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    How Hosting Affects the Speed of Your Website

    Web hosts are different. Your web design has nothing to do with the capability of your webpage to load. The hosting provider that you select is the one that will determine how fast or slow your web page will load. When it comes to site speed, many specialists claim that the web is the most ignored factor. The swiftness of your website matters a great deal.

    In today’s world, we expect everything to happen instantly. If you visit a webpage and it takes a minute or two to load, chances are you won’t waste your time there waiting for it to load. In this guide, we will enlighten you on how web hosting can have an effect on your site’s speed.

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    Why Site Speed is Essential When Buying a Hosting Provider

    Speed of a big factor for all websites. It plays a big role in determining whether your visitors will have a good user experience and if they are going to stay. For instance, Google researched mobile landing pages and found that about 90% of customers will leave a webpage if it took more than 3 seconds to load. In this case, it is important to find reliable hosting providers. That is why you need to pay attention to this one which you will not be disappointed in. InterServer has over 19 years of experience in the web hosting business, so this hosting provider knows what the site owner and visitors need.

    We can say that speed is an important aspect of your website and also to your customers. That implies that you have to be keen on any factor which might have a bearing on the speed of your website, and this includes the web host provider you choose.

    What Makes Web Hosting an Important Factor?

    When a user loads a website, the person is making an effort to gain access to web files and programs that are located in the webserver. If the webserver is loading quickly, the data you want to access will also load quickly.

    The three crucial responsibilities that the webserver has to accomplish include, executing codes, running server files, and database queries.

    Factors to consider in a website hosting provider which can affect your sites speed includes:

    Hard Drives

    There are two types of hard drives that you should consider when choosing a web hosting plan that is; hard disk drives and solid-state drives. Both of these drives are used for storing data. The SSDs mainly use flash memory which is faster compared to the HDDs, which is used in storing data physically in the drive. In case you want your webpage to have, insane speeds make sure that you choose web host providers who offer SSDs.


    Bandwidth is the factor that dictates the size of information your host provider can transfer. You can term a bandwidth as a channel in which information passes through. If it is constrained it will be slower when relaying data. Having that in mind, it will be easy for you to compute the amount of bandwidth your site needs and choose a hosting provider that will provide the perfect amount of space your site needs.

    RAM (Random Access Memory)

    Ram is the brain of the whole setup. It stores the memory which ensures that all the characters are run from the web server via your website. Before you choose a hosting plan, you should make sure that they provide sufficient RAM. Random-access memory is mainly measured in Gigabytes. If your website has low traffic, then 2 GHz should be adequate for your site. However, this will depend on the hosting provider you are using and the applications which are installed on your servers.

    Dedicated Resources

    Using dedicated resources for your webpage can be a good thing especially when it comes to optimizing the speed of your website. Dedicated resources can stop other websites from overriding your website’s resources like the processor and memory.

    With this kind of hosting, you are assured that your resources will only be used to serve the visitors who visit your site. You will also be in a better position in optimizing the hosting environment of your website. Hence it is better to use a dedicated plan rather than a shared plan.

    Additional Resources

    Having additional resources like memory and processing power can increase the speed of your website. When you have additional resources your server will be in a position to respond to requests quickly.


    The location of your web host provider can either increase or decrease the swiftness of your site. When a user visits your website, the data is first sent to your web host provider and then it is returned to you.

    If your main users live in the United States and your hosting provider is located in Australia, it will take more time to send the request and get a response for it. To enhance the delivery time of your web host, you can use a CDN. It will help you to catch other versions of your site at different locations improving the delivery time.

    What Makes Web Page loading Speed Important?

    The loading speed of any page is vital for any site. If the pages on your webpage load quickly, it means that there are high chances of it being detected faster by search engines. Web-users love saving time; hence they will want to visit a web page that loads quickly. Also having a slower loading page might lead to low exchange rates. WordPress websites have very quick loading speed, by the way, WordPress websites have a lot of other benefits.

    A lot of website owners do not know the effect a simple upgrade on their web hosting plans can have on the speed of their website. A simple upgrade on your hosting plan can increase the speed of your website.


    The kind of hosting plan you choose will affect the loading speed, and the loading speed will affect your exchange rates. You should choose a hosting plan which will offer you both high speeds and high conversion rates. You won’t mind the extra cost if it means more sales for your site. Ensure that you compare hosting plans and choose the best one so that you get value for your money.

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