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    How to Do Link Building the Right Away

    Many things have changed in the SEO world, and tricks like comment spams and black hat practices no longer work. To rank on the top spots using a primary SEO technique such as link building, you must know what you are doing.

    Implementing information from any source you come across won’t provide desirable results, since you’re not even sure if the suggested tricks are legit. In this definitive guide, you’ll learn how to do link building legitimately and get results. So, keep reading to know what you might not be doing and should start immediately.

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    1. Write Roundup Blog Posts

    Did you know about 4 million or more blog posts are published daily? This huge number raises stiff competition making it hard to rank significantly high on SERPs. So, you must figure out how to beat this competition and emerge at the top.

    One way to do that is by creating blog posts using ideas from popular experts in your niche. After contacting these experts, ask relevant questions that’ll help cover everything your audience needs to know. Doing this makes your content stand out and trustworthy since your information is from renowned leaders in that field. 

    Additionally, these experts can even link back to you in their future blog posts, enabling you to rank even higher.

    2. Create Infographics

    Infographics are vital in content as they enable readers to visualize what they’re reading, making it more interesting. You can create infographics easily by repurposing your past blogs or articles. Therefore, take the explained data and steps in that content and make them visual.

    Luckily, you can use easily accessible tools like Piktochart and Infogram to make unique infographics. Infogram, for instance, provides about 35 templates and over one million images to choose from.

    Many webmasters love using infographics today as they’re fantastic for building quality backlinks since people like reusing them. So, you’ll be getting a free backlink every time a website uses your infographic.

    3. Have an Outreach Strategy

    Outreach is a huge part of every effective link building strategy, and it involves reaching out to people and introducing your content. However, outreach is not all about content as you can also introduce other things such as your business, brand, or even online tools. Provided you have something worth linking back to, you’re good to go.

    For instance, if you have an online Keyword research tool, then why not email bloggers and webmasters and tell them about it? If they like your tool, they’ll start using, recommending, and even linking back to it in their blogs.

    This might seem like a tricky process, but it’s not. You can use an effective tool like Pitchbox to find the right targets. This platform makes everything easier since all you have to do now is to request for backlinks. Also, Pitchbox allows you to create unique templates for your outreach, making you look outstanding and professional.

    If you feel like outreach is confusing and exhausting, then you can hire professionals offering quality blogger outreach services to do it for you.

    Link building is surrounded by many tricks and techniques. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself applying illegal methodologies that will only harm your SEO. In this article are the best legal ways to perform link building and blogger outreach that can guarantee great results and zero google penalties. Start implementing them today, and they’ll provide faster results compared to the generic tricks you’ve been using.

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