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    Things You Need to Know Before Uploading a Video on IGTV

    On June 20, 2018, Instagram CEO Kevin Sistrom announced the launch of IGTV, an application for creating long videos embedded directly in Instagram.

    Full-screen vertical video up to an hour can now be uploaded by any Instagram user. Such a step of the company can be explained by the growing popularity of video in social networks and the desire to compete with YouTube. The CEO also announced that Instagram had surpassed the 1 billion user mark and ranked third in the ranking of the world’s largest social networks (after Facebook and YouTube ).

    All this makes IGTV an incredibly promising platform for business.

    What You Should Know Before Publishing a Video on IGTV?

    • Fullscreen and vertical videos.
    • The permissible length of the video is from 15 seconds to 60 minutes (Larger accounts and verified accounts can upload videos up to 60 minutes long, but they must be uploaded from a computer).
    • You can watch the video on Instagram and in the IGTV application.
    • In th IGTV application users have access to Subscriptions, Popular and View more.
    • Involvement: users can like, comment on your video, and also share the video on other plateforms.
    • Creators have their own channels, like on YouTube, all users can be content creators.
    • Videos can be uploaded to the IGTV application or the web version of the social network.
    • You can download the application for iOS and Android.
    • Videos from IGTV can also be uploaded to Facebook Watch.
    • Allowed file size up to 3.6 GB.
    • The file format is MP4.
    • Video Cover – JPG Format.
    • While advertising options are not available, but soon Instagram will allow popular creators to monetize their content.
    • Videos can be searched by keywords, but they must be in the channel name or profile name.
    • You can rewind the video, the timeline appears in full-screen mode at the bottom of the screen.
    • You can move between the rollers by flicking the screen left or right.


    How to Upload a Video on IGTV?

    Upload on IGTV

    First, you need to create a channel. Log in to the application and click on the icon of your profile on the right. After that select Upload video. In the device gallery, select the appropriate video and click Next.

    The application will offer you to change the cover, enter a name, description and set up access. After uploading, your video will be available to everyone, and a new icon will appear on your Instagram page.

    You can upload videos in the web version of the social network. To do this, go to your account and select the section IGTV. Adjust the settings and add a video.

    If your brand already has a strong presence on Instagram, do not miss the opportunity to master the new IGTV format before competitors.

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