replicating a mind-blowing template can attract a large number of visitors to your website. It is quite displeasing to the eye to see poor graphics. Therefore, you need to adjust the visuals of your web pages to achieve this.

    The fact that your website has good visuals makes it user-friendly and at the same time, it becomes easy to navigate. Therefore, you must enhance your visuals to achieve an SEO-friendly web design. At the same time, try to avoid unnecessary pop-ups and banners.


    3. Incorporate a Blog

    A Blog is another option to help speedily create an SEO-friendly website. Although this takes a longer than the ones mentioned above it is also productive. With the help of a blog, you can publish articles that are SEO optimized, where visitors have the opportunity to drop comment and replies. With this, you can refer them to your website.


    4. Utilize the benefits of Social Media

    Social media can help make your website SEO-friendly with a hell of plug-ins. These plug-ins make use of links and blog contents on your social media page to optimize your website.

    Try out these four speedy tips and see the changes in your website within a short period of time.

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