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    Top 5 Revolution In 2018 That Will Change Human Life Forever

    By Every Passing Second, the world changes and we welcome a better and more pleasing life, we see a more of technology becoming part of your everyday life. In 2018, Many things will change we will experience many new things in technology, healthcare, and retail sector. Many new tech products will launch in 2018; These top 10 new revolutionary products 2018 will entirely change our world this year.

    Other than tech, we will see a revolution in many other areas, Have a look on these.

    Top 5 Revolution that will Happen in 2018


    1. Online Store Coming Offline

    From 2010 – 2017 we have seen an e-commerce revolution and retail market coming online but in 2018 we will see something different. This year for the first time we will experience the online stores coming offline, Examples of such stores are Mi Store and Amazon Store.


    Xiaomi and Amazon will open their offline retail store in 2018Once these e-commerce companies come offline, we will not have to wait anymore for product delivery and on the other hand, we can have the product at a cheap price as we used to order online earlier.


    2. Clothes and Accessories will Monitor your Health

    Last year we used watches and wristband monitoring our health, but in 2018 you will not need a smartwatch anymore as your clothes will do this work. In 2018 we will wear health monitoring clothes which will track body temperature, heartbeat any many more thingsThese clothes or innerwear will have nanosensors on them which will record your body activity.



    3. Video Content

    Our way of entertainment will totally change, We will move on from TV shows to Web Series in 2018, (Netflix, YouTube, Prime Videos,etc.) to make up over 80 percent of all Internet web traffic. Now no more grabbing the TV Report and missing your TV serials. With web series taking over you can always watch episodes at your convenient time.Amazon Go Retail Store



    4. Smartphone Taking Control of Our Daily Life

    This year we will see smartphone not only controlling our life but also the product which we use in our daily life. In 2018, we will be able to control our daily usable product from our smartphone, we will be able to set the fan/air condition, start/stop and control the flow of our shower and many other things with our smartphones With the launch of smartphones like Apple iPhone X in 2017, we have already set our mind for much more in 2018.


    5. Robots Becoming More Common

    With Sophia getting the first Robot Citizenship in Dubai, Robots will be common in 2018.

    Sony AIBO Robot Dog

    Not only Sophia, In 2018 we will also see robotics pets like Sony AIBO – a robodog with artificial intelligence.



     This year will bring a revolution in mankind life, In 2018 we will not move one more year of technology but in a single year, we will move a decade of technology.  Artificial Intelligence will play an important role and technology will occupy more part of our life in 2018. 

    We will embrace more of technology into our life this year. Many of the dreams which humans have ever visualized will finally come true this year.

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