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    Everything You Need to Know About Niche Edits

    Niche edits have been quite the talk of the SEO town since the time SEO came into the fore. The difference was that the process used to be known as curated links and contextual links back then. With passing time, terms, and jargon used in the domain of SEO started becoming more refined.

    We now know the process as niche edits, but the underpinnings of the process remain, for the most part, the same as before. In the discussion that shall ensue, we shall take a plunge into what niche edits are, how they form an important part of SEO, and the reasons they can help in working in favor of your website’s ranking on the SERPs. There is also quite a bit of apprehension about the nature of niche edits. Are they white hat, black hat or do they reside in realms of gray?

    These are some of the questions that plague people who want to use this technique as a part of their SEO strategy. In all honesty, a niche edit by itself cannot be placed in any one watertight compartment of a white hat, black hat, or gray hat SEO technique. It really is in the nature of the link that decides what kind of niche edit is it that we are looking at. We shall take up these questions one after the after in the subsequent sections, and you must read through it all to know everything about niche edits. 

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    What Are Niche Edits?

    For the uninitiated, a niche edit is a process of inserting a link into the content of an aged article on a website that already has some kind of site authority. While talking about niche edits, it becomes imperative to mention guest posting in the same line. This is because, more often than not, niche edits and guest posting aim at acquiring similar sort of results. But, niche edits come at a much lower price when compared to guest posting, and that is what makes it a favorable choice for many SEO experts and analysts.

    In fact, if you buy niche edits from a well-reputed SEO agency like, you might even get a package at half the price than what the others in the market offer. Also, in guest posting, the effort that you need to put in is quite a lot. You have to write an article from scratch and look for websites that take submissions. But, in niche edits, you just have to make minor edits in a sentence or two in the already existing article to insert the link organically into the fabric of the content. Niche edits save time, effort, and money, and they bring you the desired results soon.

    The Nature of Niche Edits:

    We have mentioned once before this, and we shall do so again in greater details, about the nature of niche edits. Niche edits are not a white hat or black hat SEO hacks by themselves. When you have to decide upon the nature of niche edits, it is important that you look into the kind of link that you are looking to insert and the way you are reaching out for the same. For instance, if you had been able to contact someone who was already looking for resources to be linked to an article on their page, the process is an out and out white hat SEO technique.

    However, if you indulged in placing your links on hacked or spammy websites, or injected your links into the content of someone’s website, it is pretty much black hat SEO. Also, it is vital that you remember that Google does not approve of or appreciate artificial link building of any form. But, waiting for the organic acquisition of links and driving traffic to your website in the process could take a long, long time. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance in the job of link building and perform the task in a way that does not offend Google’s set standards for the ranking of a website.

    How Likely Are Niche Edits to Stay in Vogue?

    Niche edits are not just a passing phase if that is what has got you thinking. Niche edits have been in the SEO space for a very long time, just not in the same name as today, as we have already mentioned sometime earlier in the article. Niche edits help in elevating the rank of your website and driving traffic to the site in a lesser time frame than any other technique. And though, you must be a tad careful in going about the process, it is important that you recognize and acknowledge the importance of niche edits in reaching out to your target audience.

    In a Nutshell:

    Niche edits are an integral part of SEO. And though, the technique might not agree with Google, there is no harm in going about the process cautiously. When optimally implemented, niche edits can work wonders for your website and scale your business endeavor in a very short span of time.

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