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    What is Profitable to Sell in an eCommerce Shop?

    In this article, we decided to analyze the best selling niches on the Internet, which are currently relevant. The fact that they are popular already suggests that there are many competitors in this market. But these niches are still available for entry with little effort.

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    Selling clothes

    One of the most competitive niches and one of the most requested. For the sales level to be high, you need to get an original idea. Keeping track of new products is key to the success of the clothing business. Women’s and children’s clothes are very popular. It is desirable to analyze what is currently missing in this niche, and fill the gap. At the same time you can sell accessories for the completeness of the image (bags, belts, jewelry).

    The size range should be extensive so that a person of any set could find something for themselves in the proposed range. Seasonal sales will significantly revitalize the trade and bring additional customers. It is necessary that the price during this period is available to the average buyer. The market for women’s clothing is dynamic, and there is no need to track fashion trends. The indiscriminate purchasing of assortment without tracking the market is fraught with “dead” product balances and losses. Such an online store is worth opening in a small town where there are few shops nearby or they have a small assortment.


    Competition in this direction is significant, so you should create a special format for your site. It can be a shop for wedding gifts, presents for business people, jokes, “funny” souvenirs, handmade products, ethnographic products, esoteric talismans. From this lineup, you can choose one direction and reveal it to the full extent. Or you can combine several product items at a point of sale. Ethnic souvenirs are in great demand, as well as talismans for feng shui. The profitability of such business reaches 100%. And the investment will require little.

    But it should be noted that this niche is highly dependent on the holidays. Closer to the holidays, the number of sales increases, and once the holidays are over, sales fall sharply. To maintain a stable income, it is better to sell birthday gifts and souvenirs on the Internet for professional holidays.

    Cosmetics and perfumes

    You can open such a shop at home, too. It is desirable to buy products of promoted and well-known brands, which do not need advertising. But inexpensive cosmetics should also be included in the range – there is always a demand for it. Unitary, “niche” brands, which are difficult to find in regular shops, can also be a hallmark of the product range and attract regular customers.

    These offers are in stable demand throughout the year:

    • Haircare products;
    • everyday cosmetics and perfumes (ink, lipstick, varnish, perfume);
    • hair removal and shaving products;
    • masks for eyes, face;
    • age-related cosmetics;
    • gift sets;
    • manicure tools.

    The cosmetic shop has a huge potential for development because novelties in cosmetology are released every day, which guarantees regular updating of the product line. It is possible to open a site of a narrow trading niche: cosmetics from Korea, body care products by folk recipes. The rules of assortment selection in this niche are the same as in the clothing segment.

    Home appliances

    Serious competition in this market can scare away a potential entrepreneur. Large offline networks have long conquered loyal customers, so it will not be easy to make a breakthrough in this area, but it is worth a try.

    What should be done for successful functioning:

    • to offer products that are difficult to find nearby;
    • to sell at a lower price than the market. Large players often overpriced;
    • look for analogs of products of famous brands, but decent quality at a low cost;
    • give the client service: delivery, installation, maintenance, warranty, insurance.

    The shop of home appliances will be as close as possible to the real, offline point. After all, there will be more investments: a warehouse for storage of oversized commodity items, movers, delivery service, and magento delivery estimator. Only a showcase will remain virtual. But there is an option without buying goods – work directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse and delivery to the right address.


    You can find active furniture manufacturers who do not have their own sites and work with dealers. They willingly provide a catalogue of their products and pictures of furniture with characteristics. Be sure to decide on delivery – the site will only work in your region (then you should take care of the availability of transport for transportation) or delivery will be carried out throughout the country by logistics companies.

    Furniture is a rather complex segment, also because buyers often want to see and touch it live before buying. If possible, give them this – invite to the warehouse or ask the supplier for samples of materials and fittings. Or sell office furniture – it’s not chosen so scrupulously when asked.

    Smartphones and accessories

    In this segment, the producer-buyer chain should be as short as possible in order to ensure a decent margin. Today it is very profitable to sell Chinese analogues of popular brands. At the same time, you can sell accessories for gadgets: covers, protective elements, headphones, USB cables, chargers and so on.

    This is an extremely profitable trading segment – has an ideal weight/price ratio. After all, the overall refrigerator, transportation of which requires costs, sometimes costs less than a smartphone.

    Goods for sports

    As a sporting goods supply is not a basic necessity, the demand for them is quite stable. Especially in modern times, when a healthy lifestyle has become a kind of fashion trend. Experts believe that the sporting goods market is half full. If there is no opportunity to work with major manufacturers, then you should pay attention to the Chinese market. Price offers from eastern suppliers are usually attractive and available.

    The assortment of sports shop:

    • sports equipment;
    • nutrition for sportsmen;
    • clothing for women/men/children;
    • leisure and tourism goods;
    • exercise timers and gadgets

    It is possible to design the site, focusing on one sport, and to expand the range of products in this direction.

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