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    The Power of Link Building for SEO

    When the average person peruses websites, they only think about what meets the eye. In other words, to them, a website may only hold value as just a portal for purchasing goods and services or as a means to communicate. People often only consider websites to be tools for convenience and entertainment.

    However, this does not mean that their point of view is misinformed. Nowadays, it can be quite obvious to the average person when a website is not exactly the most credible. Tell-tale signs they may look at our web design elements, where the page ranked on Google’s search engine, and the content of the page itself (writing, photos, grammar mistakes, etc.). The purpose of link building in SEO is establishing credibility. Many business owners implement this SEO strategy in order to grow their business’s reputation on the web.

    In most cases, design and business copy are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Each business owner has a different network for both graphic design and copywriting. Therefore, each website will sound or appear different from other websites in the same niche.

    Despite there being a lack of uniformity, SEO is a tool that can be applied to virtually every website. For instance, link building, the focus of this article, is an SEO strategy that anyone can take advantage of to rank higher on Google’s search engine.

    In fact, the way Google sees webpages is very different from the average person—the search engine is much more complex and takes into consideration a great number of factors. To Google, the web can be metaphorically described as a collection of spiderwebs (websites) that individually connect through separate strands of spider silk (hyperlinks).

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    So, what exactly is link building then?

    In general, link building is not exactly what it sounds like. You aren’t exactly creating new links or websites for people to use. Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to yours. Perhaps they link to you as a citation for source material, a shout out for a particular product, or merely a point of comparison/contrast.

    Link building to a regular consumer or blog reader may just appear to be a shout out. But for Google’s search engine, it means so much more. Let’s say someone has written an article online and builds a link to your website within it. Google sees this as a sign of credibility and support! People are trusting your website enough to reference it, so Google is swayed to view your site as trustworthy. Figuratively speaking, not only is your spiderweb well built, but it also has a substantial number of connections, implying that people like what you say/wouldn’t mind sending their spiders on over.

    Why would I want to use a link building for my website?

    At the center of every SEO decision should be a focus on sales. While link building may not be direct causation for sales, it certainly is a catalyst for setting sales in motion. With enough backlinks directed towards your website (assuming your page already provides well-said, quality information), your page will rank higher on Google.

    When people seek the internet as a resource for solving their issues, they Google the problem they are dealing with. These consumers tend to look at only the first few websites that pop up in the results—and why is that? It is because it’s convenient and likely more popular among people searching the same thing. When it comes to consumers Googling a problem that your business solves, your website is in a competition pool with other businesses in the same work as you. If your website does not rank highly among a list of you and your competitors, you could be losing tons of potential clients to other businesses.

    With great credibility, comes greater search engine rating. Link building may not be the end-all-be-all for your website’s rank, but it is certainly a good start. Many online marketing agencies, like this one here, are available to help your website grow by building links. Link building may also give you a chance to network with like-minded outlets for your niche, cultivating a community that can bring prosperity to your work. This connection may bring about new collaborations, friendships, and so much more. With quality SEO and good business practices, the growth-possibilities are endless.

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