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    Free Alternatives to WeTransfer in India for Cloud File Sharing

    Are you looking for reliable alternatives to WeTransfer? A new cloud-based computer file transfer service Do you also have to send large files and are searching for WeTransfer alternatives? Is WeTransfer blocked by your network provider too? Fret no more friends, we have a solution!

    WeTransfer has been “partially” blocked in India, a renowned file transfer service which was eminently used by a gigantic user base in India on an everyday basis. This has subsequently been done by network operators like Reliance Jio, Vodafone Idea, and ACT Fibernet. This new development passed by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) comes at the time of COVID-19 lockdown wherein an exceeding number of operations have taken a shift towards ‘Work from Home’.

    If your answer to the above questions is yes and you have been desperately looking for alternatives for WeTransfer, you have come to the right place.

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    Credible and Tested Alternatives for WeTransfer

    1. (highly recommended)

    • It’s free, free, free! This unquestionably is the first thing we all are looking for!
    • It permits you a transfer up to 10GB worth of files for FREE. No other site is said to have this huge limit for A FREE VERSION. Others have a maximum file transfer limit of 3GB for a free version.
    • It gives you the ability to share files without even registering for an account.
    • Your files can be retained for 15 days. The link will be valid and up and going for 15 good days.
    • You can also add 20 files at the same time with so no need to struggle going back and forth to look for the specific files.
    • You can be secured with one thing with, that it has the ultra-secure feature which automatically deletes your files after 15 days guaranteeing the utmost safety of your files. So now when you have to share confidential work files, you can do it without looking for any other alternative.

    We have undoubtedly tried and tested and let me tell you it is beyond comparison with any other cloud file transfer service and the best one we’ve seen so far as an alternative for WeTransfer.

    2. Send Anywhere

    • This is a free service with a no-limit file-sharing ability.
    • You can use this to upload any content – images, files, documents, videos etc of ANY SIZE LIMIT for free.
    • As a reliable alternative for WeTransfer, this also enables the users to share files within an email or via a link.
    • You might have to face a few ads given that this is a free service.
    • No retention of your files is guaranteed, they disappear within 48 hours of uploading. Premium version for the same costs $6 a month.
    • It facilitates one by one file download or an option for real-time download where it is given that the receiving user also has to be online simultaneously.

    This cloud-based transfer service is a little different from the other services we’ve looked at. Because of its no size limit option, files over 10GB can be shared when your computer is switched on and is accessible to those you’re sharing it with which is called Real-time download.

    3. SMASH

    • Firstly, SMASH has a trusted customer base which includes, Disney, Starbucks, Coca-cola, Nestle, Airbnb, NASA, etc. This itself proves that this site needs no introduction to its safety and credible features.
    • Files can be password protected as well can be previewed if needed.
    • The user interface of this is also beautifully designed for an effortless file transfer.
    • The only demerit can be that in comparison to other file transfer services, it only gives a limit of up to 2GB for a free version with 14 days retention limit.

    4. Google drive

    • Flexible, easy to use, and filled with varied file-sharing options, we all are aware of Google Drive as one of the best WeTransfer alternatives.
    • It gives you a 15GB share storage, comes with a paid version with generous 100GB allowances.
    • With varied permission settings for shared files, it remains on the top list of WeTransfer alternatives.
    • It comes with an option for collaborative work with G Suite tools such as Google Docs, spreadsheets, and presentation software, the possibilities are near limitless.

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    Permit me to propose Filemail ( as another option when it comes to a WeTransfer alternative.

    • Free option to send files of up to 5 GB, 7 days availability, no-ads.
    • Share via email or using a download link.
    • Professional package that lets you send up to 25 GB, with 1 TB storage space.
    • Business package you can send a file of any size.
    • Enterprises package, fully-compliant with a range of regulations.
    • Desktop based app that utilizes UDP for faster transfer rates
    • Android and iOS apps available
    • Outlook plugin also available