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    4 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Home Security System

    When you bought your home alarm system, you probably expected it to last forever. The infrastructure behind it doesn’t change much. So, it really makes sense to get several years out of the best home security systems. But technology keeps on changing. With new ways to streamline its mechanism, it’s crucial to keep up and think about strengthening your home defences. This way, you can prevent sophisticated criminals from breaking into your property and disturbing your peace.

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    When Should You Update Your Home Security System?

    You’d want an up-to-date home security system to ensure that you and your family are safe. Here’s a guideline to give you an idea when it’s time to upgrade your system. 

    1. You’re Hiding a Key in the Bushes

    This one’s pretty obvious. If your idea of safety and security is to hide a spare key under the doormat or flower pot, you may want to consider buying a home security system. House keys are a huge security risk. Burglars know where to look for hidden keys on your front lawn. Besides, these tiny objects can be easily misplaced, stolen, or duplicated.

    Even keyed locks are not entirely fail-safe. They may be cost-effective and easy to use, but it can still be picked or broken, depending on how skilled the intruder is. With digital locks, you can have a more reliable security feature at home. This is because electronic locks can only be opened with a code or through remote access from pre-approved smartphones or tablets.

    2. You Still Use a Wired System

    1. For decades, hardwired systems had been the foundation of the home security landscape. But this type of system has since become obsolete. With the advent of wireless technology, people now have a more convenient and intuitive option.

    If your security system is still tied to your landline, your home is at risk. Its design has a flaw that can be exploited by intruders who understand how its components work. Sadly, landlines are easy for criminals to sever. You would never want to leave your loved ones and valued possessions vulnerable to this attack. 

    3. You Have an Ageing Security System

    1. The technology used in home security is not like a fine wine that gets better with age. In the industry, any security system you have for more than 10 years is considered old. It’s not that your system is already bad. The problem is the outdated technology that restricts your home security capabilities. No matter how great your once state-of-the-art alarm system functions, older systems cannot compete with current advances in home security and home automation.

    Contacting an alarm systems specialist for an upgrade is not a bad idea if your system is already old. Like computers, home security systems become obsolete. Repairing them is more problematic, sometimes even impossible. Even if your home security system is less than a decade old, it’s highly advisable to get it up-to-date if you find flaws in its hardware or technical compatibility.

    4. Your Lifestyle Has Changed

    1. Have you recently gone back from a home-based job to a position that requires you to commute every day? Does your new job provide you more travel opportunities? Upgrading your home into an automated one helps ensure that your loved ones and valued possessions remain safe while you’re gone. Besides, if your elderly parents live with you, some alarm systems even offer wellness alert features. This way, you can easily monitor your family members with mobility issues.

    More common smart home technology advancements today include remote control over your home environment, such as the doors, lights, and thermostats. Many smart home solutions can also detect fire and gas leaks in your home and you can always inspect who is at your door when you are not home with a doorbell camera

    Whether it has been a long time since you installed your security system or simply want to add new security features, finding the best home security for your needs is always a good idea. Keeping your system up-to-date is important to ensure that you are getting the best protection possible. The last thing you’d ever want to do is settle with a product that gives less than satisfactory service.

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