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    Best WiFi 6 Mesh Router to Buy In 2023

    Despite mesh routers’ fast-growing popularity, a few good options are still available. Best WiFi 6 Mesh Router include the TP-Link Deco X50, Asus ZenWiFi XT8, Netgear Orbi RBK852, and TP-Link Nighthawk MK62. Weighing the pros and cons of each model, we’ve included some of the best mesh routers on the market today. Read on to find out what makes each of these options so great.

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    Best WiFi 6 Mesh Router to Buy

    Tp-Link Deco X50 - Best WiFi 6 Mesh Router to Buy

    TP-Link’s latest mesh router is the Deco X50 ‘X’. Designed to blanket your entire home with a single WiFiWiFi network, this router eliminates the bottleneck caused by your service provider’s router. You can set up the Deco X50 X to automatically join your network when you connect your modem. The Deco X50 is also equipped with Gigabit Ethernet ports, which act as your LAN and can support up to 650 square meters of coverage.

    The Deco X50 will be available in two versions – a power over Ethernet and an outdoor satellite. Both models feature an easy mount design, IP65 ruggedness rating, and 2.5Gbps PoE ports. In addition to the Deco X50’s power over Ethernet variant, the Deco X50’s outdoor model is rated IP65, meaning it’s protected from water jets and dust. Deco X50 models will also feature voice assistant capabilities.

    Asus ZenWiFi XT8

    The Asus ZenWiFi XT8, or the XT8X, is a high-speed mesh router with many useful features. Its dual-band design offers a high-speed connection for your home, and the router’s app lets you manage its configuration from anywhere in the house. There is a mobile app and a web console for more advanced management. The latter lets you configure your router’s RADIUS server, VPN settings, and more. In addition, the Asus Router XT8 offers a network map that shows how many clients are connected to each node, the connection quality, and the firmware version.

    Both XT8 and CT8 utilize OFDMA and MU-MIMO, and their varying speed capabilities mean they can handle multiple devices simultaneously. The XT8 also features a tri-band system and unique antenna placement, which gives it a total wireless speed of 6,600 Mbps. Setting up the XT8 is easy, and the router has a free network management and security app. A lifetime warranty and a free lifetime of security upgrades also back it.

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    Asus Orbi RBKE963

    In a market full of wireless routers and mesh systems, the Asus Orbi RBKE963/X is one of the top contenders. This router is a great solution for small to midsize networks and is expected to be widely available in 2023. It offers a fast, stable network but lacks some advanced features and could be more affordable. Its main disadvantage is its limited WiFiWiFi coverage. However, it does offer other benefits, such as renaming capabilities and supporting WiFiWiFi 6.

    Thanks to user feedback, the Orbi is also available in black and white. This is a great improvement, as many users asked for a black version. It is also slightly larger than its predecessors, with 12 antennae. The added antennae improve the range of the network and increase WiFiWiFi 6E speeds. The Orbi has a few things that could be improved. Its user interface is slow and full of pop-ups. It also lacks parental controls. However, this is not a major concern, as you should only have to use the app occasionally.

    Netgear Orbi RBK852

    Netgear Orbi RBK852 - Best WiFi 6 Mesh Router
    Netgear Orbi RBK852 – Best WiFi 6 Mesh Router

    If you’re in the market for a mesh router but don’t know how to configure it, consider the Orbi RBK852. It offers coverage of up to 5000 square feet, supports up to 100 devices, and runs smoothly even on the fastest wireless networks. You can learn more about it in this review and purchase it via our affiliate link on Amazon.

    The Orbi has a standard feature set. You’ll find a dedicated router, two satellites, and a mesh module. This device is designed to replace your existing router and can be switched between the access point and mesh mode to accommodate different network requirements. The mesh system can cover up to 465 square meters in total. There is an option to add extra satellites, though this will not interoperate with your current router.

    Linksys Atlas Max 6E

    Linksys Atlas Max 6E - Best Wifi 6 Mesh Router
    Linksys Atlas Max 6E – Best Wifi 6 Mesh Router

    The Linksys Atlas Max 6E X mesh router is the newest Velop mesh router family member. It looks much like its predecessors, except for a label reading WiFiWiFi 6E on the front. This router, however, needs a design update to match its new branding. The Atlas Max can cost $500 per device or up to $1,200 for a three-pack. Its high price makes it feel stuck in the last generation of routers.

    The Atlas Max 6E can provide up to six simultaneous streams of WiFiWiFi and has a six-gigabit switch. It utilizes the 6GHz band, much faster than the older 5GHz band. The 6GHz band also has a much higher bandwidth cap than the previous band, so that it can provide better connection speeds. If you want a mesh router for your house, this is a fantastic choice.

    Synology CT8

    Many people are asking if the CT8 mesh router is worth the money. This large device has three rear-mounted Ethernet ports and one WAN port, which connects to your modem or another Internet source. It can also connect to a desktop PC via an Ethernet cable. In addition to the wireless connectivity of the CT8, the system also offers a wired backhaul, which allows you to use wired connections for faster speeds between mesh routers.

    The Synology CT8 X Mesh Routere is a WiFiWiFi 5 router with solid wireless connections. It is also equipped with the features and functions of a primary router, including a 2.4-GHz band separator. It has many business features, including guest networking and portable login. Both routers are WiFiWiFi 5 compliant and continue to receive firmware updates. In 2023, we expected the CT8 X Mesh Router to support even more smart devices.

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