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    Benefits From Working With an SEO Consultant

    Your business is unique.

    When looking for advice on SEO strategies there are a high number of generic tutorials online, books, blogs, and articles from SEO experts of varying competence levels. That might be sufficient if there was a one size fits all solution, if the industry that evolves constantly suddenly stood still to make your life easy. Your brand deserves excellence so realize your goal of reaching page 1, position 1 on the search engine results page by hiring a trusted London SEO consultant so that you enjoy an outstanding online presence.

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    Think you can work without an SEO consultant?

    You believe that you can handle SEO in-house. You don’t need to pay someone to tell you how to coordinate your SEO management successfully. You can try learning on the job, certainly. In the same way, you might try to learn a second language. There will be ideas that resonate, parts that baffle, and myriad pitfalls and bad practices to avoid. And of course, you’ll be able to spend all day, every day on SEO for a while.

    No? You’re running a business, with an assortment of time and energy demands already consuming precious hours. You do what you’re best at, and consult an SEO expert about efficient, cost-effective SEO campaigns and practices that show a significant return on investment.

    A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing

    Did you know that there are white hat, grey hat and black hat practices that apply to SEO?

    You, as a wannabee expert, or the viewer of a few tutorials, might decide to try a mixture of the three. What’s wrong with that?

    Well, white hat meets with Google approval, grey hat means you’re courting their displeasure and black hat techniques reward your efforts in a shattering down marking of your website by Google, they won’t tolerate ”toxicity.” 

    A book might tell you that backlinks, also known as external links and a link building process, are excellent for sending your website to the pinnacle of page 1 but that advice can be misinterpreted. Simply linking your website with a random range of websites that have no relevance to your business, service, brand or product makes the link pointless, if not harmful to your success.

    You need to prove to Google that site A and site B have a connection for the link to strengthen your online presence. You may have five hundred friends on a social media site but link building with them all could be a lot of effort and produce little positive effect if any. You could find that you slip down the rankings because of relevance, integrity, and trust matter. Why waste your time on futile endeavors?

    An SEO consultant would advise you that all links are not the same, they have varying value when situated in different places on the webpage, that paid for links are less advantageous compared to editorial links and that the RD (referring domains) scores are important, the more powerful the other website, the more dynamic they’ll be to boost your position.

    Keywords don’t have superpowers

    You may hear that keywords are the way to gain matches, to convert interest into profits. Yes, and no. Like all SEO tools, they are only to be used correctly. Imagine using the handle end of a screwdriver to bash a nail into a wall. You may achieve the task, but poorly, and you’ll know that a correct tool, the hammer, would have saved you time and energy. Keywords placed everywhere on a website but without purpose are weaker and produce lesser rewards.

    Close-up of an Opened Dictionary showing the Word WORD

    The days of uploading a word document filled with nonsensical keywords are over. Google penalizes poor practices, remember? They want their users’ experience to be positive and if your content won’t deliver that because it makes no sense, they won’t put you anywhere near the top of the search results. Your content must have relevance, build trust, and have benefits to the searcher.

    Trust the fountains of knowledge

    An SEO consultant knows the right lengths of text, the density of keywords, and the number of words needed in titles to keep Google’s algorithms happy. It can take years to recover when you make the search engine suspicious. Not even the best endeavors of the most devoted SEO consultant would be able to quickly erase the bad impression that Google has of your disastrous DIY efforts.

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