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    What will Search Engine Optimization (SEO) look like in 2020?

    Are you worried that in the year 2020 and beyond search engine optimization and SEO marketing are going to become super complex? You aren’t the only one. If you have a website and are serious about getting it to a certain point, then you probably have a basic understanding of SEO. It’s getting to the top of rankings that’s the goal though. High search engine rankings mean a lot. Here are some examples:

    • Depending on what niche you’re in it can be as good as having a money tree. When you’re site is displayed at the top of search engine results then you’ll get lots of targeted traffic and have a real digital asset that you can monetize in different ways.
    • Exposure and the ability to network with others better in your niche. Having high rankings gives you leverage. If you wanted to approach someone else in your niche to work with you, then you’ll be in a better position with high rankings versus being buried deep somewhere.
    • It can mean a better chance to go viral. With high rankings, more people are going to see your stuff and this will provide a higher chance for something going viral. Social media is where it’s at these days and all it takes is one influencer to blow up your website traffic even more.

    Any website owner understands the power of having a high ranking but moving forward what’s going to be the approach to helping to get these rankings. Well, two primary methods are going to be crucial.

    You taking the time to establish a good brand entity for yourself so that it’s easier for people to recognize you and associate themselves with you

    With so much content on the web and so much competition for the attention of users, you need to establish your site as a brand in some way. This is easier said than done, but people like to associate with brands, especially high-quality brands. When you do this effectively it means that anything you come out with is going to be associated with a particular message, mission, image, and meaning.

    At first, it might not make sense but think about it. Once you developed your website into a real brand (a good quality one) then this would enable you to monetize things in various ways where you weren’t completely dependent anymore on search engine rankings.

    You must invest time into good quality link building, but in a way where you can be sure you’ll benefit from it

    Some people believe that link building is a thing of the past and that it doesn’t work nearly as well as it used to. The truth is that high-quality link building, done the right way, can still work wonders for a site. It’s a real process though and one that has to be done in a way where it looks natural. Link building can also increase the exposure of your site by means of the places where the links would be in general.

    Bad link building is what doesn’t work and it can actually hurt a site. This is why using a professional service that knows what they’re doing would be a good idea. If you aren’t exactly sure of how to execute this, then hiring a pro can be a real lifesaver.

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