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    The Secret to Writing Eye Catching Content on Social Media

    Social media has indeed become the best platform for communications and getting your views across to masses. The fact that every major news network, companies small and large, banks, charity, government organization and terror organizations uses the social media for publicity is a clear indicator of its popularity. Understandably, social media has in several cases, overtaken traditional media platforms in popularity.

    Reasons for Popularity of Social Media

    • Accessible to anyone
    • Informal style of writing
    • Freedom to express views sans inhibition
    • No limits on articles/ pictures that can be posted
    • Flexibility to focus on one or more cause or purpose
    • Ease of access from any location across the world
    • Caters to all age group
    • Most social media platforms are free to use
    • Let’s your creativity gain wings
    • Opportunities to monetize

    Social Media and Viral Posts

    Anyone that uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other most common social media platforms is aware that certain content goes viral. Some cases of such viral posts include stunts that went awry, young girls selling virginity, gory pictures of beheadings by terrorists, appeals for genuine causes, special promotions by large brands- the list is endless.

    Hence the question- what is the secret behind such eye-catching content on the social media?

    Therefore, let us examine some of the secrets and tools utilized that make eye-catching content

    Acquaint Yourself Well

    The very first step towards writing eye-catching content is to be well acquainted with the topics about which you wish to popularize. Half knowledge is dangerous and writing without comprehending something is unfair to your audience. Hence, it is extremely vital to know as many facts about the topic on which you will write.

    Once you know are well versed in your topic, the content you create becomes authoritative and interesting. People tend to read well-researched articles over mere opinions and spin. A satisfied reader will look for your content and eventually become an avid follower. Writing eye-catching content becomes extremely easy when you are comfortable with the topic.

    Create a Catchy Headline

    A common syndrome that ails social media nowadays is what I characterize as ‘flock mentality’ or the ‘me too’ bug. Everyone wants instant popularity and often, try to monetize social media posts using various techniques just like blog monetize their posts through Google AdSense or Amazon affiliate. This copy cat mentality is fair enough provided you can really right eye catching content.

    To write such exclusive content, you need to select a topic that is extremely hot or very rare. And use catchy words. To do so, you may need to stretch your creativity. Remember, it is your eye catching headline that will get you more readers. Obviously, great content does matter, but catchy headlines matter more.

    Identify with the Masses

    Whether anyone promoting toothpaste or terror (which we do not recommend), getting recognition from the masses is a must. Here, we emphasize on masses rather than classes because that is the best way to get attract more followers.

    Once you have targeted your audience, writing eye catching content becomes a lot easier. People want to listen to what they want. Knowing their pulse and way of chain of thought helps you identify subjects or topics about what they want to read.

    Use Eye-Catching Picture

    Pictures speak louder than words. And as the old adage goes- “Seeing is believing”. The more better, catchier pictures you use, better are your chances of making an eye catching content. Remember, pictures and videos also make content. Often, people prefer to read lesser and watch more. It also lends that added punch to your content to make it catchy.

    social media

    The best way to source your pictures is yourself. Since you will be writing content about something, the issue would definitely be close to your heart. Obviously, you would know people closely associated with the topic. You can enlist their assistance or take your own pictures.

    Nowadays, taking videos and pictures is easier thanks to smart phones with high definition cameras. Additionally, a lot of amateur photographers and interns want to make their mark. All they require is a picture credit and maybe a small payment. The same holds true for videos.

    Quote Impeccable Sources

    This is yet another way to write catchy content for social media. There are loads of fake news and distorted versions about events, causes and other things that are making rounds of the Internet. To write eye-catching content, you need to base your writings on facts and figures. Look for these statistics and details on websites of high credibility. These include government organizations, global bodies, reputed universities and large companies. Indeed, any statistics and details provided by websites that have impeccable reputations. Quote these in your content, but use your own phrases and words to make it catchy. And also mention where you got these details from.

    Universal Appeal

    Nowadays, you require content that caters to every age group and gender. Thus, your choice of words should never be aimed at limiting your audience to a particular age group, ethnic community or gender. Or, for that matter, it should cross all demographics and have universal appeal.

    Admittedly, some content you will write can be limited to a specific area or country. However, phrase your sentences in a manner that will attract readers from outside a particular geographical zone to also take interest in your topic.

    Give a Human Touch

    Cite real-life examples- of people who are involved or who have vital experiences to share. Include their pictures or videos wherever possible. Human interest stories and real-life experiences make your content very catchy. Firstly, it works miracles for readability of your content and generates interest much more than mere opinions or data would do.

    A lot of people who are connected to your topic would be willing to share their views, opinions, and experiences. Of course, some may wish anonymity if the issue you are writing about is sensitive. However, your written content become an eye catcher if you add that vital human touch.

    Never Criticize Anyone

    Everyone is entitled to differences. Indeed, differences are the spice of our life. Writing eye-catching content requires you to avoid criticism about anything. The best way to do so is stick to facts. Let your reader judge and draw their own conclusions. Criticism of any sort tends to generate a negative feeling about your writing and taints you as biased.

    Understandably, you are entitled to your biases, views, and opinions. But washing the proverbial dirty linen in public- unless absolutely warranted- can prove counterproductive. Should you need to criticize anyone or anything, spin your words in a manner that reflect positivity and amicability. This way, you also earn respect from another side of the fence, which increases your audience exponentially.

    Use Easy to Understand Words and Phrases

    Most bloggers and online content writers subject their works to something called Flesch English Readability Test. You can test your content and check whether it conforms to parameters defined in this test. The test is rather simple- all you need do is copy and paste your article into WordPress or other similar online resources.

    These resources come with tools that allow you to measure your English readability test according to standards defined by Flesch. Remember, Flesch is also important to score high on search engines. Easier and simpler language increases your chances of the content becoming popular and eye catching. Ensure that your reader does not have to reach for a dictionary or thesaurus while reading your content on the social media. It can turn away potential followers.

    Read a Lot Before You Write

    Reading a lot before you actually get down to writing helps immensely in penning eye catching content. You will be attracted to one or two articles on the same topic you read. By the same corollary, people will also read material they find eye catching. You can learn a lot about how to write eye catching contents for the social media simply by observing what others do.

    Pay special attention on the choice of words, flow of language, continuity between paragraphs, types of pictures and videos used by others. With little practice and proper judgment, you will be able to churn out eye catching content for the social media. Again, use what you read only as guidelines. Never imitate the style of others. Instead, develop your own unique manner.

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