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    Why Messengers Are Changing Business Communication

    During the past years, business interaction with customers is developing every day. Now it is not only the way of expression in ordinary life, but it is part of business and workflow in many companies. The new messenger systems help the employees to have direct communication not only between the office members but also with the consumers. Therefore, we can for sure say, that the messengers have become an integral part of our entire life.

    business communication, Why Messengers Are Changing Business Communication


    It is well known, that one of the most powerful messengers for business is the one by Facebook. By the way, there is nothing surprising, as according to the investigation more than 1 billion text messages/month come on the communication of corporations with their clients.

    How to use instant messengers for support and service, sending notifications, working with the audience and receiving payments. With the help of messengers, businesses can support, send notifications and promote their brand among the customers.


    The instant messengers and modern integrated features open such opportunities for business:

    • directly communicate with the customers on the most recent questions and appeared problems. That means, that no matter if you have a business connecting with the goods or services, you will be able to resolve all the moments quick and effective;
    • with the instant messengers, you can organize reception of calls from customers and visitors of your website;
    • you can set advertising options in messenger templates, including banners, announcements in social networks and publications about the company;
    • you can integrate into your website the links, that will forward your visitor to the beginning of the dialogue with the support member of your company. B clicking on the button with the integrated link,  that person will be able to ask all the questions and get an answer within the shortest period of time. Thanks to the settings, you can enter the average time for the response for the messages and see the total amount of messages and statistics per day/week and month;
    • moreover, you can not just send the message, but also accept and send photos, files, location, stickers and record voice messages;
    • another good option to improve the communication and satisfaction rate for the customers is to create the auto-replies and various templates according to the terms of the product or service we offer. That can definitely improve the speed for the replies and as a result the actual sales;
    • you can view the detailed statistics of requests: analyze the quality of work of employees. For example, the average reply time of each of them and the number of successful chats that have led to the sales;
    • the customized templates that you create can automatically reply to the basic most, asked questions by the client’s questions any time 24/7 no matter whether your staff is online or not. In addition, with the templates, you can receive new emails;
    • customize product list templates that the user can purchase by clicking.
      authorize a user – once the user starts a dialogue, you can invite him/her to log in using your authentication method and verify whether it is your loyal client or maybe the possible future;
    • you can supplement the “Call Company” button to the conversation, by one click and the call will be called through the mobile operator;
    • if a bot is tied to a company page, you can respond to customer messages through the Facebook page cabinet.

    Another positive thing about the integration of messengers into business is the possibility to use the platform for straight advertising, which means that you can send promo and marketing materials, news about improvements, special offers, coupons, discounts or sales on pre-approved templates — customizable message types with buttons, links, merry-go-rounds, etc. That kind of templates is suitable for product advice, repetitive purchases and promotions, returned but for still not converted customers. Such ads can lead to sales and positive results in many different spheres and business. 

    Just imagine, that pretty soon you will be able to use messengers instead of emails. The basic principles of messaging in the ability to have a long-term dialogue separately with one customer. When the emails are built around topics and can be lost in the huge inbox folder, the full dialogue with the history of the conversation, purchases you can find in messenger just by entering the name or the id of the client.

    Besides that messenger is faster, it is definitely more convenient for both the members of your team and the clients. You can continue the conversation with the client anytime and even indicate in settings the most important or recent customers.

    Experts from GSDiamonds saying that messaging has become the most popular on all devices. Looking at the current list of professionals in the top mobile messengers, we see how much they engage our attention compared to all other applications of other categories.

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