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    How to Replace or Change Your Modem and Router

    Looking to change your current modem and/or router out for a newer model? First, you need to be sure that your equipment is approved with your current internet provider.

    Check the lists of compatible modems for your specific cable company to see what the best matching modem and router for your plan is. Once you confirmed that your devices are approved, keep on reading.


    1. Connect the router to the current modem

    The first thing you want to do is connect your router to a modem that is already working and connected to the internet. This way you can be sure that if the router doesn’t work, the issue isn’t with the modem since we know that the modem is working.

    You will want to connect your new router and go through all of the setup steps in order to set up a wifi network. Turn off your modem, connect your router, then turn your modem and router back on.

    Most routers come with some built-in settings and the device works out of the box. Check the actual modem sticker for an SSID and WiFi password – usually denoted as WPA or WEP. These are the manufacture default WiFi settings and you should be able to connect to them.

    If it doesn’t work, try resetting the router and see if that helps. After that, check to see if your router requires any type of software to install (either via download or a CD). If neither of those work, you should call tech support for the router and they will help you get started.


    2. Connect your new modem

    Now that you have set up and tested your router, once you connect your new modem and get it connected to the internet, all of the router settings you preconfigured will still be the same and you’ll connect automatically!

    Disconnect your current modem and connect your new modem, copying the original cable configuration. Unlike routers, most ISPs require that you call and activate your new modem device with them.

    Look at the side of your modem for a sticker. There should be a field that says MAC – this is the id that you will need to give your internet provider in order to have them activate your device on the network. Find your provider’s information and visit their activation page or call their support line.

    Once they’ve activated your new modem, your router should be all ready to go and you should be able to connect to your WiFi network!


    3. If you were renting, return your equipment

    This last step is only if you were renting your equipment from your provider. After activating your new modem, you should bring back all of your old equipment so that you get credited back on your monthly invoice. We recommend that you take the equipment back in person and get a receipt in order to avoid any return issues.

    If you were renting and instead replaced a modem and router that you owned previously, you are all set!

    It’s really quite easy to set up and activates your own internet equipment. You won’t regret the faster internet speeds and lower monthly internet bill! Any other issues? feel free to ask in the comments section below we will be happy to answer 🙂 

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