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    6 Effective Tips to Adapt Your Content to Mobile

    With the advancement of technology and regular updates on the technical devices and gadgets, it is impossible that the conversation goes without the discussion of mobile phones. With the invention of this cool gadget, the mode of communication and the way people used to interact and keep in touch with each other has changed. After a particular time, the mobile phone became so important that it became an integral part of one’s life as it is impossible for one to stay connected to other without this gadget.

    With the invention of a mobile phone, the data and the content that is to be displayed on it has to be managed in such a way that it looks good on all the screens. It’s more of a common trend nowadays to read the content and more specifically new updates and developments in the surroundings on mobile phones because it gives you liberty from sticking to a seat and watching all the things on your desktop or laptop screen. Rather it provides you the mobility and ease of access to everything anytime and anywhere.

    The recent survey reports show that almost 61% of the UK adults own mobile phones while 44% of the households own a tablet. Two-thirds of the smartphone users regularly use Facebook, Twitter and other social media portals and nearly half (44%) now read the news on their mobile phones. With this fast-paced advancement of phones in our lives, it becomes essential to manage the content on mobile phones to make it easy for the users to grasp the content and access it. Here comes the importance of managing content for mobile phones to make it easy for the users to make things accessible quickly. For example, Instagram has made it easy for its users to access the stories to get the people updated with the latest news of the people they love to follow.

    The question comes up “How to manage content for mobile after all when it’s pretty important to cater for all the needs.” Here are the tips that you may find helpful in managing the content for mobiles, and they are effective too.

    1. One thought per screen

    It is recommended to show one thought per screen which means that you need to organize the elements in a way that the idea that is conveyed contains only one thought. It mustn’t be a cluttered set of thoughts and mixed ideas that are being conveyed. This casts a bad impression on the user as his attention is being diverted to other things which are not his priority. Adding any more content and you risk overwhelming the user. The only reason for this idea is that mobile users tend to adopt multi-tasking and they need to occupy themselves with only single thought.


    2. Responsive Design

    The design of your content has to be responsive. It mustn’t direct the user to other platforms for information as it deviates the user attention and it is not a good idea. The content itself has to be responsive enough to answer all the questions that might come up in the reader’s mind. It is not only the content that matters, the design of the mobile app and UI also matters, and content has to be adapted according to the design.


    3. Get Inspired by Search Engine

    Search engines can help you to create the content that users want to read on their mobile phones. The tone and the stuff of the content have to be modified in a way so that it is enthralling the audience rather than repelling them. Every word, image, picture, relevant content that you add to the write-up on the mobile has to be searchable so that it doesn’t lead them somewhere else when they are about to search a particular answer. Instead of adding all the relevant pictures, pick the one that suits the best and appears attractive.


    4. Navigation is Important

    Not all the users stick to one particular heading rather navigation is the essential part of looking for more information, and it is inherent nature of humans. Make sure the important things are part of navigation tab so that user is directed to a relevant portion only.


    5. Size is Important

    Text size is important. Too small and miniature scale will drive the users crazy and too big will fail to convey enough information. Large texts can be fitted on the small screen in an elegant way so apply techniques to manage the size.


    6. Adapt to scale

    Adapt to the size of the screen. Your content should be designed for moderate screens so that it goes well for both smaller and larger screens.




    Summing up the above discussion, it is important for the content developers to manage the content for every device so that it doesn’t repel the users who rely on devices other than computers. Give equal importance to all fragments of the community and cater to their needs because you can never forecast the choices of the users who are viewing your content.

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