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    4 Tools To Communicate With Your Remote Team

    Effective communication is vital for a business to succeed. How efficiently you can get your
    point across the audience can draw a line between closing a deal & missing out on a big
    opportunity. Business communication can be regarded as a constant flow of crucial data and
    information inside out of an organization.

    Organizations working remotely or having a large number of people at various levels often struggle to maintain effective communication. How employees and management interact with each other is vital for business process clarity and execution. In times like today where more companies are working remotely than ever, it is imperative to communicate clearly to achieve corporate goals.

    It is effective communication in an organization that helps in fostering a good working
    relationship between team members. There is no doubt that communication improves business
    performance. When there is no misunderstanding or confusion, people can focus better on their
    tasks and produce better outputs, this can be only achieved if there is ample and clear
    communication between teams.

    Good communication is the key to ensure higher collaboration and availability amid team members. When people can communicate with ease and there is a platform for open dialogue, team members can pitch-in their ideas and brainstorm better. As 2020 advances, remote work culture continues to grow. Managing remote work efficiently has become the need of the hour.

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    What’s the purpose of remote work tools?

    The right set of remote communication tools can offer much-needed flexibility to
    entrepreneurs, team managers, and architects. The productivity level can go up significantly
    through the right tools. Through effective communication with remote tools, organizations can
    supercharge their workflows, make processes more transparent, and ensure equal participation
    of everybody. Team morale can also be boosted. Remote work can sometimes be daunting for
    team members because the human-to-human interaction is missing. They crave for area
    connection with team members and may adversely impact the morale of team members. Video
    conferencing is an amazing option to keep everybody engaged and ensure equal participation

    In this article, we will talk about tools to communicate that will simplify your work and help you keep your teams productive and engaged.


    One of the most widely used communication platforms by teams working remotely, Slack is the
    first choice for many organizations. On Slack, employees can connect with each other, g
    instant feedback, connect with clients as well, both in groups and one-on-one. Being a SaaS
    (Software as a Service) application, you don’t need to install Slack on your machine. Slack can
    be accessed from anywhere around the world on your smartphones, tablets, and laptops
    regardless of the operating system.

    Slack is a great tool to aid team communication &ensurehigher coordination and collaboration between peers. The application has successfully replaced the need for unwanted emails. Gone are the days when you had to send an email to get every tiny detail. Slack works like a chat messenger where people can instantly connect without wasting their time and resources. You can even share files on Slack. Moreover, programming scripts can be shared as well since Slack supports GitHub.

    Google Meet:

    Often comes the time when face to face communication becomes a necessity. Google Meet is
    one of the most light-weight and secure online video conferencing tools in the market. Google
    Meet provides superior communication for business meetings. There is no plugin to install, the
    tool is absolutely online and can be accessed from anywhere. The tool provides a
    comprehensive range of control to the meeting admin.

    You can selectively let people in the meeting and can remove them as well. Admin controls have become much better recently. The user interface is very simple and a treat to eyes. Unlike other video conferencing tools, Google Meet lets you annotate the shared screen which comes handy in business meetings. There are platforms where the video conference calls have been capped at 40-minutes time or so. On Google Meet, you can enjoy uninterrupted communication.


    PowerPoint has been around for a long time. Almost every corporate meeting is backed by a
    PowerPoint presentation due to its ability to showcase content visually. PowerPoint facilitates
    improved office communication as it lets the presenter stick to facts and data associated with
    the topic, it ensures higher collaboration amidst the audience and it’s appealing too. A
    professional PowerPoint design can help you clearly communicate facts, figures, and data to the
    audience. is one of the biggest providers of readymade PowerPoint templates
    in the market. You can easily download a suitable template for your presentation in no time.
    These templates come handy with graphs and charts, this makes it easy for you to project facts & numbers which your remote teams can interpret.SlideModel also provides PowerPoint
    backgrounds, diagrams, and shapes for better illustration of content for your audience.

    Microsoft Teams:

    Microsoft Teams provides state of the art remote communication features such as company-
    wide chat, integration with existing business applications and customized chat and workspace
    Organizations have started migrating to Microsoft Teams for their superior range of services.
    You are no longer required to send an email to someone every-time you want to update. You
    can simply direct a message to them, share files, and schedule meetings simultaneously.

    Moreover, Microsoft has integrated Word, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote,
    Teams under the same roof. So, when you use Teams, you can seamlessly access excel
    documents, word files, coding scripts, etc. These can be stored and fetched from OneDrive with
    added ease. In a nutshell, Microsoft Teams has tried its best to curb communication
    mismanagement and ensure everybody is on the same page.

    When working remotely, effective communication is necessary to maintain a strong working
    relationship and develop understanding between a company and its employees. Utilizing the
    right set of technology can help managers to define goals, expectations clearly and also ensure
    business growth due to higher collaboration between professionals.

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