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    Why Choose Node JS For Your Next Project?

    If you are looking for some post that would convince you to use Node JS, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to do our best to convince you to use Node JS for your next project.

    Node JS  is a JavaScript runtime, developed by Ryan Dahl, in order to equip developers with the power to code the backend as well as frontend of an application using a single language. Node JS was released in 2009, around 11 years back from today.

    Having spent a reasonable time in the trade,  Node JS has been refined continuously, and as of now, it seems to be a pretty mature language. Node JS is capable of developing all sorts of applications. The way how its developed has made it a great hit among Node.JS developers, as it makes work easy.

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    Let us have a look at some benefits of Node JS that would help you to choose it for your next project.

    1. Great Execution Speed:

    Today, no person likes to wait for any process to happen. Everyone wants results and outputs very fast. To cope up with this, it is highly recommended to use a language that is fast in executing code blocks.

    Close up man writing code on the laptop

    Node JS is one such language, it has been developed with the motive to improve the execution speed of code at runtime, and it has pretty well succeeded in doing this. Node JS is superfast in the execution of code blocks, and this has resulted in making it the popular choice for the development of applications that need to process too much data in very little time.

    2. Increases Developers’ Productivity:

    NodeJS is an easier language to work with, hence there are fewer chances of bugs and errors in programming.

    As the bugs and errors in the application decrease, the productivity of developers soars up. Because if they don’t have to deal with constant bugs, they can focus on the big picture ahead of them which is the development of critical features and functionality of the application.

    Using Node JS also enables developers to work on the frontend as well as backend simultaneously as mostly all web applications use javascript for the frontend.

    3. Good Community Support:

    Social connections. Community interactions

    Node JS is almost 11 years old now, and this is a reasonable time to build up a community and a good following.

    Node JS has been a popular language, and this clearly shows that it has an active community. The Node JS community is highly helpful, so even if you get stuck somewhere in your development process, the community will make a way out for you from every problem. Being a reasonably old language, it has been explored fully by all developers around the world, so most errors are not new, they just seem new to you.

    4. Great to develop Real-time Web Applications:

    Real-time web applications are the need of the hour and there seems no better language than NodeJS that can be utilized in the development of such applications.

    Node JS is a highly fast language as we discussed earlier, this is one of the main reasons why it is used in the development of real-time web applications.

    Whether you want to develop a real-time game, or you want to develop messaging applications, you ought to use Node JS. It provides you with great features, to begin with.

    5. Plenty of libraries to use:

    Being a favorite of developers around the world, Node JS is actively progressing. Every new problem is solved in the Node JS world and even libraries are published for it.

    It is a great language for Rapid Application Development, as it has a huge collection of libraries that ease out complex tasks. Using Node JS is a great option when you have to follow strict deadlines and your application needs to be perfectly working in all situations.

    6. Long-term Support from the team:

    Whenever a new version of Node JS is shipped to the market, the development team then solely focuses on improving it for the next 18 months. It means that during this time span, the whole version is checked and rigorously tested, and if any bugs are found they are eliminated quickly and patches to the version are released.

    Moreover, the development team is always ready to serve the developers and users whenever they face any problem or find out any bug in the version.

    We’ve discussed some of the benefits of Node JS above, and we think that these points are the key decision-makers in the process of selecting a language for project development.

    Team Hand Shake

    If speed is highly crucial for you in choosing a language for your project then Node JS should be your ideal choice as it also supports the execution of code on different threads, making it achieve tremendous speeds that are important in applications.

    If you have a small development team and you only find one common language between your developers, and if that is javascript, then you should stick to Node JS for the development of your next project.

    Doing this will help you to achieve two benefits from the above list with just one action. You’ll notice that your developers’ productivity will be high all time, due to working on a language they are comfortable with. Also, your project will be shipped faster than usual with lesser bugs, which is a great thing for your business.

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