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    5 Best Daily Reminder Apps for Android and iOS

    Are you looking for some of the best daily reminder apps that are easy to use and also efficient? in this hyperactive work-from-home environment, it is very easy to forget the balance that must be maintained between work and life. Be it exercise, meals, rest, or work, it is important to be mindful of your health and take out time for each of these. Be it human needs or artificial reminders, using daily reminder apps can help you be more productive. So, here is a list of 7 apps that will help you increase your productivity through reminders.

    Free Reminder Apps on the Internet

    There are a ton of reminder apps on the internet, that offer free services, and also increase your productivity by the various features that they offer. Some of these apps may offer in-app purchases and premium plans, that may be attractive, but most of them work well on a free plan.

    5 Best Daily Reminder Apps

    Remember the Milk


    • The basic plan is free
    • The Pro plan costs $39.99/year

    Remember the Milk is one of the most recommended apps by its users, as its simple but efficient design along with its minimalistic interface helps you in keeping track of all the tasks that you are supposed to complete within a given time frame. Remember the Milk helps you in managing tasks given to other people as well, and notifications are available via mobile, text, email, iMessage, and even Twitter.

    Microsoft To-Do

    Microsoft To-Do is a task management/ daily reminder app that will help you stay organized and manage your daily activities. To boost your productivity and focus on what is important to you, use Microsoft To-Do to construct shopping lists or task lists, take notes, document collections, plan an event, or set reminders. Microsoft To-Do makes being organized and managing your life simple. It also syncs in your Outlook and other Microsoft apps.

    Google Keep

    Google Keep is one of the great daily reminder apps for those who spend a lot of time on Google Apps. It syncs with your google calendar and comes with additional features of geo-location, time-based reminders, image captures, and voice memos. On the fly, record a voice memo and have it instantly transcribed. Take a picture of a poster, receipt, or document and simply organize or find it in search later.

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    TwoBird is one of the daily reminder apps that helps you when you need to focus on important tasks without getting distracted but also need to check your mails throughout the day. Your inbox serves as a to-do list. It’s the only list you’ll ever need thanks to Twobird. Twobird helps you focus on the conversations, projects, notes, and events that are most important right now, while clearing out the rest. The best part is the privacy settings that the app offers, which makes it one of our top picks out of the free reminder apps available on the internet.



    • Basic Free Plan
    • Premium Plan $3.00
    • Business Plan $8.00

    Start using nTask for Android to organise your daily chores, projects, and activities.
    It’s the simplest method for you and your team to manage everyday duties while on the go, with a simple design and a number of capabilities.


    We all have schedules that we need to follow and one of the ways of doing this is by using daily reminder apps on your phone. Reminder apps can help you in completing tasks at hand and also helps prevent distraction from other tasks that may be running on low priority. These apps offer free versions and also premium and paid plans along with in-app purchases.

    Do you have any other apps that you use to remind yourself of the tasks that you use? Comment below!

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