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    7 Essential Tips for Improving Your Website Design and User Experience

    Can visitors to your website determine what your company does and what products/services it manufactures/serves? Can users easily go to the blog page on your website, if they want to? Is your pricing easy for users to understand? Do you have an extremely high bounce rate? If you find that your answers to all the above questions are a ‘no’, then you need to get worried. You need to take a hard look at your website design. You need to rework the way you optimize your website. A website cannot excel if attention is paid only to its content or only to the keywords in the content. It is necessary for a website to be user-friendly.


    Seven Essential Tips for Improving your Web Design

    Here are seven essential tips for improving on website design services, which you can use in order to improve your web design. These tips are standalone tips and you may or may not follow all of them at the same time.


    1. Make a Plan

    You need to make an elaborate plan to understand the behavior of visitors on your website. You need to know which areas of your website are they visiting, which piece of content; they are reading the most and finally, which buttons they are clicking the most. Based on this data, you have to formulate your website design strategy. You have to incorporate all this information in your website.


    1. Eliminate these from your Website

    Eliminate words like flexible, best-of-breed, groundbreaking, easy to use, next generation and other flowery words from your website. With an audience that has a span of attention of eight seconds, what do you expect them to do? They will just skim through your website and if they do not find what they are looking for, they will go to visit the competitor’s website.


    1. Try to Incorporate Follow and Share Buttons

    Social media buttons are small icons around the bottom or the top of a web page or blog post. You should use these buttons to share and follow your content on social media websites. These buttons are a non-pushy medium of sharing content. There are apps like SumoMe and Shareaholic which help users to share their content on social media platforms.


    1. Put Action Buttons on your Website

    Insert call-to-action buttons on your website. These will help the user navigate the site when he is new to your website. By providing such buttons, you will be guiding him through your website and thus, you will be solving one of his pain points, that of not having to use his brain to navigate through your website. Likewise, you can insert other buttons.


    1. Use the Correct Images

    It is said, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. This adage is true for every website. Try to earn the trust of your visitor by incorporating pictures of real people working in your company, on your website. Try to get them to say something good about your company and say how happy they are working for your company. Such images may be available online for free or you can shoot videos yourself and insert them on your website.


    1. Provide Navigation Keys on your Website

    Try to provide navigation keys on your website. This will reduce a lot of the customer’s pain. He can just follow the instructions given by the navigation keys and find out what he is looking for. He will not have to waste more time on your site. Doing this will take his attention to other significant points on your website and help you gain eyeballs.


    1. Allow your Visitor to Scroll your Home Page

    Try to create a seamless experience of your website by providing an excellent landing page on your website. You can also allow your visitor to scroll the home page of your website, to understand what you do and how you do it. Doing this will inform him about your product/service and this may at times lead to a purchase.



    Thus, if you abide by the above seven tips, you will be able to improve your website design manifold. Moreover, these tips will also help drive traffic to your website and keep it populated with visitors. In short, it will garner eyeballs and consequently garner sales leads.

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