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    How To Start A Business Making Videos Even If You Don’t Know How

    There are so many ways to make money online, it’s staggering. I honestly believe the biggest barrier to making money from the internet is from being paralyzed by too many choices.

    It has become so easy that you can even make money in areas where you have no experience.

    For instance, there is a huge demand for video creators and not nearly enough people that offer this service. Mainly because a lot of people never think to do this as a business because they don’t know how to make videos.

    Well, in this article, I will lay out a plan for you to offer professional video services so you can take advantage of the lack of supply.

    Use software

    Luckily, there is a piece of software for everything out there these days. Take a look at this video maker by It holds your hand throughout the entire process and helps you make professional-looking videos in minutes.

    They use templates so there is very little that you would need to do to make the video look good and seem like a seasoned pro made it.

    Why would they hire you when they could use the same software? Time. Not everybody has the time to do this and they don’t care how you made the video as long as it looks good.

    Learn some basics

    Even though I firmly believe you could make good enough videos with software, you may want to actually learn how to do video editing.

    There are many classes online that will teach you the basics that will still give you enough experience to put together some great looking videos.

    It will take longer to go this route, but you will have some projects under your belt when you are done that can be used in a portfolio.

    I would stay clear of just watching a bunch of Youtube tutorials. Even though you can learn a lot, taking an online course will have a more in-depth level of learning available.

    When a course is put together it can take you to step by step through the entire process. The instructor understands exactly where to start and how to give you the tools to make it work.

    They also usually have access to the instructor so you can reach out when you are stuck on something.

    Find your customers

    Once you have your skills to the point where you think you can charge money, it’s time to find some clients.

    One of the best ways is to go to Instagram. Now that they do short videos as an option, many influencers are looking to use Instagram to boost their engagement. Many of these people don’t have the time or desire to make their own videos and would love to pay somebody to do them.

    Since the videos are only 30 seconds long, they should be quick and easy to make which means you can make lots of videos per customer.

    Look for people with high engagement and lots of followers. The engagement is the key, however. Some people with lots of followers won’t be making much money if that audience isn’t engaged. Those are the people to avoid.

    Also, look at local companies that have a presence on Facebook that doesn’t have much going for it. They will be happy to have somebody make them some ads that could help their business.

    Build a portfolio

    Once you have a few jobs under your belt, you should have a website done where you can showcase your talents.

    Your website should really sell you as the answer to a client’s problems when it comes to making videos that engage their audience.

    Make sure that you don’t just highlight what you’ve done for past clients. They need to understand what you plan to do for them. How can you solve their problem?

    Make that front and center and then put some videos they can see so they can see what you are capable of. Then, have a simple pricing page that makes it clear how much your services are.

    Set up recurring payments

    It is much easier to keep the clients you have than to always be hustling for new ones. For maximum client retention, give the option to work on a retainer or have a membership system.

    You can have recurring payments occur every month and you deliver a certain amount of videos. As long as you deliver what the client needs, they will love the convenience of having videos delivered monthly without needing to always be searching for a video producer.

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