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    7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Cloud-Based Marketplaces

    Companies have always sought to use the latest technology to gain an advantage over their competitors. The development of the Cloud and GCP marketplace technologies has changed the face of web-based services forever. In the past, the use of new technologies has been expensive because it required investment in people and equipment.

    The Cloud-based marketplace has allowed business leaders to invest in this new form of technology without spending the vast sums needed with location-based technologies. The Cloud marketplace can improve the operations and efficiency of a business, with its positive impact trickling down into every part of a company. Each business can choose the service that fits them best, including those offered by some of the giants of the tech market:

    • Amazon Web Services
    • Google
    • Microsoft

    1. Save Time and Money

    Time is money
    Time is money

    Implementing a new technology strategy has always been seen as taking time and money to complete. The use of GCP marketplace technology can be positive for business leaders hoping to save time and money. The implementation of a new piece of software to make a company more efficient has never been as easy as it is in the 21st-century. Connection reports the switch to new technology has been made simple by the use of the Cloud marketplace. Large tech companies have created off-the-shelf solutions to common technical issues that are available through the Cloud marketplace.

    2. Become a More Agile Company

    To remain successful in the fastest-moving industries, a company needs the ability to implement technology speedily. The Cloud marketplace is implementing a project faster and more efficiently through the use of experts who have identified areas of business in need of automation. When software is purchased through the Cloud marketplace, the ability to cut the implementation of a new project from months to weeks is available. The completion of a technology project allows a company to enter new sectors and accept new clients faster.

    3. Add Revenue Streams

    Wired reports the agility of a company when new technology is made available adds revenue streams. The pandemic has affected the profitability of several industries, with the ability to move into new areas and increase their revenue streams. By working with Cloud-based technology suppliers, a business has the opportunity to reduce the cost of the implementation of new software and hardware.

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    4. Make Sure the Salesforce Understands the Benefits of the Marketplace

    Sales forecast on digital tablet

    Among the benefits of Cloud, marketplaces are the ease with which salespeople can achieve success is through the access provided to reports for salespeople. Being able to monitor sales in real-time is a benefit for the leaders of a company and the salesforce, who will be able to keep track of their work. Salespeople can be unsure of using new technologies because they fear losing their commission and fear changing their daily routine. To ensure all members of staff are using the available technology training should be available during implementation.

    5. Use Self-Service Options

    Choosing marketplace technology gives a business the chance to take control of the direction it takes. The use of the marketplace offers a level of control not often seen with custom-made software solutions. The marketplace allows a company to set limits on its spending and the purchases made by clients to ensure it stays within its borders. The ability to limit the time between decisions and orders will be lower, to make the process of orders more time and cost-efficient.

    6. Choosing the Correct Product

    The products available through the Cloud marketplace are many and can provide a difficult choice for a company. Making sure the right products are purchased can be difficult unless the products are accompanied by educational materials. The use of yet documents and videos to help customers understand products can limit the interaction between salespeople and clients. Along with the use of educational materials, the Cloud allows access for customers to salespeople using online chats and video calls. The ability to interact with clients is one that can limit the issue of incorrect orders and returns.

    7. Lowering Expenses

    The decision to invest in a new technology comes with some concern at all levels of a company. The first step is to source the materials and decide on how they will be paid for. There are two options open to a company, operational expense, and capital expense. Choosing between these two forms of financing is important because of the impact on the long-term future of the business.

    Choosing to finance a project as a capital expense means finding the funds to pay for a project must be done before the project is begun. The marketplace opens up the possibility of starting a project as an operational expense. Starting a project as an operational expense makes it easy for a company to pay for its new technology while it is being implemented.

    There are several reasons why the switch to Cloud-based marketplaces is positive for the majority of companies. The success available by switching to a Cloud-based marketplace can be seen in the financial and time savings. Cost-efficiency is a powerful tool for every company to enjoy after making the switch to the Cloud.

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