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    6 Tips on How to Edit 4K & Long Mobile Videos Smoothly

    Be it travel holidays or a birthday celebration, your kid’s dance moves or your social media content. We all love to capture interesting moments in our life, don’t we? There is a different kind of joy in creating stories and sharing them with friends and family.

    But whatever camera or smartphone you use to capture the video, it wouldn’t be perfect without some editing. You can easily mess up the 4K and HD quality of your video while sharing them. If you are using a high-end phone, the videos produced are very large and need compression.

    By the time you read this article, you will know all about how to edit and compress your mobile videos and share them with everyone on the internet.

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    YouTube and Vimeo Upload Requirements

    YouTube requires an MP4 video which is encoded in 1080p with H.264 and AAC-LC. 4K videos of 3840×2160 pixels are also accepted and you can only upload a video that is less than 15 minutes long.

    On the other hand, Vimeo will give you some free storage space every week for uploading videos. The space awarded to a basic account holder is 500MB, a Plus member is 5GB and a Pro account holder is 50GB.

    If your video meets the respective YouTube and Vimeo requirements, it is not necessary that the uploading will be smooth. When the video is large-sized, you need to compress its size while also ensuring that the video’s quality is not hampered.

    Editing 4K & long mobile videos

    Before you start with the editing, import all your footage on your laptop or desktop and organize them in chronological order. This will give you a clear idea of how much footage you have at hand.

    Here are some super-efficient tips on how to edit your long and 4K mobile videos to upload them on various platforms.

    1. Make it suitable for YouTube and Vimeo

    You might want to upload your video on YouTube and Vimeo, the most common video-sharing platforms. Check out their respective requirements and make your video compatible with the sites.

    Usually, it is best if you transcode your video to H.264 MP4. Most of the video editing software for laptops and desktops provides this feature. Once you have added your target video, you will see a window with several preset profiles. You can select the one of your choice – YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo profiles for your video.

    2. Compress, but maintain the quality

    Sure, you can straight away upload your video on YouTube once you have a nice 4K UHD, but there are a lot of times, the video turns blurry after you upload it. This is because these video-sharing platforms have their own compression technique and so the video is scaled down to work in tandem with the viewer’s internet speed.

    If that’s your case, you can compress your video from 4K to 1080p or 720p and adjust other parameters such as resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, and bit rate. Keeping the frame rate set to original is a wise option. It will ensure the video’s fluency. You might change the aspect ratio according to the site you are uploading on.

    You can also adjust the bit-rate to suit your video’s resolution. Most of the time the bit rate set for 4K is 60Mbps, for 1080p is 10-20Mbps and for 720p is 5-10Mbps.

    3. The shorter, the better

    Remember that in today’s generation, nobody has so much patience to sit and watch your endlessly long videos. If you really want to capture mass attention, it is best if you extract the most interesting parts and split your video into segments.

    Trim the video’s length and your sweet and short clip will be ready!

    4. Mix up your shoot

    The best story is a compilation of long, medium and close-up shots. This will help you tell a story. For example, a long shot of a car moving towards a building, followed by a medium shot of a person getting out of the car and purchasing a ticket and finally a close up of a film screen will show you that a person has gone for a movie.

    A monotonous shoot might become boring and may not be enough to impart your message.

    5. Let your video speak for itself

    Rather than running a voice over for the whole video, try adding some graphics to explain your story. This is way more interesting and more understandable for the viewers. You can experiment with frequently changing the locations to make it more interesting.

    6. Add some music

    A right tune is enough to switch a dull and boring video into an incredible, mind-blowing video. Adding a piece of music is also important as it sets a pace for the video. This helps in capturing a viewer’s attention and holds him till the very end.

    Picking music from YouTube audio library is a good idea as it provides free copyright. This way you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement when you upload your video on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

    How to choose a video editing software?

    Now that you know how to improve your videos and make them ready for upload, you just need to look for the best free video editors. This is a really difficult choice. There are hundreds of best free video editing software but only a few would give you the required results.

    Apart from making it YouTube compatible and adjusting different parameters, a good video editing software will allow you to experiment with your video. Add some special effects, graphics and other interesting features to make your video magnetic so that the viewer is compelled to watch the video till the end.

    If you are still unsure of which one is the best free video editors, give VideoProc a try.


    VideoProc is a popular choice in the market mainly because it supports a wide variety of editing tools such as cropping, merging, splitting and supports advanced features like fish eye removal. Plus, the de shake feature which is beneficial if the video has been shot in an unstable environment. Moreover, its full GPU acceleration system enables the editing process to take place at an excellent speed.

    Apart from the ones mentioned above, there is a list of other features that can only be experienced when you make use of it. 

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