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    How To Keep Intruders Out Of Your Home

    If your home is adequately illuminated and has security mechanisms that slow burglars down, they will not find it an easy target. Don’t make your home a target for thieves and vandals. Use these common-sense safety steps to protect yourself and your belongings and save money on insurance rates.

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    Secure Your Doors and Windows

    Blue window and door

    The first and easiest line of defense against intruders is to lock our doors and windows, but how many of us do so on a regular basis? Burglars are always on the lookout for easy prey, and an unguarded door or window is exactly that. It’s a good idea to keep them locked even when you’re at home. Also, double-check doors and first-floor windows before leaving the house to ensure they’re all locked.

    Door/window sensors can detect if a door or window has been left ajar, and smart locks may be programmed to lock automatically at predetermined times, so technology can help you keep track of your entryways. 

    Upgrade Your Door locks

    Locked wooden door

    The best lock for your doors is Deadbolts. They’re normally locked on the inside with a thumb turn and a key from the outside. I would recommend pick-resistant cylinders (where the key is inserted). Request a trustworthy brand from your hardware store, or get your locks from a respected locksmith. If you don’t have high-quality locks, simply locking your doors and windows may not be enough. While you’re at it, double-check that your door frames and hinges are strong enough to withstand a break-in attempt; older doors or exposed hinges can put you at risk.

    Install Outdoor Lighting

    Any would-be thief will be forced out of the shadows. When breaking into a property, burglars don’t want to feel like they’re on display, and exterior lights might help them feel exactly that. Because these are frequently opportunistic crimes, external lighting may encourage the intruder to keep moving. 

    Outdoors lightning

    Rather than leaving your outside light on all the time, invest in motion-sensor lights that turn on when they sense movement in the yard. An intruder will be caught off guard by the illumination, which may cause them to flee.

    Buy  Home Security System

    keep intruders out

    Security cameras and video surveillance systems are two of the most cost-effective solutions to defend your home. The sheer presence of cameras is frequently sufficient to discourage criminals. In the event of a house invasion, video surveillance can give the evidence needed to punish the perpetrators. Even when you’re not at home, video surveillance allows you to keep an eye on your property. Day and nighttime lenses allow for easy seeing in both daytime and darkness.

    To get value for your money, the source quality and inexpensive security system from China. Sourcing in China can save you both time and money. Have the best security system sourced for you, shipped, and delivered to your doorstep.

    Keep Valuables Obscured

    thief stealing valuables from safe at crime scene

    Some burglars may scout potential targets ahead of time to ensure they hit homes with valuables. As a result, it’s better not to store valuables where attackers may easily see them as they walk by. Avoid leaving valuable tools or motorbikes out in the open, and don’t leave valuable gadgets, handbags, jewelry, or other valuables in front of open windows.

    Reconsider Where You Keep Your Spare Key

    It’s time to reconsider that hidden key under your doormat or flowerpot. Intruders are aware of the popular hiding spots for spare keys, and they will look there first. If you really must have a backup key outside your home, consider a camouflaged combination lockbox or at the very least, a position far away from your doorway.

    Lock Your Garage

    People spend a lot of time and money protecting their homes, but their garages are sometimes overlooked. Unfortunately, this is a simple way to obtain access to your home. To begin, make sure all of your garage’s standard doors and windows are locked. Next, instead of leaving your garage door opener in your car, where it could be stolen, keep it in your house. Last but not least, close the inner door between your garage and your house. Even if someone gains access to your garage, they will not be able to gain access to your home.

    Set Up a Neighborhood Watch Program

    A neighborhood or community watch system is a citizen-run surveillance system designed to deter crime in your community. This civilian-based method is an excellent way to keep your neighborhood united and on the same page when it comes to security concerns.

    Invest In a Safe

    Opening of a safe

    In an ideal world, intruders would never get access to your home, and you would never have to be concerned about your things being stolen. Even the best-laid intentions, unfortunately, may go astray. And if an intruder does manage to get access to your home, you’ll want to make sure they can steal as little as possible.

    Consider purchasing a safe or lockbox to store valuables such as cash, jewels, vital documents, and other stuff that you don’t want a thief to take.


    No one wants to be the victim of a break-in at their home. Using the suggestions in this guide will deter and prevent criminals, keeping your family and possessions safe. You can start small by focusing on only a few items from this list. After you’ve mastered those, you can move on to the rest of the checklist. Gather more safety and security insights to protect your premises. Each tiny change you make will increase the security of your property. If you’ve been robbed before, it’s time to develop that warrior mentality that allows you to be adaptive by taking steps, so it doesn’t happen again.

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