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    Why Use Node.Js For Ecommerce Web Application Development?

    Let’s accept it: in this digital age, customers expect things to be available digitally and businesses ought to align with this digital shift. In a nutshell, eCommerce shopping has become a part and parcel of people’s lives. It’s not enough. With growing competition, the consumer demands, such as performance, compatibility, uniqueness, stability, and many other things from the eCommerce store, have increased by a large fraction.

    The technological solutions better address all of these eCommerce challenges. However, with so many technology choices available, where each one claims to be robust, and scalable backend development that delivers information to the frontend in milliseconds. The bitter truth about eCommerce technology is- building a high-performance, scalable, and complex online eCommerce store is an arduous task.

    Take a sneak peek inside Ecommerce’s backend

    The payment gateways, real-time notifications, shipping, logistics, security, and so on, make it difficult to keep the eCommerce web app performing to the notch, round-the-clock. When the backend deals with all such activities along with thousands of requests initiated by the users, the performance gets hindered. The backend performance has a direct impact on the frontend.

    The real problem that lies in the backend is “slow load time”. It is a real bottleneck and won’t allow developers to improve the frontend performance. When backend load time gets increased by a certain extent, the eCommerce web app becomes unstable. Which also hurts its SERP.

    That’s where Node.js technology comes to the rescue. The asynchronous nature of node.js enables striking the balance between frontend and backend load time. It ensures the backend load time of Node.JS eCommerce web app is not more than 20% of load time.

    When you are looking for eCommerce development, then the idea to build an eCommerce site with Node.JS technology is the best bet. Let’s get down to detail how node.js is the best fit in every way.

    What is Node.js technology?

    Node.js technology is not a framework. Instead, it’s a JS runtime environment that leverages non-blocking I/O and event-driven servers to build real-time collaboration tools, video streaming web applications, chatting apps, and more. The platform built on top of the Google Chrome V8 engine facilitates rapid prototyping to test the waters and enables stable development despite having critical features.

    The plethora of benefits has made leading brands such as eBay, Walmart, LinkedIn, Netflix, and NASA turn to Node.js to digitize their offerings and other services. It shows that node.js is shining brightly among all the technology stars. Still, not persuaded? The next section convinces you entirely for- Why to choose Node.js for Ecommerce development.

    8 Reasons to Why Use Node.js for Ecommerce Web Application Development

    Why use Node.JS for EcomerceWeb Application Development

    Render good performance

    According to a study by Google, a single-second delay in page response is similar to waiting in a checkout line at a retail store, which can reduce the conversion rate by 7%.

    It indicates a delay of one second makes your online eCommerce store lose tons of customers and sales. When the customers cannot tolerate delays, then how businesses can? Don’t worry. Node.js technology won’t let your web application gets slow anytime.

    Node.js is capable of handling multiple I/O operations at the same time and performing multitasks hassle-free. All the tasks in the user buying journey from product selection and adding to cart to final checkout are executed efficiently.

    High scalability

    The event-driven design and non-blocking I/O of node.js, and support for multiple servers enable generating multiple connections with various servers at the same time. The online eCommerce store involves establishing multiple connections with different servers, which is facilitated by node.js. Thereby businesses can go ahead with Node.js development.

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    It’s compatible with all platforms

    Ecommerce users access the store from different OS and platforms, and making this possible helps in gaining maximum users. Node.js is compatible with all the platforms and packed with a range of in-built libraries to alleviate the coding requirements for various functions. Node.JS eCommerce app development is a way to improve acquisition and conversion.

    Support limitless integrations

    Node.js has a library that provides multiple modules. The developers can leverage external modules with easy installation through node.js npm with no dependency involved. The effortless integration of internal and external modules accelerates eCommerce development. NPM becomes the reason the top ecommerce development companies favour node.js for eCommerce web app development.

    Asynchronous compilation

    The high-performance needs of high-traffic websites are perfectly met by node.js technology with its asynchronous code compilation method that can handle multiple concurrent requests at the same time. Leveraging event loop and callbacks for I/O operations break the long requests into small chunks and process millions of concurrent users in a few seconds.

    Use one language during the entire development

    Isomorphic applications involve frontend and backend development in a single programming language. Node.js eCommerce platform simplifies the eCommerce web app development by allowing the team to code frontend and backend using node.js that streamline communication and makes it easy to manage the code. The employee turnover and new members joining the development team won’t create any problems.

    Huge community support

    Node.js is well-documented and supported by a vibrant community of web developers that accelerate the development. The open-source nature enables access to node.js and experienced Node.js developers can assist in various ways in web app development. Also, Github, StackOverflow, and other platforms allow developers to get the best solution for development-related challenges or queries.

    Unified data streaming

    Node.js excels at reading data in chunks rather than in a single go, which improves network communication, data handling, and data processing. It won’t deal with an HTTP request as an isolated event. It’s more focused on data streaming that enables eCommerce store quickly upload video or other content that stimulate purchase decisions.


    Businesses are experiencing the stress of building reliable, high-performant, and scalable eCommerce development to win their customers. Node.js technology would help them make their target users fall in love with the eCommerce web app with the unparalleled performance, stability, and consistency it provides. In addition to the user benefits, the business benefits of embracing node.js technology convince businesses to consider the Remote Developers for Hire option for getting built and launching a successful eCommerce web application.

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