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    5 Simple Tools to Create Professional Marketing Videos

    Video marketing is on the rise: you must not miss the phenomenon. For example, the video keeps your visitors longer on your site and attracts the eye on social networks.

    There is a multitude of solutions to create videos nowadays. Here are 5 simple tools to create original and impactful videos to increase the engagement of your customers.


    1) FlexClip

    FlexClip is the first one handy solution for creating personalized videos.

    One of the best features of FlexClip is free and ease of use. It provides all the necessary tools that help you create videos that look really professional.

    To start a project:

    -Register for an account or connect with your Facebook and Google account.

    -Upload your photos and video clips.

    -Add text, logo, watermark, music, or voiceover to customize your video.
    -Preview and download your videos for free.


    2) PowToon

    With PowToon, you can create animated cartoon-style videos effortlessly.

    Start by choosing a style for your video. There are hundreds of styles, from the most basic to the most specific, which will perfectly fit the theme of your video.

    Then build your story. You can divide your videos into different parts (introduction, problem, solution, call-to-action). And assign a basic animation to each of your parts.

    That done, you access the editor that allows you to customize your video deeply. You can edit text, animations, add objects or texts, etc.

    PowToon is a very complete tool for easily creating animations. There is a limited free version but still gives access to 16 styles and 24 free music to customize your videos.


    3) Magisto

    The distinctive feature of Magisto is that it automatically takes care of the editing work from a “raw” video.

    You upload a video, choose a style and music (Magisto offers a vast ccatalogue. Magisto’s technology captures the mood and spotlights the best moments of your video.

    The tool then realizes the personalized and professional editing, synchronized with the music.

    Price: there is a free version pretty skinny. It will be necessary to turn to the pro version starting from $4.99/month to take full advantage of this tool.


    4) Adobe Spark Video

    Created by Adobe, Spark Video is an application to make custom videos extremely simple and intuitive. It works online as well as on your iPhone and iPad.

    It gives you access to a rich library of images and predefined styles and themes to let you customize your video and record your voice with ease.

    -Choose from a wide variety of predefined styles and themes.
    -Access a very rich image bank (more than 100,000) to customize your video.
    -Record your voice with ease, phrase-by-phrase, and frame-by-frame.
    -The application automatically creates high-quality animations and transitions.

    Price: the application is free.


    5) Animoto

    Animoto allows you to make dynamic and professional editing from videos and photos simply.

    -Drag and drop photos and video clips into your project.

    -Adjust colors, add music, change fonts, and more to customize your video.

    -Produce and share your video in moments.

    Price: Animoto offers a 14-day free trial, after that, you can choose a package available: Personal for $ 8/month, Professional for $22/month, and Business for $34 month.




    With these 5 simple tools, you will be able to create original videos that will boost your content marketing. Choose the one that best suits you and then create your first video now.

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